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The Magus Era - Chapter 293


Chapter 293 - Retreat

While looking at that magnificent metallic wall around the four divine towers, which was had been set up within the span of a few breaths, Ji Hao even felt dizzy in shock.

He had clearly seen that a few seconds ago tens of thousands of Jia Clan warriors had taken different-sized metallic pieces out from their storage magic tools. These metallic pieces were like living animals;they instantly flew up into the air while countless spell symbols began sparkling on their surfaces, and released a beautiful, multi-coloured stream of light, then quickly merged into one.

The pieces of metal had automatically put themselves together into a square city wall, gradually forming a metallic city. The four divine towards formed the four corners of the city. The metallic city wall had a circumference of nine miles and was embossed with extremely exquisite patterns of people, animals, plants and other natural sceneries, in accordance with the taste of the Yu Clan people.

On floor-shaped top of the city wall, large-scale crossbows lined thickly up, while human-waist thick and around ten zhang long metallic arrows had been put on bowstrings. Each of these arrows had countless blood-red spell symbols shining on it, and a dense, crystal-like stream of light was flowing around it.

Even from out a great distance, Ji Hao was able to smell the dense scent of blood from those arrows. Judging from that, it could be concluded that these huge metallic arrows must have been made with some kind of extremely cruel and blood secret method, and were incredibly harmful to all kinds of living creatures.

Those three gigantic serpents, which had been shot through the hearts, were the best example. The serpents possessed immensely huge bodies and had nearly inexhaustible amount of life force. Additionally they had the ability to spurt out toxic venoms, which meant that their bodies could resist all types of horrible poisons.

However, after being shot at the heart, the wounds of the three powerful serpents immediately began corrupting and spreading, while streams of black, sticky blood gushed out of their bodies. Soon, a huge hole had appeared on their bodies, seven inches away from their heads, from which, one was even able to see their intensely beating hearts.

A few Northern Wasteland Maguspriests chanted spells hoarsely while throwing big handfuls of magical medicines into the wounds of those serpents. Those powerful magical medicines clashed hard against the dense blood-red stream of light coiled around the arrows, constantly letting out thick and pungent smell. Every place that was touched by the smoke, even the ground, had turned pure black.

Seeing that the most powerful group of serpents had been struck like this, the other serpents, which were relatively smaller, stopped one after another, angrily letting out their fork-shaped tongues while hissing, but didn't dare to take another step forward.

At the northern side, the warrior of the Kuafu Family, whose leg had been shot by a huge arrow as well, fell on the ground while howling in pain. But at the same time, he picked up a huge rock and ragingly threw it towards the metallic wall, which was miles away from him.

Although it had been an slightly bigger stone for a warrior of the Kuafu Family, in the eyes of ordinary people it was a gigantic rock with a radius of ten zhang. No matter how thick or solid the armours of the Jia Clan warriors were, they would be completely smashed under such piece of rock.

However, the four divine towers each emitted simultaneously a beam of blood-red light, which then connected together and flashed across the air. It seemed that the four towers had somehow connected their powers together, forming a certain kind of magical and powerful formation. Because of which they could release even greater powers than before. A dense and thick blood-red mist wall rose from the metallic wall and soon shrouded the entire metallic city.

The giant rock clashed against the metallic wall and emitted a muffled boom, after which it exploded against the wall. However, the shield of blood-rest mist above the city only trembled slightly.

The non-human race warriors inside the city wall burst out waves of cheering and yelling. In the meanwhile, tens of gigantic-scale crossbows slowly and automatically pulled open, preparing to launch a wide range of attacks. The commander of the Kuafu Family immediately growled out while grabbing the injured warrior and stepping backwards with big steps along with the other warriors.

The tortoise chariots slowly moved over to the frontal line, while a thick layer of water shield gradually emerged in the air.

Accompanied by a series of ear-piercing bangs, tens of huge arrows clanged against the tortoise chariots. Followed by only a faint hissing sound, all tens of arrows had been crushed into ashes, which caused the tortoise chariots to only sway lightly, but had failed to leave even the slightest of marks on its surfaces.

The tortoise chariots were quickly followed by hundreds of immensely huge metallic puppets, which had countless crossbows and other attacking equipment attached to their bodies. All those equipment created muffled yet loud noises simultaneously. With the power of the magic formation that had connected all the puppets, they turned countless magical crystals into great waves of power, enabling all those equipment to shoot out countless arrows and bombs towards the metallic city.

