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The Magus Era - Chapter 309


Chapter 309: Save

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

The oblong luxury meeting hall was clean and broad. All walls were decorated with blood-red patterns of erect eyes. Exquisite armors crafted with all kinds of rare and precious metals, leant against walls. The other few armors that were crafted as pure decorations had been floating in the air around a feet high from the ground, with the power of a great magic formation, and had been shining brightly under the dazzling light given out by those large pearls inlaid in the roof.

Although this was a military meeting, but still, there were tens of beautiful young girls wearing little clothes, standing in the hall with trays containing all kinds of delicate food and wines carried in their hands.

All the deputy army commanders of the four official Blood Moon armies led by Di Sha, Di Suo, Di Mo and Ju Xiu, were gathered in the hall, standing perfectly straight beside the table in the middle of the hall.

Di Huo and Ju Tu each sat on one side of the table, with their erect eyes widely opened. A dim blood-red light had been circling inside their erect eyes, and in the meanwhile, they slowly swept across the faces of all army commanders, with their dagger-like eyes, carefully observing every single tiny facial expression made by them.

The information provided by the spy, who was sent into the group of human refugee, had been confirmed.

Just as Ji Hao expected, his words had brought a massive confusion to these Yu Clan nobles and powerful people. After all, his words sounded quite convincing. If Ji Hao truly wanted to make some great contribution and earn himself power and wealth, murdering Ju Xiu with a magic curse would indeed be an incredible one.

In the conflict between the humankind and the Yu Dynasty, the Yu Dynasty had always been holding many advantages. Apart from that, those Yu Clan noble commanders cherished their own lives to an extreme degree. Therefore, during all these years, the total number of Yu Clan generals who had armies under their commands but fell in wars between the humankind and the Yu Dynasty was definitely no more than a hundred.

Ji Hao was nobody but an apprentice of the Magi Palace. Killing Ju Xiu - no matter what method he used to achieve this purpose, could absolutely earn himself genuine glory. The human Emperor and elders of the Magi Palace would certainly award him, probably with anything he wanted.

However, that sentence with a vague meaning said by Ji Hao on purpose had now driven Ju Tu and Di Huo both into anxiousness.

'The non-humankind is not as solid as an iron board.'

Because of this short sentence said by Ji Hao, if they could, Di Huo and Ju Tu would have arrested all present army commanders immediately, and tortured them like hell. They had to know if this sentence truly contained the information regarding some potential schemes, particularly aimed at the Di Family and Ju Family.

'Can it be one of the other big families which are not on our side?'

'Or people in our own families, who are not getting along well with us?'

It could even be those people who had failed in the competition for the throne of Emperor in Power, and lost to Dishi Yanluo. Although those people had failed to attain the magnificent throne, they were still extremely powerful among the Blood Moon... For merely revenge and grabbing as much dignity back as possible, those people would do anything once they got the chance.

’’Who the hell is it?’’ Di Huo knocked heavily on the table, which was made from pure gold and decorated with hundreds of thousands of multicolored gemstones, and said, ’’Is someone colluding with the humankind and trying to hurt us by murdering Ju Xiu?’’

’’Di Sha,’’ said Ju Tu with a harsh tone, ’’If we are not here, what would you do?’’

Di Sha frowned and pondered extra carefully for an entire quarter of an hour, then responded slowly, ’’If you, my dear uncles, are not here, I would surely team up with Di Suo and Di Mo. And we would select a batch of elite warriors...No matter how much that would cost, we would certainly destroy that altar, which was being used by our enemy to curse Ju Xiu, and save her.’’

’’A batch of elite warriors? What kind of warriors can be counted as elites?’’ said Ju Tu with a cold sneer.

’’All trustable commanders under the leads of Di Suo, Di Mo and me will join the mission.’’ said Di Sha while puffing out his chest, ’’Ju Xiu can't hold much longer, therefore, we have to save her as soon as possible! We've got the rough location of the altar already, so we...’’

’’What if the enemy launched a massive attack when you're all gone?!’’ said Di Huo with a frosty tone, ’’Without you, would the rest of your armies who were left in here, be able to block the enemy's attack?’’

’’As long as Di Mo's city-fort stays solid and the four Blood Moon divine Towers keep working, this place will be fine. Human armies can never defeat us!’’ Di Sha again puffed out his chest and said with a big confidence, ’’The defensive power of Di Mo's city-fort is as strong as one of a hundred of the Liang Zhu city's defensive power!’’

Di Mo's face suddenly turned pale. He then said tremblingly, ’’If, if someone breaks my defensive magic formation after all of our core commanders left...’’

Di Sha and Si Suo, even Di Huo and Ju Tu'faces all darkened badly when hearing him.

Starting from Di Suo's words, all of them had associated many thoughts at that moment. Their thoughts were all complicated and different. With a great cautiousness, they glanced at each other;in their eyes, no one was ever trustable.

’’If this city-fort is destroyed, with the power of those human armies, they would be totally capable of wiping all four of your armies out, as long as they are willing to sacrifice.’’ said Di Huo, while quickly flipping the table with his finger, ’’Even worse, I think, they could even be able to take you all out with a smaller price.’’

’’Scheme! This scheme is aiming at us!’’ Said Ju Tu confirmedly, ’’I have grasped a strong sense of schemes. If that Ji Hao wasn't such a big talker and didn't let our spy hear his plan, this scheme might have succeeded!’’

Di Huo pointed his finger at Di Mo and yelled harshly, ’’Di Mo, spies working for the other families must have been hiding in your army. Send the law enforcement team, examine every single one of your deputy commanders! Anyone suspicious, take him directly into custody and seal his power off. We will take all suspicious ones back to Liang Zhu city, then deal with them.’’

Di Mo took a deep breath, then narrowed all three of his eyes, showing an extremely cruel, nearly crazy look.

He had thought of that. If his army that he had spent hundreds of years and immeasurably great efforts on was destroyed by someone else, his position in the family would definitely suffer a disastrous decline, and the other family members who were close to him would all be suppressed cruelly as well.

’’Those bloody scums! Can't they just use their dirty tricks on the humankind?!’’ Di Sha growled, ’’Ju Xiu is such a lovely girl, but look, what have they done to her?!’’

Di Huo stood up and said blandly, ’’Nevertheless, we have now known about the scheme...there's nothing to be afraid of.’’

Gasping deeply, Di Huo turned to Ju Tu and said, ’’You and I will gather our family armies to protect this city-fort with our own forces. In the meanwhile, Di Sha, Di Mo and Di Suo will go save Ju Xiu. Lord Ju Tu, what do you think about this plan of mine?’’

Ju Tu remained silent for a while, then slowly nodded and responded, ’’With our powers, no one can ever play any trick in the faces of us. However, Di Sha and the other two kids...They have to be powerful enough to deal with any potential crisis. After all, the humankind must have set an ambush for them.’’

’’No one can ever stain our family glories. Lord Dishi Yanluo's glory is inviolable.’’ said Di Huo with a bland tone, ’’we have to guarantee the success of Di Sha, Di Mo and Di Suo'mission. Anyone who wants us to fail will have to pay for it.’’

Ju Tu narrowed his eyes, pondered for a while, then nodded with determination.

Half an hour later, an elite force numbering a thousand left the city-fort quickly, silently moving deep into the Chi Ban Mountain area.


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