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The Magus Era - Chapter 308


Chapter 308: Fury

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Seven days went past quickly.

During the past seven days, each day Taisi had shot seven arrows into the straw doll's body. Although his archery was as lousy as before, still, he managed to put Ju Xiu at her last gasp.

In the meanwhile, Yu Yu had been teaching Ji Hao all kinds of knowledge and skills, that allowed Ji Hao to achieve quite a few amazing improvements. Ji Hao's improvements happened way too rapidly that even Yu Yu couldn't help but clap his hands and yell out in praise for him a few times. Yu Yu just liked Ji Hao too much.

After all, what Yu Yu had been teaching Ji Hao was the main structure of the mysterious natural law which was directly relating to the most original mysteriousness of this world;while what Ji Hao had mastered, were those skills and magics that he learned from all kinds of Daoist scriptures he read in his previous life.

In another word, what Ji Hao had learnt in his previous life was the final harvest of all the wisdom and experiences Yu Yu and his disciples would have gained through severe cultivation and study regarding the natural law, in countless future years from now. Therefore, to someone like Yu Yu, an unintentional word said by Ji Hao could serve like the magical lightning bolt that happened when this world was created, and open up a whole new path before Yu Yu's eyes.

During this short period of time, Yu Yu liked and valued Ji Hao more and more, yet, he was deeply aware that he had to be patient and not spoil things due to excessive enthusiasm. Since Yu Yu couldn't teach Ji Hao any more knowledge and neither could gift him any extra power at this stage, Mr Crow and the pair of magical fiery snakes, as Ji Hao's non-humankind friends and brothers, had all luckily gained many benefits.

Yu Yu fed Mr Crow and each fiery snake tens of golden pills, which were concocted by his big brother himself, then he pressed his hands on their heads, told them about the supreme natural law and taught them the special cultivating methods, that were created especially for non-humankind creatures.

Among Yu Yu's disciples, many were non-humankind creatures, such as Gui Ling. Therefore, Yu Yu indeed had much to offer in the regard of special cultivating methods for these non-human kind creatures. After taken so many golden pills and been guided with the special cultivating methods, Mr Crow and the pair of baby snakes had all transformed into entirely different looks. They now looked all magnificent and beautiful.

Ninety percent of Mr Crow's black feathers had now turned into faint golden, and once his feathers entirely turned into golden, he would be able to condense his bloodline into the pure ancient Gold Crow bloodline with the help of the power of those golden pills given by Yu Yu. Then, Mr Crow would grow the third foot and possess a sky-burning and ocean-boiling power;he would become as powerful as those legendary ancient Gold Crows.

The pair of earthworm-sized baby snakes had been growing rapidly under the effect of those golden pills. They still looked like two tiny snakes when they coiled around Ji Hao's arms now, but once they leapt onto the ground and expanded their bodies, one would found that they were now both over a zhang long, and the earth core magic flame released from their jaws already seemed to destroy everything in this world.

Ji Hao did an experiment, during which, a heavy shield, which was seized from the battlefield and belonged to an ordinary Jia Clan warrior, was burned into a puddle of iron liquid by a single puff of earth core magic flame let out by the two baby snakes within the short span of two breaths. One could imagine how horrible it would feel like and how cruel that scene would be when that earth core magical flame would be spurted on one's own body.

Ji Hao, Yu Yu and all his teammates had been quite happy and leisurely during the past seven days. However, to some other people, even a single day felt like a year now.

Apart from Candle Dragon Gui, who was knocked out by Yu Yu earlier, and now had been worryingly trying to identify the person who had attacked him that day by the river, and the motivation of that attack, with his special secret magic, Di Sha had lost some genuine weight in this couple of days.

Sitting in Ju Xiu's room, Di Sha expressionlessly looking at Ju Xiu, who now looked like a pale zombie. Even Ju Xiu's soul seemed to be perishing by now. He couldn't help it but quiver all the time.

Two Yu Clan's middle-aged men, each having an extra serious face, were standing by Ju Xiu's bed. Dense blood-red light had been surging out of their erect eyes, along with an immeasurably great sense of power. That strangely strong sense of power had even compressed the air surrounding them to a certain degree that the air now felt as solid as iron. Di Sha sat aside, feeling like dying from suffocation caused by that great sense of power released by the two Yu Clan men.

