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The Magus Era - Chapter 300


Chapter 300 - Yu Yu

With his 'amazing archery skills' Taisi shot another five arrows in a row at the straw doll and finally managed to fill the quota of seven shots a day.

Gasping, Taisi dropped the tiny bow, grinned embarrassedly and turned towards Feng Xing, who was standing aside with his mouth curved down into a semicircle. Taisi said, ’’Ha...ah...ahah, brother Feng Xing, next time, I'll cast the curse but can you please shoot on behalf of me?’’

Feng Xing raised his head and sighed towards the sky.

The first arrow was shot on the lower, lower belly of the straw doll, while the second one on the fingertip. For the remaining five arrows, Taisi had moved closer till he was less than a zhang away from the altar in order to try to aim better. The result was one on the corner of the forehead, one on the toe, one on the ear, one on the corner of the mouth while the last one on the shoulder.

Such a crappy archery skill would probably make a God cry. If Taisi had been so unfortunate to be born in the Ten Sun Country, once he would display such a poor talent in archery, his own parents would strangle him themselves for sure, just to prevent him from humiliating the whole family with such a dreadful archery skill.

In the main camp of Di Sha's army, Ju Xiu had suffered suddenly and weirdly from great pain for an entire seven times. In the meanwhile, seemingly small, neglectable wounds would appear on her body abruptly for absolutely no reason. For example her finger had cracked, ear gashed, toe broken and two teeth had fallen off. Although none of these small wounds had threatened her life, the pain was enough to drive her crazy.

Di Sha and the other army commanders were nearly driven crazy as well. The Xiu Clan master physicians were trying their best to cure Ju Xiu and cast the curse away from her, but none of their tries had worked so far. All of Ju Xiu's small wounds looked more than ordinary, but those Xu Clan physicians had failed to even stop the bleeding after using up all of the best magical medicines that they had brought.

Hearing this news, the entire non-human race army had instantly fallen into chaos, especially those Yu Clan warriors who were afraid of death. They sent messages to their families as soon as possible, and after only an hour of sending them, quite a few large-scale families of the Blood Moon began purchasing all kinds of powerful magic talismans and treasures which could block magic curses. Even the prices of this kind of treasures and talismans had raised quickly by over a hundred percent.

This chaos had no effect on Ji Hao and his team at the moment. Looking at Taisi, who had just finished the seven shots for today and looked quite relieved, Ji Hao smiled and said to him, ’’Taisi, you're pretty tired, and everybody else also. Let's go back and take a rest. I have already told Elder Wulong, so no task will be assigned to us during the next few days, we can...’’

Although Ji Hao hadn't perceived the existence of any other people with his spiritual power, he still subconsciously took a glance at the bulrush wood aside. However, with this careless glance, he was shocked to discover a human silhouette near the edge of the bulrush wood, who was holding his hands behind his body and was curiously looking at the Nailhead Seven Arrow magic curse formation.

A stream of cold sweat gushed instantly out of Ji Hao's body, and every single one of his fine hairs stood immediately straight. He rushed up to Shaosi, who was standing the closest to that silhouette, grabbed her shoulder and threw her backwards. At the same time, the turtle shell swiftly and automatically appeared on his body. He then pulled out the stone sword, puffed out his chest and stood right in front of that dark silhouette.

’’Who are you?!’’ An indescribable great shock turned eventually into a simple sentence.

’’Ah!’’ Yelled Man Man. Seeing Ji Hao's movements, she finally realised that someone had come near them without them noticing it. She was startled as well and instantly raised her pair of gigantic hammers, quickly glancing around then moved to behind Ji Hao. Man Man had already got used to standing behind Ji Hao and be his reinforcement anytime he would need it.

A stream of green mist rose from the ground under Yu Mu's feet, along with which, a dense watery mist puffed up from the two surrounding rivers, which condensed quickly into a few thick streams of mist flowed around his body.

As always, Feng Xing had already disappeared in the wind once Ji Hao had discovered that silhouette. At the first second, his footsteps could still be heard faintly, coming from the surrounding area, but it faded soon away. Feng Xing, the one who was able to move swiftly like a ghost, had already become a terrifying person, among Ji Hao's team.

Only Taisi had yet to realize what was happening. While turning his head around, he yelled aloud, ’’Hah? Rest? No, no, no, we should get something to eat before we rest! I'm starving! Now, do you have any idea how exhausting the Nailhead Seven Arrows curse is...?’’

