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The Magus Era - Chapter 305


Chapter 305 - Sudden Rage

’’Hm, the Nailhead Seven Arrows Book, such a treasure!’’

Yu Yu stopped lecturing and dissipated those magical and magnificent light streams he had been emmiting. He said that while smiling and looking at Taisi, who didn't seem to have awakened completely yet.

Feng Xing and Yu Mu had already ran as far as they could from Taisi. In their eyes, Taisi was a very unreliable person while at the same time they considered the Nailhead Seven Arrows Book as a very horrible, terrifying and dark magic curse. Neither were willing to put their lifes on the line by being nearby Taisi when he was casting the curse. Who knew what disaster would befall them if Taisi shot one of those tiny arrows at them by accident?

Ji Hao tapped lightly on the Magic Formation Teachings of Yu Yu and the purple book transformed instantly into a stream of purple light and darted into his left palm, then turned into a faint purple mark on his palm. Ji Hao could feel that his right palm had now become an invisible black hole that was absorbing the surrounding natural power ceaselessly into his body and that the connection between nature and himself had suddenly become at least a hundred times distinct than it had been previously.

’’Thank you, my dear tutor!’’ Ji Hao saluted Yu Yu seriously and solemnly .

’’Eh, don't bother!’’ Yu Yu waved his hand carelessly and said with a big grin on his face. ’’I don't like ceremonious and dull apprentices. Don't be like those apprentices of my second brother, who is now your second uncle. Ah, those kids, each has a poker face, totally humourless! Humm, every time I see them they act like they are even older than me!’’

Ji Ho grinned as well, byt didn't say anything. He knew about those apprentices of Yu Yu's second brother and he couldn't stop shivering, just by thinking the names of those people.

’’Uncle Yu Yu! Here! Have some fish!’’ Man Man rushed happily over and handed a huge slice of fish belly to Yu Yu. Earlier, she hadn't come to interrupt because she saw Yu Yu giving a lecture to Ji Hao, but now that the lecture had finished, Man Man hurriedly came over to share the delicious grilled fish.

’’Hm, you little girl, are quite interesting.’’ Yu Yu patted Man Man's head with a warm smile, then took a glance at her pair of gigantic hammers, left beside the bonfire. As soon as he did that, his face twisted badly, after which he shook his head helplessly. ’’That pair of hammers...just bring them here. Everytime I see good materiales and ingredients been wasted and misused by your human race, my whole body feels sick, just as it does now!’’

Seeing the face of twist and thorn in struggle, Ji Hao started to laugh abruptly loud out. He was wondering if Yu Yu suffered from OCD, which would explain why everytime he saw precious materials being wasted he was dying to restore those materials and turn them into new tools and equipment. What a great habit!

Man Man hurried back and returned with her pair of hammers. Just now she had seen how Yu Yu had restored all the materials from the three divine Magus level weapons and used them to make this cool looking Gold Crow flame cloak, which Ji Hao was wearing at the moment. Compared to the three old magic treasure, which Ji Hao was not even able to activate, this new cloak was not only much more powerful and functional, it also looked very beautiful. Man Man would like to have such a thing also!

’’Ahyaya, Ji Hao, look at this, just look at this! The production method of this pair of hammers is, is astonishing, and done without any conscience!’’

Yu Yu knitted his eyebrows and sighed deeply, after which he said, ’’High-quality earth-core magical flame, sky lava gold, and a whole one-hundred and six rare and magically precious materials were compressed forcibly into this hammer layer by layer, similar to how your stupid ancestors had done! However, among all the crafts created by Senior Magus level craftsmen, these hammers are at least well made. The structure is solid and compact and a whole twelve thousand and nine hundred magic symbols have been inscribed onto eacht hammerhead...’’

While talking, Yu Yu pointed his finger at the hammers, causing both of them to explode! All the spell symbols flew out and transformed into pure and primal fire power, which was absorbed by the recovered materials.

Shaosi, who had come over earlier, Ji Hao and Man Man were all fascinated by the magnificent toolmaking methods of Yu Yu. Their eyes were fixed on Yu Yu's fingers, while they tried their best to grasp every movement, even the slightest one. The natural and fluent movements were deeply alluring to these three kids.