One of these two middle-aged named Di Huo was Di Sha's uncle, while the other one named Ju Tu and was Ju Xiu's uncle. Both of them were powerful beings among their own families.

Ju Xiu's life mattered crucially to the allied relationship between the Di Family and the Ju Family, and that allied relationship was bounded with profit exchanges between this two families, even concerning the power alternations of the other few influential families which were closely related to the Di Family and the Ju Family. According to a powerful man who had been supporting Ju Tu, the marriage between Di Sha and Ju Xiu might affect the positions of both the Di Family and Ju Family among all big families of the Blood Moon, and this effect could last for over a thousand years.

For the above reason, after the few human curse enchanters, who were urgently called by Di Sha and had attempted to undo the curse for Ju Xiu, been killed, Ju Tu and Di Huo came all the way here by themselves.

Seeing Di Sha, who looked about to lose his mind, Di Huo abruptly roared out in anger, ’’You useless trash! Haven't you gotten any useful information?! Not even a little bit?! Who the hell did this?! Don't you know nothing at all?! Di Sha, do you have any idea how much effort I had to make, only for letting the family put you in charge of an army?!’’

Ju Tu stood aside, as he said in a bone-piercing cold voice, ’’How on earth did she become like this so suddenly? She was more than healthy before. Di Sha, Ju Xiu brought her army here to reinforce you, but now, she's dying. You have to give our family a reasonable explanation for this!’’

Di Sha looked at Ju Tu, seeming to cry but failing to squeeze any tear out of his eye sockets. Explanation? How could he possibly explain all these?

So many master curse enchanters had tried. Those curse enchanters were from the Yu Clan, Xiu Clan, and some were human beings who had chosen to betray their race. All of them had tried their best to break the curse, yet, none could undo it. How could they blame Di Sha for this under such a weird and horrible situation?

As for who did this...

The number of people in the Midland was immeasurable. Only god knew how many master curse enchanters were hiding in the Magus Palace. Besides, no one could tell whether Ju Xiu was especially targeted or she was just unluckily chosen as a curse sufferer. Who would know that?

Let out a few trembled and hollowed laughter, Di Sha prepared to say something to defend himself, but abruptly, Di Mo rushed into the room in a great hurry.

With a weirdly excited tone, Di Mo yelled loudly out. ’’Lord Di Huo, Lord Ju Tu! The team I sent out has saved a spy who was sent into the group of refugees by us before. He brought us some important information regarding Ju Xiu!’’

Before Di Sha could say anything, Di Mo continued in a loud and shrill voice, ’’The one who did this to Ju Xiu is the kid named Ji Hao who killed Di Sha's younger brother in the Southern Wasteland! Our spy heard him say to his friend that he was going to make a heavenly-huge contribution!’’

Glanced at Di Sha with a weird look, Di Mo carried on, ’’Ji Hao also said that among us...That we're not as solid as an iron board!’’

At this moment, Di Suo rushed into the room as well. He hurriedly shouted out while he was still catching his breath.

’’One of my spies was hunting by the human army and my people rescued him. I know, I know who did this to Ju Xiu!’’

’’It's Ji Hao! That little bastard!’’ said Di Suo after a long gasp, ’’He has a friend who's a master curse enchanter. Some kids from the Ten Sun Country who had somehow offended him before were killed by an unknown magic curse! My guy also said that the son of Ying Yunpeng, the Head Elder of the Ten Sun Country's Pu Ban stronghold, was killed by them too!’’

Di Sha instantly swooshed up from his seat and growled in a hoarse voice, ’’Ji Hao!! You again!!’’

A cloud of blood-red mist gathered above Di Sha's head and began spreading out, releasing an immense sense of power. In the meanwhile, Di Sha's face gradually became twisted in a fierce aura of killing.

Di Huo and Ju Tu quickly glanced at each other. According to the information provided by Di Mo, Ji Hao said that the Blood Moon was not as solid as an iron board, what did that mean?

Things like sneakily entrapping each other indeed happened quite a lot among Yu Clan noble classes!


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