’’Oi?! Who the hell are you?!!’’ Taisi finally saw the silhouette. He let out a shrill scream then pulled out his bone cane and chanted a spell right away.

’’Haha, you little group of kids, why are you being so nervous? My name is Yu Yu, Taoist Priest Yu Yu, this time I have come here to take in an apprentice. I do not have any bad intentions,’’ said Yu Yu, who had already changed his red cloak into simple flax clothes. He took a few big steps forward, walked up to Ji Hao, then conveniently poked at Ji Hao's armour with his finger and said, ’’Did Gui Ling give you her own shell? Hm, such a nice sister!’’

Followed by a buzzing noise, the turtle shell that hadn't even shook when being attacked madly by hundreds of Jia Clan warriors simultaneously back in the battlefield, vibrated slightly then turned into a beam of black light and darted into Ji Hao's body.

Ji Hao's mouth opened subconsciously and stared at Yu Yu, and seemed to have become dumbfounded. Man Man laughed out behind Ji Hao and said, ’’Wow, look at him, he is as handsome as my Abba! Isn't he?’’

Yu Yu smiled and looked at Man Man, then proudly touched his own face and responded, ’’Little girl, are you saying that your Abba is handsome? Well, never mind, I won't bully kids, after all your ancestors were quite close friends of mine back then...But you know, he is not as handsome as me.’’

They corners of Ji Hao's eyes couldn't stop twitching. The shell armour gifted by Gui Ling disappeared, which had already proved Yu Yu's identity.

However, Ji Hao felt that his mind had become completely empty and even his body had become powerless. He had studied almost all Taoist books in his precious life, countless of those books were written by Yu Yu himself, and his apprentices.

’’, the...’’

Remaining dumbfounded for quite a while, Ji Hao retracted the stone sword and cupped his hands, saluted Yu Yu, while talking tremblingly.

’’Get down on your knees and call me Shifu!’’ Yu Yu looked at Ji Hao with a happy grin on his face and said, ’’Ah, you're such a talented boy, just like my good apprentice Po had told me. Po's words were not exaggerated at all, neither did Gui Ling praise you without reason. I have taken so many apprentices, some of my non-human race apprentices had gained their spiritual Dan before they had become my apprentices, but amongst the human apprentices, you're the first one who has gained a Golden Dan before I even have taken you in.’’

Yu Yu then slapped hard on Ji Hao's shoulder and said louder, ’’Good, good, amazing, such a nice apprentice of mine. Hm, a welcome gift...welcome gift, let me take a look in my pockets...’’

Before Ji Hao had gotten a chance to talk, Yu Yu put his hand into his sleeve and rummaged in there. Soon, he took out a one zhang and two feet long banner, which was completely fire-red and was releasing a terrifying great heat, and said, ’’This is 'immemorial sun banner', haha, I had almost forgotten about this treasure! Dear apprentice, Ji Hao, this banner is braided with the essence of the sun power. It can release sun essence flame and burn anyone you hate into nothingness, such a good match for you!’’

The banner was releasing a great and primitive sense of power continuously. Even Man Man, the girl with the power of god, howled out and was pressed on the ground and was disabled from moving, because of the the great sense of power of that banner.

Yu Yu grinned proudly again, then pointed his finger at the banner. Followed by his move, a drop of purple spirit blood transformed into a huge and long purple streak and swooshed out of his finger, rolled the immemorial sun banner up, while emitting a slight, high-pitched sound, then turned it into a stream of fiery light and pushed it into the middle of Ji Hao's eyebrows. Ji Hao's body instantly became scorching hot, while perspiration that had a strong, pungent scent, gushed out of his body in big streams.

’’Dear apprentice, I have already given you a welcome gift...’’Yu Yu remained grinning nicely, but stared at Ji Hao with a pair of fiercely shining eyes and said.

Ji Hao still couldn't say anything. He remained silent, thought of Po, who was simple, honest and passionate, and Gui Ling, who was so friendly and warm, then he looked at Yu Yu, who was...Nowhere near his anticipation. Finally, Ji Hao thudded his knees against the ground and kowtowed to Yu Yu for seven to eight times.

’’Apprentice Ji Hao, kowtowing to my dear Shifu!’’


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