The shield of blood-red mist released an even brighter light, and the fierce wave of attacks launched by the hundreds of metal puppets, failed to cause even a tiny bit of harm to that metallic city.

Di Sha began to chuckle loudly. He cleared up his armour and draped cloak, then carefully brushed his long hair, slowly stepped onto the south wall. While staring at Ji Hao proudly from a great distance, he said, ’’Ji Hao, do you now dare to attack this metallic city?’’

He then patted hard on the solid metal wall and continued with a harsh, shrill tone, ’’If you're a brave warrior, come, launch your attack, I will let you know what despair feels like.’’

Looking at Di Sha standing behind the shield of dense layers of blood-red mist, holding his head high so proudly, Ji Hao shook his head while sighing and rescinded, ’’Well, if you're still a man, come down here and fight against me yourself, just stop blathering.’’

Sneering, Ji Hao raised his hand up to Yu Mu. Yu Mu immediately brought out a pack of highly poisonous drop on his hand.

Ji Hao waved that small leather drug pack at Di Sha, curved his lips upwards and said, ’’Have you just asked me if I dare to attack your crap iron city? Well, I am now asking you, do you dare to swallow this pack of drugs? If you do, I would be more than fearless to launch that attack.’’

Di Sha shut his lips tightly while glaring at Ji Hao with an indescribably resentful expression.

Ji Hao was not dumb enough to launch an attack on that solid city wall, which was obviously created by the most advanced magic weapon making techniques that the non-human race possessed, while Di Sha was neither stupid enough to take the secretly concocted highly poisonous drug, which was cooked by an especially talented drug user of the Magi Palace.

From the back, thirty dense streams of red smoke rose abruptly into the air, along with low yet resonating roars of dragons. There were tens of messengers mounted on the back of the dragons, who flew swiftly towards Ji Hao and the black cheetah army, while shouting at them.

’’Give out the orders! All the armies of the human race! Retreat!!!’’

Once having heard the order, all the Maguspriests of the Northern Wasteland immediately let out high-pitched screams. Followed by those screams, their serpents instantly turned around and slithered away at the highest possible speed. Before Ji Hao had even turned his head towards the west, the army of serpents had travelled tens of miles away. By the time Ji Hao saw them, he could only see hundreds of silhouettes disappearing in the woods, hundreds of miles away.

’’Yeah you retreated really fast!’’ Ji Hao cursed unpleasantly. The behaviour of the army of serpent worsened the bad impression of those clans in the Northern Wasteland in Ji Hao's heart even more.

With the shield of the tortoise chariots, the warriors of the Kuafu Family began to retreat quickly as well, and soon disappeared in the vast mountain area.

The warriors of the Thunder Luster Clan didn't turn back and retreated immediately. They rushed towards Ji Hao along a long large arc path and met the black cheetah army and Ji Hao.

Ji Hao stood on top of a small hill, while staring at Di Sha right in the eyes and crossed his own neck with his hand.

’’Oi, Di Sha, we're retreating! You have four armies together now, aren't you gonna chase us? I can promise that there is absolute no ambush behind us! Absolutely no! Haha!’’

Laughing out loud, Ji Hao shook his head again while sighing, then intentionally waved the pack of poison drop in his hand. After that, he turned around and hopped on a thunder beast, retreating quickly with the black cheetah army and the army of the Thunder Luster Clan.

Up in the air, Ju Xiu sneered, pulled out a long arrow and aimed at Ji Hao, then shot out the arrow without any hesitation.

The arrow darted across the sky like a beam of light, and reached Ji Hao's back right the next moment. Ji Hao swung his arm back and accurately gripped the arrow. The arrow, which was embossed thickly with dragon scale-like patterns clashed against his hand armour, and sent up large amounts of fire sparks. The power contained in the arrow was incredibly great, which allowed the arrow to drag Ji Hao's hand further and clanged against Ji Hao's armour, then finally stopped.

Grabbing that arrow, Ji Hao threw a quick glance at Ju Xiu.

The thunder beasts and the black cheetahs ran amazingly fast, carrying Ji Hao's team and the two armies swiftly away from the battlefield.


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