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The Magus Era - Chapter 291


Chapter 291 - Teleport

The armies of the human race pushed forward from all four directions and encircled the army of Di Sha in a small, less than thirty miles radius, square area.

Thirty miles, that was a distance even the weakest Senior Magus level archer could his arrows across.

Thirty miles, any of the four human armies, which were battling against the main army of Di Sha, were capable of launching fatal, full-scaled attacks onto the enemy at the center of their encirclement.

Arrows that were darting like the raging storm, lightning bolts that were striking with loud, sky-shaking thunder, giant serpents, which were spraying venom in flood-like streams, warriors of the Kuafu Family who were throwing huge rocks continuously towards the army of Di Sha, with each rock causing earth-shaking booms. All kinds of attacks were constantly being launched onto Di Sha's army from out all directions, quickly throwing the great army of the Blood Moon into chaos.

These young men of the Yu Clan were sent by their noble families to earn contributions and wealth, but they were already at the end of their wits. They were now crying desperately in fear. They surrounded themselves with their guards and tried to flee towards the west, but there venomous serpents were awaiting them, which squirted huge streams of venom at their faces, causing them to flee towards the north.

In the north however, the great warriors of the Kuafu Family awaited them, who smashed a few of them into a meat paste. These desperate, wealthy young masters cried even louder, screamed even and turned towards the exit of the valley where Ji Hao was.

Seeing those Yu Clan warriors fleeing towards them, Yu Mu laughed evilly. At the same time he was laughing, large mist clouds rose into the air and shrouded the entire area within the radius of a few miles. Faint-green, poisonous rain poured down from those clouds onto those thousands of slave and slave warriors, turning them into puddles of black, sticky blood, which made the Yu Clan young men immediately return towards the east.

However, as soon as they had taken a few steps towards the east it dawned upon them that east was the place where they had initially had fled from. Watching countless thunder beast running towards them while making thunder-like roars, these young men finally realized the ditch they were in. They all turned back and started to cry and scream, while fleeing towards the divine tower.

The warriors started to flee back towards the divine tower from all directions while hoarsely screaming and growling. The young men from the noble families all pushed the slave warriors to the outer periphery of the circle of guards, using them as human shields. They were used to block the continuous incoming attacks of the human warriors, while the young nobles themselves fled as fast as they could towards the divine tower. Each of them were currently trying to get as close to the tower as they could.

Di Sha was standing on the first floor of the tower with wide-opened eyes and stared at all of the fleeing warriors. He was so shocked that all three of his eyes and the corners of his mouth were twitching intensely.

He had been in charge of this Blood Moon army for only less than three years. Compared to other, experienced elite armies that had great reputations among the Yu Dynasty, his army was weaker as far as equipment and battle experiences was concerned. However, no matter what, his army was still one of the official armies of the Blood Moon.

Di Sha had undoubtedly and firmly believed that every one of the soldiers under his command was incomparably brave. He believed that he would be able to defeat any barbarian army with one fight, even if that army possessed ten times more warriors. But, today, within only a couple of hours, the great Blood Moon army under his command had collapsed in such a sorry state.

’’Lord! Lord! We can't hold this anymore!’’

One of Di Sha's close deputy commanders said in a low voice. ’’Please lord, take the banner and ... prepare...prepare to...’’

Take the banner and prepare? Di Sha threw a glance full of disgust at that deputy commander, who was normally quite close to him and valued by him, and said, ’’Are you asking me to abandon my warriors and flee for my own safety? This kind of thing, no...hmm?!’’

While he was talking, a stream of blood-red light released by the divine tower began moving quickly. Along with it, large, water-like ripples emerged in the air and spread quickly out. Seeing this, the countenance on Di Sha's face returned instantly. The calm and confident look reappeared on his face. He smiled, then waved his hand carelessly. Along with it, large pieces of magic crystals darted out from around his wrist and were quickly absorbed by the divine tower.

