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The Magus Era - Chapter 294


Chapter 294 - Formidable Enemy

Back at the human clans' alliance's army's special campsite.

After continuously retreating for a couple of days, Ji Hao and the two armies had finally managed to shake off their pursuers and return to the campsite.

’’Ai, my poor waist! To be able to sit down and peacefully eat some meat is really difficult!!’’ Yelled Yu Mu.

Within the broad tent that was made from thick leather, ten thick and solid flagstones were placed in a straight line.

Yu Mu took out a piece of bear hide and rolled it out as a sheet on one of the flagstones, then extremely happily lied on it and immediately fell asleep. These past few days, they had been rushing out and fighting in the mountain area, without taking a break. Yu Mu had been badly wounded quite a few times. Therefore, both his power and his strength were so exhausted, that he was on the verge of breaking down.

Not only Yu Mu, Man Man and Shaosi looked tired as well, and Taisi had already fallen asleep;he was even faster than Yu Mu. He didn't even have the strength to find himself a piece of leather or a straw sheet. He simply lied on the flagstone and began snoring right away.

’’Man Man, Shaosi, you two should rest as well,’’ said Ji Hao, before opening the tent flap and walking out.

Feng Xing had disappeared again, no one knew where he had disappeared to. Feng Xing was like an energetic monkey that couldn't even sit still for a single minute, and had always been full of energy. Right after the armies had arrived, he had rushed into the campsite and disappeared completely. God knew what he was up to now.

Compared to the last time Ji Hao and his team came to this campsite, many more people were now resting here. Amongst these people, part of them were special army members like Ji Hao, and were sent out into the battlefield earlier. They had just returned and were healing their wounds. The others were newly arrived special army members who were just sent over by the headquarters and hadn't received their missions yet.

On a flat area next to the campsite, large pieces of leather were set on the ground. Many special army warriors who had just finished a deadly fight and got back here, placed their booties on those leathers, while peddling loudly.

’’Oi~ Take a look, come and take a look, a sword of a Jia Clan big warrior! Exquisitely crafted, and can cut any kind of metal! You will be invincible in battle with this! It will only cost you three bottles of nine-poison life-saving pills, or any other equally effective healing magical medicines!’’

’’Brothers! Over here! Rare, top quality space magic tool that belonged to a Yu Clan nobleman. Its inner space is thirty-zhang square and five-zhang tall!! It's a genuine top quality magic tool! We're all close brothers, so anyone with ten full armours crafted by Master Magi tutors of the Magi Palace, can have this space magic tool!’’

’’Woman! Yu Clan women! Just captured on the battlefield! Still a virgin!’’

Not far away, a loud yell started, instantly stirring the entire market. Everyone curiously turned their heads around, stood up and looked in that direction.

A Yu Clan girl, wearing luxurious armour, with her whole body covered in blood and mud was struggling and crying on the ground. Two sturdy warriors, who each had a thick serpent coiled around their waists, tightly grabbed her on the shoulders and pressed her down against the ground.

’’Brothers, look at this lovely little one, isn't she pretty enough? She is a true noble girl from the Yu Clan, and had over a hundred guards protecting her back in the battle! We lost seven to eight brothers when taking all of those guards out!’’

’’Fixed price, five hundred thousand jade coins, or treasures of equal value, crystals or anything! Pay us and you can take the girl away.’’ Yelled a nearly four meter tall muscular man, with large clouds of watery mist coiling around him, within which, a silhouette of a gigantic Henggong fish visible faintly.

Hearing the price, the surrounding warriors began mocking and cursing simultaneously. Some of them even let out waves of shrill whistles to show their dissatisfaction.

’’Henggong Fu, aren't you being way too greedy?! Just a woman and you want a whole five hundred thousand jade coins for her, is she wrapped in gold?’’

’’Just get lost, you! With that much of jade coins we can afford any kind of magic tools or weapons, which can largely improve our powers in battles. We're in a huge war you know?! Survival is the first priority! Who would pay that much for a woman?!’’

