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The Magus Era - Chapter 307


Chapter 307 - Curse Battle

After the gust of wind emerged, the Gold Crow flame cloak instantly released a faint layer of red light. The Gold Crow flame contained pure and staunch sun power, which had the ability to naturally restrain all kinds of evil powers. That is why that chilling gust of wind had immediately been evaporated by the fierce and pure power of Ji Hao's cloak, before it even could flow near Ji Hao.

As always, Feng Xing had instantly rushed away and hidden himself in the woods, several miles away from the island. He was gripping his longbow while tens of arrows were stuck in a line on the ground. Yu Mu clapped his hand, followed by which large clouds of green watery mist rose into the air, wrapping his whole body up. When the evil chilly wind flew by him, it only was capable of stirring a few ripples on the surface of the green watery mist.

Before Man Man and Shaosi were able to act, Yu Yu rubbed his hands together and made a few fiery purple light spots appear. The spots dropped on the ground and effortlessly burned a circle with a radius of a few zhang on the ground, while making sizzling noises.

Yu Yu grabbed a water ladle that was made from half of a split calabash, spooned out a ladleful of wine from one of the vats brought back by Feng Xing, then poured it into his mouth. After that, he smilingly waved his hands towards Ji Hao and the others and said, ’’Interesting, come into this circle, over here, grab a seat and enjoy a great show!’’

A few streams of gentle yet great power approached Ji Hao and his teammates along with Yu Yu's voice. Except Feng Xing, who had darted away long ago, Ji Hao, Man Man, Shaosi and Yu Mu were all dragged into that circle by those gentle streams of power. The evil gust of wind swirled and tried to approach that circle, but right the following moment, thin yet thick purple lightning bolts shattered that gust of wind into wisps of airwaves.

The wisps of shattered air merged back into the gust of wind and moved slowly towards the altar that Taisi had built for using the Nailhead Seven Arrow curse.

Taisi was standing in front of the altar. His eyes had turned into that creepy and weird pure black again, and deep inside his pupils, dim, black lights were rotating slowly. That evil gust of wind split up into tens of smaller gusts and slowly wriggled towards Taisi.

Creepy noises that sounded like countless ghosts and evil spirits were swiftly sneaking around, came from the bulrush woods surrounding the small island. Grey, thin and spider-like fog rose slowly from the ground, creating a putrescent vibe. With a puff they were spread across the whole small island.

Tens of evil gusts of wind swished around Taisi, however, Taisi had just merged with the Yin mirror, which meant that the sense of his powers and all of his vital signs were perfectly hidden. No matter how hard these evil wind gusts tried or how many times it swept across his long shirt, it still was unable to touch Taisi's body.

On the altar, that straw doll, which was surrounded by book pages of the Nailhead Seven Arrow Book, began shaking slightly. Abruptly, two green light spots lit up inside the straw doll's empty eye sockets. This was a sign that someone had perceived the delicate connection between Ju Xiu and this straw doll and after spending tremendous amount of efforts had finally managed to look into Taisi's side through the eyes of the straw doll.

The pair of green light spots rotated slightly as if the straw doll was observing its surroundings. A black curtain that was transformed from the power of the Nailhead Seven Arrow Book and had enveloped the straw doll the whole time, suddenly appeared and fluttered in the air. Right after that, a long, ear-piercing squeal came from the straw doll, while the pair of green light spots immediately exploded and dissipated in the air.

Within Ju Xiu's room, a curse caster who had human fist-sized eyes and was dancing around the altar and waving his hands insanely, howled out suddenly. Right the following moment, his huge eyeballs exploded, causing sticky black blood to splatter everywhere. Then he seemingly lost control over his body and floated in the air;it seemed as if a giant had grabbed him and was holding him up in the air. Although he was wearing tens of bone and jade talismans and many other types of protective magic tools around his neck - all of which were emitting dazzlingly bright light now and then - none were able to save the life of their owner. His body started to twist in a strange manner, like a tiny ant being squeezed by a giant, and loud bone cracking noises came continuously from inside his body.

