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The Magus Era - Chapter 311


Chapter 311: Power

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Yu Yu lied on a thick mattress made from straw, supported his head with his left hand, looking like a reclining buddha. His whole body was covered with a faint fog while he was in a deep sleep. Judging from his satisfied and pleased look, perhaps even the destruction of the entire world wouldn't be able to wake him up.

Glancing at Yu Yu, Ji Hao said in a low voice, ’’Man Man and Shaosi, you go protect Taisi and the altar!’’

Ji Hao then turned his palm around and threw out three jade talismans, that were crafted by himself according to the method he learned from Yu Yu's Study of Magic Formations, using his spirit flame contained in his Golden Dan. With these three talismans, he formed a simple magic formation, which was called 'Heaven, Earth, People, Three Ternary Demon-sealing Formation'.

Swoosh! Three hazy streams of white smoke directly rose into the air, slightly twisting, followed by dissipating immediately, along with which, Man Man, Shaosi and Taisi's silhouettes were blurred for a short moment, soon turning clear again. However, if one was to look closer, one would find that their location was now about ten zhang away from where they were before Ji Hao created the magic formation.

Ji Hao smiled and nodded, waving his hands towards Man Man, as a huge stream of flame swooshed out of his body, quickly condensing into a pair of fiery wings. Ji Hao darted out so swiftly that one couldn't even clearly see his silhouette. The altar was only three to five miles away from the riverside, and with two rises and falls, Ji Hao scudded to Yu Mu's side.

At that moment, Ji Mo was staring at his own hand, which was now a pale skeleton, with his eyes widely popped out. Abruptly, he gave a great growl in both shock and anger.

He gave Yu Mu a malicious glance. How could this seemingly simple and honest fatso, who was even a bit friendly, do such a vicious thing?! Besides, Ji Mo's body was cultivated severely for so many years, how possibly couldn't he resist the poison thrown out by this fatso so quickly and easily?

Yu Mu had done nothing but slightly flicked his spearhead that was around two meters away from his hand. Even worse, he had sensed completely nothing before his hand was corroded into this. 'What a crazy poison using skill! Is this fatso a disciple of some old monster of the Magi Palace?’’

’’Kill them!’’ Ji Mo shouted out. Without too much hesitation, he chose the simplest and most violent method to solve this conflict.

He was the captain of the dare-to-die corps, which meant he was a special one among all commanders of human armies, and death rate of the dare-to-die corps had always been the highest. Therefore, even if they sometimes acted a bit unreasonable or too violent, the superiors would understand and wouldn't punish them for that.

Even though the special army was also special and important.

Nevertheless, Ji Mo gave a creepy grin to Ji Hao. He didn't take the special army seriously at all, because in this Chi Ban Mountain area, the Dare-to-die corps was the standing army. In other words, if this Chi Ban Mountain area had local villains, that would be the dare-to-die corps.

Ten warriors each gave a long shout, following which their golden lizards suddenly rushed out for around tens of zhangs. Those long spears held in their hands brought up multiple streams of golden, red and scorching light, swishing towards Yu Mu and Ji Hao's vital body parts.

’’Yu Mu, don't poison them!’’ Ji Hao said in a low voice. Ji Mo and his warriors were all wearing the human army's uniforms, and although they were unfriendly and even fierce, they were human warriors indeed. Therefore, Ji Hao wouldn't use those methods, that he would use on non-humankind, on them.

Besides, that flame spurted out from their long spears were golden and red, which obviously was Golden Crow flame, possessed only by the Gold Crow Clan. Ji Hao wouldn't launch deadly attack to any Gold Crow Clansman for no reason when they firstly met.

’’Okay, hm, these people are ridiculous!’’ Yu Mu complained in a muffled voice, then waved his hand towards the river. Along with his move, the iron pot, that was floating in the river, rose into the air and swiftly flew into his hands. Yu Mu carried the pot on his back and quickly turned around, using the pot to shield himself from those long and sharp spears.