’’Tell me about it! Sacrificing that many brothers for a little girl! Not worth it, not worth at all!’’

However, quite a few among those warriors were looking greedily at that girl's pretty face. One warrior offered his hand and yelled at Henggong Fu, ’’Oi, I don't have five hundred thousand, I only have fifty thousand jade coins, will that be enough? Oi, let us taste this Yu Clan woman, Henggong Fu, just talk!’’

Hearing these words, the faces of Henggong Fu and his fellows instantly darkened, to the point of contorting badly. They had lost quite a few powerful warriors in order to capture this young girl, a mere fifty thousand jade coins wouldn't even make up for what they had lost.

Ji Hao glanced at that crying and struggling girl, shook his head and walked immediately away.

This was what war looked like, cruel and without any humanity whatsoever. This was a war between two different races, therefore, there was no justice or sense of morality, neither was there any nobleness or lowliness in this war. Only the struggle between life and death.

’’There are no women in the battlefields, only female enemies.’’ Ji Hao murmured while walking, ’’Stupid girl, she shouldn't even have come here.’’

While walking and looking around, Ji Hao came up to the directing tent of the special army.

On a huge jade board, lines of blood-red characters gave the clear and detailed information about the three armies that had arrived as reinforcements for Di Sha, several days ago.

Among the three reinforcing Blood Moon armies, Di Suo's army was the best at fighting at the front lines. Whereas Ju Xiu's army was the most flexible one. Judging from the fighting skills and power, Ju Xiu's army had definite advantages that allowed them to be able to crush any human archer battalions. As for Di Mo's army, they were the richest one. with their wealth, they could afford a portable, city-sized metal fort. Only that metal city, which had a crazily great defensive power, wouldn't be broken without an army at least fifty times larger, fiercely attacking with no regard for their own lives.

Called by Di Sha, the four armies, which had complementary advantages, gathered together into one. Back in the battlefield, if the human armies had continued launching attacks on them, the only result would be more and more warriors dying in vain. Therefore, once Di Mo's army had finished the construction of the metal city, the headquarters where Si Wen Ming was, immediately gave the order to retreat.

Ji Hao stood in front of the jade board with a frown and carefully listened to the conversations between a group of warriors of the Huaxu Clan.

The structure of non-humankind armies were weird. Take the Blood Moon armies for example, all official armies were under the command of the Emperor in power, Dishi Yanluo. However, Dishi Yanluo wouldn't give a coin to any official army for their supplies or weapons, which meant that all costs needed to be covered by themselves.

Di Sha's army was a newly organized, young army, and only had the most basic, standard equipment. Their weapons and armours were all of the lowest quality among the Blood Moon official armies.

Unlike him, both Di Suo and Di Mo had been leading their armies for over a thousand years, and compared to other official armies, the two of them were quite influential and powerful. With over a thousand years of battle experience and accumulation of wealth, all warriors in both of their armies were armed to the teeth. With a same number of warriors, Di Suo and Di Mo's armies could be ten times more powerful than Di Sha's army.

As for Ju Xiu, according to Si Wen Ming's detailed, secret information, which he gotten from god knows where, she was also a new commander like Di Sha, and she had taken over that army for over less than three years.

However, Ju Xiu's family was extraordinarily rich. They had spent a fortune to equip Ju Xiu's army, which was how her flexible yet horribly powerful and effective army was created.

Those Huaxu Clan warriors even knew that Ju Xiu and Di Sha were engaged.

Ji Hao stared at these guys in shock and silently straightened his thumb to Si Wen Ming in his head, for grabbing this detailed and gossip-like information.

Since Di Sha and Ju Xiu were engaged, hmm...

Ji Hao lowered his head and pondered for a while, then took out that arrow, which was shot towards him by Ju Xiu herself, from the storage bag tied around his waist.


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