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The Magus Era - Chapter 304


Chapter 304 - Inspiration of magic formations.

’’The heaven and earth, all the living creatures, even the lifeless objects, are all part of limitless magic formation.’’

Yu Yu said while opening the Yu Yu's Magic Formation Book. From out the first page rose wisps of purple smoke, containing countless small characters that circled in the air in front of Ji Hao. Although Ji Hao was unable to read the content of those tiny characters clearly, already a trace of apprehension had appeared in his mind.

The heaven and earth with all living and lifeless beings and things, including every single person, were all part of a magnificent and great magic formation. This world was a vast and incomparably huge magic formation of the most profound type, which couldn't be described. The stars were moving along certain paths while seasons came and went in turns.

Because of the power of this magnificent magic formation, human beings were able to talk. A process of opening the mouth, inhaling fresh air into the lungs, then exhale it while causing the vocal cords to vibrate;at the same time the tongue is moved to adjust the airwave, coming from the vibrations of the vocal cord. All this together enabled one to talk. This is how a thin stream of air made its influence within a simple formation. Yess, each human body was also a magic formation in itself.

There were countless stars and the four wastelands, which were all rotating around the Midland, with each star travelling along their own specific path. The sky seemed to be thickly dotted with all kinds of stars, pieces of land and floating islands, which were moving continuously but didn't collided against each other. This, was also one of the magical influences of the great magic formation. In this world, which was a natural formed great magic formation, all the stars, the four wastelands, other smaller pieces of land and floating islands, all had pre-designed positions, motion paths and fates.

A flower was a magic formation as was grass. The power of the sun supplied energy to these small yet independent magic formations, allowing flowers and grass to absorb nutrients from the soil, underground water and rain, gradually growing mature, then getting rid of the stale and giving out a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients to the nature, which was a greater and more complicated magic formation. These were all part of a virtuous circle.

All creatures were part of the great nature magic formation, every independent individual was also a smaller magic formation;all power systems were also magic formations.

The meridians inside the human bodies, which contained inherited powers belonging to the humankind, were formed as a magic formation. The paths certain types of powers travelled inside the human body were part of a special formation;the awakening of a Magus Accupoint was the creation of a new formation, of which the newly awakened Accupoints were the core, from where the power to sustain the magic formation would come from. The meridians were the structure of the magic formation along which the power flowed. The human body was the foundation of the whole formation, supplying energy to the entire thing.

Furthermore, the body of each magus could be considered a great magic formation. Magi gave it their all to cultivate this body of theirs in order to strengthen the magic formation of the human body, which would allow them to release even greater and more destructive powers.

All powers to sustain the body magic formation of Magi came from within them, or to be precise from their solid and powerful bodies. The bodies of Daoist Priests, such as Yu Yu and his apprentices, were also independent magic formations, but they considered their bodies to be the core of an even bigger formation, the vast nature. This vast nature was their source of energy and their minds were the hubs, which were controlling this formation.

Therefore, even if the body of a Daoist Priest would be thousands of times weaker than that of a Senior Magus, but as the core of a much greater magic formation, this Daoist Priest would be capable of releasing an amazingly great power, which would be in no way worse than the power of the Senior Magus;it might be even greater than theirs.

Intoxicated, Ji Hao rapidly read every single word written in this book, every line of characters of that book was a sparkling idea to Ji Hao. Just like the creation of the world, this book opened a brand new world in front of Ji Hao.

He could see that many points of view in this book was quite different from those Daoist theories that Ji Hao and learned in his previous life. The point of view in this book was wilder, simpler and rougher, just like raw gemstones, which had just been dug out from the ground, but hadn't been grounded and polished.

However, this was still a legendary supreme magic formation book compiled by Yu Yu himself, and contained the general principles of all kinds of magic formation in this world. As for the roughness of his book, it might be because Yu Yu hadn't yet achieved that higher level with his current power and scope of knowledge.

’’Amazing, just, just amazing!’’ Ji Hao exclaimed, while a faint stream of hot steam slowly rose from his head.