A stream of blood-red light rose straight into the air, and curved back immediately, striking hard on the ground beside the tower. After that, beams of blood-red light surged out along with horribly great buzzing noises. With the great power of the Blood Moon, those beams of light rapidly carved a huge magic formation that had a radius of mile, on the ground. The depth this formation was carved into the ground was a zhang. Each of the lines looked smooth and natural, making it look as if it was a naturally carved formation pattern. The patterns of this magic formation was filled with a sticky, liquid-like blood-red light.

The air started shaking and the earth started vibrating. Those warriors of the Thunder Luster Clan in the easy yelled cautiously to stop their mounts.

At the western front, the Maguspriests from the Northern Wasteland ordered their serpents carefully to stop attacking as well. The eyes of everyone was now fixed on the divine tower, which was now wrapped in streams of blood-red light.

Only those warriors of the Kaufu Family at the northern side, who were magically powerful and had god-like solid bodies but simple minds, were still waving their huge stakes while gasping loudly, and smashing enemies in front of them like beating rats, and continued pushing forward without showing any fear.

The blood-red, immensely large formation on the ground suddenly released a dazzlingly bright light, from out of which tens of thousands of silhouettes emerged quickly. The divine tower of Di Sha emitted an other dense beam of blood-red light, which connected with another dazzling light released by the formation itself.

The two great streams of power merged together, causing the air to twist suddenly. After this, tens of thousands of fully-armed Yu Clan and Jia Clan warriors walked out straight from the air.

Another divine tower appeared in the air, and the two towers simultaneously released even brighter streams of blood-red light. There was a Yu Clan commander standing on the first floor of the newly-emerged divine tower, smiled and nodded at Di Sha and said, ’’Di Sha, your situation seems to be not that well, isn't it?’’

Di Sha raised his right hand, pressed on his own chest, slightly saluted the young commander and said, ’’Di Mo, thanks for your reinforcement. You know what, you shouldn't worry too much about such things and come so quickly. Well, these stupid barbarians can never win against me anyway. Actually, I am thinking about a way to launch the counterattack.’’

Di Mo spread his hands and gave a faint smile.

Di Sha looked at Di Mo and smiled politely as well.

They both understood clearly that they were from the noblest of branch families of the Di Family. Therefore, even if they were killed on the battlefield, they would chose the most decent way of dying. Wanting to make a noble of the Yu Clan to admit that he had failed was impossible.

’’Great, since you have already been planning the counterattack, I assume that you wouldn't mind a little bit help from me, would you?’’ Di Mo glanced at Di Sha with a smile and said, ’’Since we're all brothers from the same family, you should just give that magical cold tungsten mine of yours to me.’’

Di Sha took a deep breath, then nodded slowly at Di Mo and said, ’’That is fair enough. That magical cold tungsten mine is yours now...Next month is your birthday, I'll just give it to you as your early birthday gift.’’

Di Mo laughed out loud then waved his hand in the air, along with which, tens of thousands of elite warriors swiftly rushed out of the magic formation. Right after that, both divine towers began to shake intensely, and two streams of blood-red light darted out from the two towers. Even more tens of thousands of non-human race warriors were teleported over, through the magic formation on the ground, but this time, it took much longer.

’’Di Sa, I'm glad that you came to help me!’’ Di Sha said while saluting the newly arrived Yu Clan commander.

’’Di Sha, since I am now doing you a favour, I hope that from now on, you will not show up around Miss Xiu Mo'er anymore.’’ Di Sa politely saluted back to Di Sha and said, ’’After all, you're an engaged man, and my care is more than enough for Miss Xiu Mo'er.’’

’’That is absolutely fair and reasonable, I will never show up around that lovely lady from now on,’’ responded Di Sha. Hearing Di Sa's request, Di Sha let out a long breath of relief. Compare to Di Mo's request, Di Sa's condition was way easier for Di Sha, but it was also reasonable. Based on bloodlines, although all three of them were from the Di Family, Di Sha and Di Sa were much closer relatives.

The three divine towers floated above the battlefield, and abruptly another bright blood-red stream flashed across the air and another army appeared on the battlefield.

The commander, who was leading the third army that was teleported to the battlefield through the formation as well, was a breathtakingly beautiful girl.


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