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The Magus Era - Chapter 30



After the Qing Yi Clan warriors joined Ji Xia's troop, the troop started moving forward faster than before.

The Qing Yi Clan warriors were born in the jungle. The primitive jungle was like their own backyard. Additionally, the Magusreists in the Qing Yi Clan were best at communicating with all kinds of magical creatures of the jungle and deal with those poisonous miasmas.

The two hundred elite warriors came with Qing Ying were leading the way in front of the troop. The troop has never encountered any other problems by followed their guiding.

’’Wooo-hoo!’’ Qing Ying let out a shout, ran up and hopped to grabbed a long vine, swung over the troop then dropped himself onto a towering tree. He smoothly found a couple of bird eggs in a nest and cracked them straight into his mouth.

Qing Ying wiped his mouth satisfyingly, then swung backward. He flipped a few times in the air and quietly landed beside Ji Hao. Qing Ying gave Ji Hao two bird eggs and tapped him on the shoulder.

’’Hey, Hao! Don't be so quite! Why're you sitting here all day? You don't even look like a young man, you know? You look like those elders in the clan. Come on, follow me! Let's hang out! Look, over there! It's a nestful of 'iron beak parrots'!’’

Qing Ying shouted out abruptly and pointed at a tree miles away.

Ji Hao was just turned his head to look at that tree while Qing Ying had already hopped on a branch and pulled the arrow free;the sharp arrow whizzed through the air. A faint cyan light appeared behind Qing Ying, formed a pair of cyan wings which were rapidly flapping in the wind. The arrow was wrapped by a wisp of cyan smoke and darted miles away in the blink of an eye.

That tree which was pointed at by Qing Ying was thousands of feet tall. Tens of beautiful 'iron beak parrots' were hovering and tweeting around a huge nest built on a branch. Suddenly, all of those birds howled simultaneously and been shot down by the single arrow shot.

’’Wow! Amazing!’’ Ji Hao popped up his eyes and exclaimed out loud. He had a great eyesight, which allowed him to clearly saw that all of those parrots were pierced by the arrow through the middle of their eyes and falling from the air;all of their feathers were undamaged.

’’Of course!’’ Qing Ying leapt off and said proudly. ’’Hao, I, your dear uncle! I'm the most handsome man;the best shooter;and the youngest Senior Magus in the Qing Yi Clan!’’ Yelled Qing Ying while he was leaping between branches.

Qing Ying didn't stop the boast;he quickly got under the towering tree and picked up those dead parrots. However, soon he started screaming and fleeing backward, because a large group of 'ghost face bees' were madly chasing him.

’’Help! Xia! Brother! Help me! Damn! Bees! I hate these mad bees! Why did they nest in the grass!’’

Qing Ying put his arm around his own head and ran toward Ji Xia. The 'ghost face bees' were not highly venomous;however, once been stung by this kind of bees, the wounds could itching like hell. Usually, people couldn't help to scratch their skins after been stung by the 'ghost face bees';sometimes they even scratched their own skins off.

Ji Xia walked up to Qing Ying half laughingly and half annoyingly. He grabbed Qing Ying and threw him into the troop, then opened his mouth and spurted a large stream of fire, burned those bees into ashes.

Qing Ying took a seat next to Ji Hao, he has not yet recovered from the fright. ’’Damn! Those mad bees...’’ Qing Ying complained loudly.

Ji Hao looked at him, laughed out and said: ’’Uncle Ying! I thought you're the youngest Senior Magus in your clan! How could you be frightened by a group of beeS?’’

Qing Ying held his head high, looked at the rosy sun and said shamelessly: ’’Of course, I'm the youngest Senior Magus... I just...haven't been able to wake my 'magus caves' up... yet.’’

Qing Ying has brought the troop a lot of fun during the journey. He was always jumping around like a monkey, making all kinds of small troubles which made people laugh.

Day after day, the troop was still traveling through the jungle. Qing Ying loved hunting. He hunted a lot of beasts for Ji Hao to eat with his excellent hunting skill. Sometimes, Qing Ying just simply wanted to shoot something;and Ji Hao, he was practicing on the 'Bu Tian Bu Lou Magic Spell', which allowed him to swallow as much as he had.

The two of them have made a perfect team on hunting and eating animals. With the power of the 'Bu Tian Bu Lou Magic Spell', Ji Hao was growing more and more strong. His body gained more power and his blood blushed the red net of bloodline power much quicker than before.

Ji Hao's body has been improved by the dragon blood. The potential of his body was far greater than the ordinary human beings. Added with all of those beasts he has swallowed recently, Ji Hao's physical power has already went far beyond the Novice level. However, he was controlling his strength and power intentionally, kept his grade in the eleventh level as a Novice Magus.

Soon, they have traveled for fifty days. It was a quite afternoon, a few Qing Yi Clan warriors flew back and shouted loudly.

’’Brother Ji Xia! Brother Ying! We're only fifty miles away from the Coldbrook Valley!’’

Qing Ying was boringly sitting on the leader mammoth's head with his bow holding in his hands. He let out a cheer when he heard those warriors and darted away through the trees, soon disappeared in the jungle and left a piece of cyan shadow behind him.

Ji Xia and Qing Fu stood up and looked into the jungle.

With those mammoths, they could get to their destination in two hours at top.

Ji Hao also stood up and looked into the jungle. The Coldbrook Valley, where Ji Shu wanted them to come. Ji Hao has made his mind, no matter how difficult this could be, he was going to make Ji Shu and his people regret their decisions and take the consequences.

Ji Hao took a deep breath, turned around and smiled to Qing Fu, tried to say something to her. Suddenly, a ball of fire spurted out from his chest. He felt like that a volcano has just erupted inside his body;a large amount of hot air released from his internal organs and steammed his bones and muscles. Ji Hao spat a mouthful of hot blood and grabbed toward Qing Fu then fell in a faint.

The leather armour Ji Hao was wearing was burned out by his high body temperature. Tens of twisted blood-red spell symbols were emerging from the smooth skin of his slim yet sturdy body. Those spell symbols were continuously beating and quickly disintegrating one after another.

’’Is the magic seal cast by Magusreist Ji Kui dissapearing? This... Ji Kui said that this magic seal would gradually disappeared after Hao's physical strength went beyond the Junior Level!’’ Qing Fu and Ji Xia exclaimed simultaneously.

Ji Hao saw countless phantoms flashing through his eyes;his ears were buzzing and he couldn't hear Qing Fu or Ji Xia.

’’Gee, the Senior Magi blood? Hm...little guy, that couple, who you called Abba and Amma... They love you so much... the tie of blood... Even I, am jealous at you!’’ The voice of the mysterious man came from Ji Hao's spiritual space.


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