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The Magus Era - Chapter 302


Chapter 302 - Forging a Weapon

After taking another sip of his wine flavoured river water, Yu Yu wiped his mouth with his sleeve, tilted his head, threw a sideways glance at Ji Hao and said, ’’Don't look at your handsome Shifu like that...I'm still pretty far away from that level, I'm just much better than those Magi.’’

After dropping the wine calabash, Yu Yu suddenly raised both of his hands. Following this, the three treasures, which had come out of Ji Hao's body, began shaking simultaneously, while wisps of red light began gushing out from deep inside them, before turning into twisted spell symbols and dissipating quickly in the air.

’’These weapons were made huge and heavy in the first place, and have been nourished by generations of Magi's spirit blood, just like those Magi themselves, who only pay attention to physical strength and never cultivate their souls and spirits, these magic weapons became heavier and heavier, but without even the slightest trace of spiritual power inside them.’’

’’Eventually, the younger generations of Magi, such as you, can be accepted by these weapons as their owners but only as their owners. If you would want to use them as your ancestors had done, it would only become more and more difficult. Ji Hao, there is no possible way for you to manipulate these three treasures as freely and smoothly as your ancestors had done, even after you have become a divine Magus, not to mention that you're only a Senior Magus right now. After all, these magic treasures have already become so much...fatter, than what they looked like in the hands of your ancestors.’’

Yu Yu had used the word 'fat' to describe the current state of these three treasures. Although that was a weird way to describe it, Ji Hao understood it quite easily. These three treasures had been nourished by generations of powerful Magi, causing them to become more and more powerful and heavy. As a result, their owners had to become more and more powerful as well in order to freely activate and manipulate them. Apart from becoming heavier, it had not grown a spiritual power inside it, which meant that they could only be activated by external powers and were not able to build a spiritual connection with their owners.

’’More importantly, these treasures can only be activated by using your very own power. If you don't have enough power, you would have to use your spirit blood, if you don't have enough spirit blood as well...,’’ said Yu Yu while looking at Ji Hao seriously, ’’If you also lacked enough spirit blood, I assume, you would have to use the blood offering ceremony, right? Slaughter millions of living creatures and offer their blood to these treasures. Through this kind of ceremony, even Junior Magi could activate these treasures.’’

Gasping deeply, the bloody scenes that happened every year when the Gold Crow Clan's Maguspriests performed blood offering ceremonies, flashed across Ji Hao's eyes. He then said to Yu Yu, ’’Dear Shifu, you're right. Th elders have told me that if I wanted to use these three treasures in emergency situations, I could only activate them through the blood offering ceremony.’’

’’Therefore, the more powerful Magi, will get the worse outcomes,’’ said Yu Yu blandly, ’’Offering fresh blood to those treasures, all of which are human blood, ha, isn't that ridiculous? You're all human beings, but you offer the blood of your own kind to these treasures. Your humankind is the owner and ruler of this world, the more people you kill, the more blood you offer, the more sins you will have to carry. Eventually, you will destroy yourselves.’’

Ji Hao remained silent. He understood Yu Yu's words, however, as an ordinary human kid, he wasn't expected to understand such things yet, which is why he chose to remain silent.

’’Ah, the blood offering ceremonies...can be counted as the stupidest thing in the whole world.’’ Yu Yu murmured while slightly flicking all his fingers. Streams of muddy purple smoke spurted out of his fingers and clashed against the three treasures. In the meanwhile, countless spell symbols darted out from the three treasures, which were all shattered by Yu Yu's fingers, and transformed into streams of pure firepower, darting back into the three treasures.

Ji Hao realized that Yu Yu was now shattering the heavy and swell shapes of the three treasures with some kind of magical method, transforming them back into their original shapes.

’’For over hundreds of times, I wanted to rob your human ancestors for wasting good materials, but my big brother wouldn't let me. Actually, I felt a bit awkward about that too, after all, I and your human ancestors were friends once,’’ said Yu Yu excitedly. ’’Today, I finally get to do what I have been wanting to do for thousands of years! Ji Hao, just watch this. I, your genius Shifu, will make you a genuinely good piece, with my own toolmaking skills!’’