’’Amazing, indeed amazing!’’ The voice of that mysterious man came from Ji Hao's spiritual space, ’’To turn your own body into the core of a greater magic formation, and manipulate the vast nature magic formation through it, it's indeed an incredibly smart idea. But, if a Senior Magus makes his or her body as powerful as the heaven and earth, every single Magus Acupoint will contain immeasurably great amount of power, which allow this Senior Magus to open up a new world by only wave the hand, if so, what's the big deal about controlling the natural power?’’

Ji Hao paused instantly. He would really like to have a further discussion regarding this with the mysterious man, but the mysterious man disappeared swiftly again to his spiritual space.

Only a long sigh was left lingering around in his spiritual space, saying, ’’This tutor of yours is great, but, I don't want to meet him. I assume that he doesn't want to meet me either, therefore, better not, better not.’’

Ji Hao then closed his mouth, his eyes began shining with a bright golden fiery light, forcibly putting all of his concentration on the book.

Abruptly, he took out three tiny jade pieces and flicked them up into the air. The three jade pieces floated up according to particular positions, each representing the heaven, earth and human being. Upon Ji Hao's will, a small stream of power sparkled in each jade piece, then flowed by a few sizzling noises, a few thin lightning bolts darted down and knocked a fist-sized hole into the ground.

’’Good job!’’ Yu Yu, who had been meditating beside Ji Hao with his legs crossed, suddenly yelled out while clapping his hands, ’’Good! My genius apprentice! As expected!’’

Taking a deep breath, Yu Yu said slowly, ’’Ji Hao, you have to remember that in my magic formation theories, all magic formations are based on this entire world, every single creature can be seen as a core of a magic formation, you can manipulate the natural power, all living and lifeless creatures in the world, to achieve your own goal. This is profound, hard to explain, you have to try to feel it, to perceive the original natural law with your soul and spiritual power, in order to grasp the solid stuff of my magic formation theories.’’

’’My magic formations are based on nature and include limitless profound meanings. Magic formations are shapeless, colourless, shadowless and traceless, you can't tell where they come from, neither will you know where they would go to, you can box up people, even kill people with these invisible magic formations. These magic formations can serve you as the most fierce and dangerous weapon.’’

’’As for magic formations created by the Magi Palace, they imitate the natural law, inject huge amounts of spell symbols into magic formations, layers and layers, magic formations like this are indeed powerful, but full of artificial traces, which makes those formations incredibly easy to detect. This is the reason why under that kind of detecting light of those three-eyed, four-eyed, five-eyed things, the magic formations of the Magi Palace are so obvious as a bonfire in a dark night and incapable to remain hidden from your enemies.’’

’’Those multiple eyes idiots have already gotten used to detect Magi Palace's magic formations with that kind of light beams, after which they violently destroy those formations. They definitely will be neglectful and careless to another kind of magic formations by now. Ji Hao, in the future, you can just use this kind of natural magic formation that I taught you, to kick their stupid asses and wipe them all out!’’

Yu Yu said while frowning suddenly. A fierce aura of killing instantly radiated from him;even the stars in the sky dimmed down and streams of freezing wind began swooshing around, blowing across the bulrush woods in the small island, started a series of rustling noises, and left countless small swirls on surfaces of the two crossed rivers.

Ji Hao's blood began surging when Yu Yu said this. He nodded politely and continued reading with all his focus. From time to time, he would point out the puzzling phrases in that book and ask Yu Yu for further explanation.

Yu Yu was eloquent and confident and could always solve Ji Hao's question with a few words. He could clearly sort those confusing phrases out for Ji Hao. When he talked really excitedly, a purple cloud would slowly rise from his head, which had beams of golden light darting out from it. All of these golden light would soon be absorbed by Ji Hao's body. Ji Hao only felt waves of pain and numbness coming from every corner of his body, and streams of warm power were surging around inside his body at the same time.

After absorbing countless beams of those golden light released by Yu Yu, the two multicoloured flames in Ji Hao's lower abdomen suddenly split into three, then four, in the end, five multicoloured flames were blazing ragingly in Ji Hao's Dan Tian.

This night was spent quickly, a slight trace of fish-belly-grey daylight emerged in the east.

Taisi woke up from his dream, wiped the corner of his mouth, then stood slowly up. He picked that tiny bow and stood in front of the altar.


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Translated by XianXiaWorld


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