Taisi gnashed his teeth and narrowed his eyes, while standing tremblingly in front of the altar, only six feet away from the straw doll. He pulled the tiny bow open extra carefully and slightly shot out seven arrows in a row. Fortunately, this time he didn't miss the target;all seven arrow pierced accurately into the chest of the straw doll.

Far away, in Di Sha's main camp, Ju Xiu was lying on a luxurious and soft bed, while leaning her head against a pillow, seemingly pale and tired. She drank a bowl of magical medicines and took a few pills, which were served to her by a few beautiful and young girls. The medicines were concocted by master pharmacists of the Xiu Clan.

’’I don't know what has happened to me. I feel so weak and powerless,’’ said Ju Xiu with a trepid voice. ’’Only nothing seems to be wrong. See, these injuries happened suddenly yesterday, but now have stopped to bleed.’’

Ju Xiu said that while raising her left hand and looked with a frown at her broken little finger. Although the wound had stopped bleeding and she had taken many powerful magical medicines that were supposed to help the broken finger to regrow, the finger never even showed a sign of regrowing.

The territory of the Yu Dynasty was vast and well managed by the people of the Yu Clan. Every year the Yu Dynasty would have huge amounts of thousands of years old, even tens of thousands of years old magical herbs harvested in their territories. As a member of the highest dominating hierarchy among the entire Yu Dynasty, Ju Xiu surely had quite a lot highest grade, life-saving magic pills that were concocted from incredibly rare and effective, tens of thousands of years old magical herbs, which she carried with her.

That was exactly the kind of pills she had taken.

However, no sign of recovery could be detected from her broken finger. Those precious and unimaginable valuable pills taken by her failed to have even the slightest bit of effect on her. It was if those medicines had been thrown into a roadside ditch rather than taken by her.

Di Sha was standing beside the luxurious bed and was staring with a serious expression at that weird wound on her finger, and said, ’’We have already checked thoroughly. We have searched every single one of those servants, maids and guards around you, none of them had medicinal materials carrying on them which would allow others to curse you from over a distance.’’

He then continued with a deep voice, ’’Try to recall more carefully, see if you have accidentally left some of your personal things somewhere, such as fallen off hair or other stuff. Your power is even greater than mine, therefore, the enemy must need your personal material, like blood, saliva, hair or your underwear, in order to harm you so gravely and through such a strange curse.’’

’’No!’’ Ju Xiu stared back at Di Sha, and squeezed a relatively louder yell out of her throat. ’’Di Sha, you have stayed in the Southern Wasteland for many years, so your fallen off hairs, or blood that dripped into the soil after you were wounded, could possibly been collected by the nemies. But I have been in the Liang Zhu City all these years, I have servants especially responsible for my daily life, even the glasses and spoons I have used were cleaned with special magics, how could I...’’

Before Ju Xiu could finish her sentence, her pale and hollowed face suddenly turned into a horrible, deadly dark colour, while all of her three eyeballs immediately turned grey.

Followed by a series of puffing noises, while none of those people surrounding her saw a single, slight movement of her underdress, in the very next moment seven round-shaped, half-inch deep wounds appeared on her white and tender chest. Blood surged out of her chest in intense streams, quickly dying her underdress and that soft luxurious bed red.

’’I, I...’’

Ju Xiu raised her hand with difficulty and tried to grab onto Di Sha. She only felt that her heart and all of her internal organs were punctured by thousands of sharp arrows, at the same time, her soul was nearly crushed by this sudden attack. A fierce, dreadfully great pain that she had never felt before had now shrouded both her body and soul. With despair, Ju Xiu used all of her remaining strength and screamed out.

’’Di Sha!! Help, help me!!’’

Di Sha was panic-tricken as well. He hurriedly grabbed Ju Xiu's palm, but had no time to feel the tenderness and softness of this slim palm, he immediately roared himself hoarse.

’’Where is everyone!!Come! Come!! Bring all master curse users!! All of them!! Now! Right now!!’’

Di Sha was so enraged that he couldn't help but slightly leap up from the ground, while roaring like an animal.

’’Who are you!! Why are you attacking us with such a, a, a contemptible method?!! I will slaughter you! I will cut you into pieces! I swear!’’

’’You waste of things! You bunch of douchebags!! Haven't you got even the faintest little bit of information about this attacker?! Even a faint little bit!! Who is in charge of the intelligence team?! Hack him to death!’’


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Translated by XianXiaWorld


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