While Yu Yu's finger flicked swiftly, the Yan Spear had already turned into ninety nine dazzling golden lights and the Gold Crow Armour had turned into a huge stream of flame, swooshing around in the air, while the Fiery Feather Boots became thousands of light, fiery feathers, rotating rapidly around Ji Hao and Yu Yu.

’’The treasures I make won't be troublesome to use, even if you are young and weak. You still will find a way to manipulate them, like that sun banner I have given you earlier. And if you want to release even more and stronger power contained in them, you won't need to perform a blood offering ceremony, you can do that by using their own daily accumulations.’’

’’If a treasure possesses a soul, it will be able to absorb the vast, inexhaustible natural power from the entire universe and transform those natural powers into their own accumulations, preparing them for their owners. A real piece of treasure can constantly nourish its owner, why does your humankind always make it the other way round?’’

While speaking, a slight, faint stream of purple smoke rose from beside his body, into the sky while rotating, then transformed into a three-zhang in radius Yin and Yang pattern, shrouding Yu Yu and Ji Hao. Ji Hao sat silently in front of Yu Yu with his eyes closed and legs crossed. Gradually he heard thunders bursting right beside his ears, wind roaring and raindrops clattering against the ground, he also heard bugs buzzing, flowers blooming, and snow falling down from the sky. All kinds of natural music lingered around his ears, gushing into Ji Hao's body like drops of chilly, sweet spring water.

A storm was brewing inside Ji Hao's spiritual space. Streams of dense white mist quickly rose and was being absorbed by the Golden Dan. Ji Hao's soul, which was hidden inside the Golden Dan, began expanding rapidly like a bamboo shoot after a rainy spring night. The power contained in the Golden Dan gradually became greater and purer.

Whether it was the flicking of his fingers, or the slightly waving of his hand, every single careless slight move made by Yu Yu could send amazingly huge amount of natural power into Ji Hao's Golden Dan, without consuming the slightest bit of Ji Hao's own power. The natural power automatically transformed into streams of pure, sticky, sparkling and heavy gold-like power, gushing into his Golden Dan.

Ji Hao had been cultivating himself according to the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words] since he had been a newborn baby. He had spent over ten years before he gained the Golden Dan, and achieved his current level. However, within tens of seconds when Yu Yu was talking, Ji Hao's Golden Dan Power had improved by over ten times, and became hundreds of times purer than it had been before.

The immemorial sun banner flew out from the middle of Ji Hao's eyebrows, shrunk into over an inch long and floated in front of his forehead, releasing wisps of essence sun flame, which was absorbed quickly by Ji Hao's body. Manipulated by Yu Yu, the essence sun flame gushed inside Ji Hao's body in streams, carefully purifying his bones, muscles, blood, meridians, Magus Acupoints, even the most vulnerable part of his, the brain.

All those slight impurities of his body, which he hadn't been able to perceive with his spiritual power normally, all were evaporated by the essence sun flame with only the purest, essence elements remaining in his body. Additionally, purified by the essence sun flame, his shoulders slowly became crystal and solid, like top-quality jade and magic crystals.

’’Hm, if I make this new piece only with these Gold Crow skeletons, it would still be too simple,’’ murmured Yu Yu while waving his sleeve. Tens of multicoloured, brightly shining materials flew out from his sleeve. Yu Yu stared at these materials for a while, then said seriously, ’’The heaven and earth, Yin and the Yang, mutual promotion and restraint between the five basic elements, you have to know these basic knowledge if you want to learn how to make a tool.’’

Yu Yu then turned around, looked at Ji Hao and said in a deep, yet resonating voice, ’’Ji Hao, the cultivation I will teach you is not simply built upon your human body, it will emphasize particularly on the variation of your soul and spirit. Only a powerful soul can allow you to discover the most original natural law, which is also called 'Dao' by us. The cultivation under my tutoring will be the cultivation of the Dao in your mind, therefore, from now on, you can also call yourself a 'Daoist Priest' like me.’’

Turning his palm up and slightly pushing in the air, Yu Yu sent all of those shining materials into the few swooshing fiery light streams, transformed from the Yan spear and the other two treasures.

Yu Yu hummed softly, followed by which, another muddy stream of purple smoke spurted out of the middle of his eyebrows, and merged swiftly with those fiery light streams, as fast as lightning bolts.

TL note: I have changed 'Taoist' to 'Daoist'. And I really like Yu Yu.


Edited by SecondRate and Horrible CPU

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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