After the span of a few breaths, this curse enchanter was torn into pieces and fell back onto the ground. Followed by a loud thud, the broken body of this poor curse caster smashed against the ground and instantly turned into puffs of smoke, dissipating in the air. Strangely, all of his life-force, blood, even body fluid had been drained. He was now looking like a dry dead body, like the ones found in a desert;not even a single drop of liquid was left inside his body.

Two curse casters of the Xiu Clan walked quickly towards him and took out a few odd-shaped tolls and ran a brief check on that dead body. A trace of shock simultaneously flashed across all five eyeballs of one of the Xiu Clan curse casters. He then said in a low voice, ’’His soul was devoured without leaving even a trace. Such a fierce curse...Can it be...can it be those old bastards of the Candle Dragon Clan from the Magi Palace?’’

Back near the small island, in a small valley and inside a natural pool, the body of Candle Dragon Gui, who was still lying in the water unconsciously - even had a frog lying on his face - shook slightly. He had been knocked out by Yu Yu's punch earlier, and was still unconscious, but someone had already unjustly blamed him for this curse.

The few other human curse casters, who had also been dancing around the altar in Ju Xiu's room, simultaneously growled out deeply. Each were showing a faint amount of fear and shock on their faces. They took a glance at Di Sha, who was standing at the side with a badly darkened face, hurriedly pulled out different kinds of daggers, gnashed their teeth and poked those daggers into their own bodies.

’’These douches,’’ murmured Di Sha. ’’If they can't get the enchanter who did this to Ju Xiu, I will chop them all into pieces and feed them to dogs.’’

Hearing this, the few enchanters quivered intensely.

They were all human beings, however, they had chosen the side of the non-human races. In the Yu Dynasty, their status was even lower than that of those ugly slaves. Those barely human-shaped, weak and dumb creatures at least possessed statues of slaves, while these human curse casters, were only public properties of the Yu Dynasty! Those noble Yu Clan's people never treated these human curse casters as living creatures, but were only seeing them as family properties, similar to those jade coins that were clanging in their pockets. Therefore, when Di Sha said that he would chop those human curse casters into pieces and feed them to dogs, he meant exactly the same thing as a woman saying that she would butcher a chicken and feed the pair of chicken legs to her child.

’’We, we will spare no effort to solve the problem!!’’ A human curse caster shouted out in a hoarse and trembling voice.

Many differently and weirdly shaped daggers were now stuck in their bodies, squeezing out all of their powers, that wound then transform into malicious and desperate curses and been absorbed by the altar. Those bleeding beasts heads, that were placed around the altar were sucked into the altar one after another, along with a thick layer of blood on the ground;followed with all these, the altar abruptly turned into blood red.

On the small island, a stream of grey mist was wrapped by a frosty gust of wind and swooshed across the island, from which, a great magic power spread out and then, directly locked on the straw doll. Taisi's altar began shaking slightly while the straw doll suddenly stood up, started leaping slightly and seemed to jump straight into the blood-red mist around it.

’’Are you trying to take my medium material away? How can I just let you?’’ Taisi gave a creepy and evil grin while gripped the tiny bow with one hand and another hand quickly pulled out a few hair from his head. He then bit his tongue broke and spat a mouthful of blood on those few hair.

’’You're indeed more powerful, and have greater cultivations than me, however...I have this Nail Head Seven Arrow Book!’’ Taisi maintained that creepy smile and murmured. In the meanwhile, the few hair got nourished by his spirit blood and instantly straightened up like arrows.

Putting the few straightened hair on the tiny bow's string, Taisi then spat another mouthful of blood on the bow and shot the few hair out.

This time, no great shooting skill was needed, the blood-red mist sphere directly swallowed those hair.

Piercing puffing noise began coming out of the blood-red mist;at the same time, the few human curse enchanters in Ju Xiu's room screamed out simultaneously, as human-head sized punctures burst out of their chests so suddenly and unexpectedly.


Edited by Horrible CPU and SecondRate

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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