Followed by a series of ear-piercing clangs, those spears struck on the pot and Yu Mu's fat rippled like water from the shock, even letting out loud clapping noises. Yu Mu slightly lowered his body and narrowed his eyes. The pot had stopped those spears, and yet the great shocking waves still struck his body through the pot.

A thin stream of blood slowly gushed out of Yu Mu's mouth. He gave a long and resonant growl, and his eyes emitted a dark blue, dim light, while he turned around his head, looking at the river with a piercing gaze.

Gigantic clouds of watery mist rapidly swooshed up from the river, and soon a rain cloud gathered above. Silently, a gentle rain fell from the sky, wetting Ji Mo and his warriors'clothes.

From the further section of the riverside, ten warriors, who had just rushed out of the woods, yelled out in rage.

’’Ji Mo! Be careful! There's a bloody archer who can move so damn fast! If we dodged slightly slower, his arrow would have poked into our hearts!’’

’’Such a quick runner! The ten of us had joined hands but still failed to catch him!’’

’’He was sneakily hiding on a tree all by himself. He has got to be a spy working for the non-humankind!’’

While yelling and shouting, they pulled those arrows which were stuck in their bodies out with difficulty.

Hearing those warriors'shouts, Ji Hao shouted out loudly as well in a harsh tone, ’’Is your name Ji Mo? We're not enemies!’’

Locking his hands together, Ji hao whispered and incanted a spell, along with which the gentle rain falling from the sky suddenly gathered in the air into multiple thumb-thick water ropes, swishing towards the ten warriors, who were rushing towards Ji Hao and preparing to launch their deadly attack.

In the meanwhile, the dim and dark blue light sparkling in Yu Mu's eyes grew brighter than before. With his special ability, Yu Mu made those water ropes thicker and more solid;by now, those seemingly soft and fragile water ropes were even tougher than the best alloy rope in this world. Added with the power of [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words], these water ropes became ten times stronger than before. With the combination of Ji Hao and Yu Mu'powers, they had magically turned that gentle rain, that seemed not harmful at all, into extra powerful and flexible weapons.

Those warriors didn't slow even a little bit down, and still rushed over at their highest speed. Speedily, some water ropes coiled around those warriors'arms, shoulders and waists, while the other water ropes turned into lassos and accurately locked those golden lizards'throats, as they had all widely opened there mouths and were preparing to thrust their huge and sticky tongue out.

The ten golden lizards that were locked by the throats staggered and fell on the ground one after another. Warriors who sat on their backs tried to leap up into the air and swing their spears to continue attacking Ji Hao, but their bodies were tied up by those water ropes that made them lost the balance of their bodies. Soon, they all fell on the ground as well, even knocking ten huge pits out of the sand ground.

’’Bastard!’’ Ji Mo growled out in fury. In the following moment, a thick puff of flame swooshed out of his back, within which silhouettes of a pair of Gold Crow claws flashed across. He held his left hand that was regrowing muscles and flesh, behind his back, while gripping the long spear with his right hand, and abruptly pushed the spear towards Ji Hao's heart.

’’Bastard you!’’ Ji Hao burst a great growl out as well, ’’Such an unreasonable person! Let's fight then!’’

The Gold Crow Flame Cloak released a piercingly great fiery light that then generated a thick wall of flame, heavily bumping against the long spear, letting out an earth-shaking and resonant bang.

Ji Mo felt that his spear had just poked on a gigantic mountain, such that even his wrist began trembling. Slightly touched by the flame released by Ji Hao's cloak, his long spear was twisted right away, curved like a dead snake.

Ji Hao pointed his finger at Ji Mo and slightly flicked, launching the thunder move that he had been practcing for quite a few days under Yu Yu's supervision, and was taught by Yu Yu himself.

A series of bangs and sizzling noises rose into the air.

Nine water-tank thick, dazzling and fiery lightning bolts struck down from the sky in a row, directly on Ji Mo's head. Glaring beams of light darted out towards all directions and at the same time, Ji Mo and his golden lizard howled out hoarsely.


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