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The Magus Era - Chapter 290


Chapter 290 - Collapse

Behind Ji Hao, Man Man's hammer was swooshing in the air along raging streams of fire. Now and then, a few Jia Clan warriors who were struck by those pair of blazing, enormous hammers, would thud against the ground, with their head smashed in.

On the left and right side of Ji Hao, the numbers of black cheetah warriors were growing like a tsunami. They straightened their spears and lined up in two slightly straggled yet incomparably firm, solid metal walls, which stood firm against all the attacks launched by those Jia Clan warriors.

Occasionally, there would be a few Jia Clan warriors who still managed to broke through the walls of spears and rush into the group of black cheetah warriors with their monster-like strength, but tens of sharp long spears would immediately simultaneously pierce into their bodies. These reckless Jia Clan warriors, who dared to rush out of their own group into the army of their enemies, would quickly be pierced into griddles by those sharp spears, after which they would fall on the ground while blood spurted out in streams out of their bodies.

All the Jia Clan warriors were now wrapped in a faint stream of black mist, and from time to time, some of them would abruptly slip down, or let out a sudden sneeze in the middle of a deadly fight, or their eyes would unexpectedly be blocked by blood that would spurt out from the bodies of their fellow warriors.

Those who slipped couldn't resist the violent attacks of Man Man and Ji Hao. As a result, they would be killed immediately. The others who sneezed suddenly, would cause a breach in their formation at the front lines, causing a few spears to instantly arrive and pierce into their bodies. And the ones whose eyesight were blocked, would give their live away because of sharp arrows that would silently flash across the air and pierce accurately into their vital parts.

What was even worse for these Jia Clan warriors was that wisps of creepy black smoke was spiralling around them the whole time. The energy of these warriors were consumed rapidly, while Taisi was ceasely extracting their life force with his dark curse. At the back, outside of the valley, Tais was wrapped in a thick layer of life force energy, which he then injected into the bodies of the black cheetah warriors.

These black cheetah warriors had all been injured pretty badly earlier during the waves of attacks launched by the Jia Clan warriors. They were tired and nearly ninety percent of their powers had been depleted. But, at the moment Taise was replenishing their power continuously, causing new powers to grow within them, enabling them to continue to fight even harder than they had being doing before. Although the power inside their Magus Acupoints had depleted long ago, their bodies continued to remain in its peak state the whole time.

These brave and fearless black cheetah warriors gripped their spears and lunged them over and over. Those spears brought up beams of dazzling, sharp light under the rays of the sun. Some of them were shielded off by those Jia Clan warriors, while the others pierced straight into their bodies.

Yu Mu, the fatso, had been hiding among the groups of warriors was swinging both his arms hard in the air. Along with his moves, handfuls of drug powders were sent flying into the air. Black, red, white, green, all kinds of drug powders drifted in the air above everyone's head.

All those lethally poisonous drug powders fell accurately on the bodies of the Jia Clan warriors. With a single touch of these poisonous drug powders, their wounded bodies began festering right away, and the poison spread inside their bodies, causing them to weaken.

All the life-saving drug powders fell on the bodies of those black cheetah warriors, continuously healing their wounds. By breathing more medicinal powders in, they were able to timely stop their internal injuries and pulling themselves back from the jaws of death, over and over again.

Thanks to the aid of Taisi and Yu Mu, at least a thousand black cheetah warriors who should have died long time ago, were still growling loudly and fighting against the enemy.

While making light hissing noises, Feng Xing shot another lightning bolt-like arrow from the rear of the army. Every single time, the arrows shot out by Feng Xing were able to accurately pierce into a vital body part of a Jia Clan warrior who was about break through the line of defence that had been set up by the black cheetah warriors. Feng Xing's arrow made them either retreat or get them killed straight away.

From the side Disha was standing on, more and more Jia Clan warriors were continuing to move forward, intending to reinforce the group of Jia Clan warriors who were involved in an arduous battle at the exit of the valley. However, Great Gale Bao and ten thousand elite archers that were under his command were hovering in the sky on the backs of their gigantic eagles, while raining down arrows, which poured like a storm into the valley, blocking it entirely.

With especially crafted solid arrows and thick shields, some of the Jia Clan warriors attempted to push forcibly forward against the storm of arrows while shouting madly. Every single time when a Jia Clan warrior tried to do so, Great Gale Bao and his archers would teach him a great lesson with their arrows and made them learn what a human-shape hedgehog would look like. Quite a few elite Jia Clan warriors joined hand, but only made tens of miles forward in the valley before the archery unit in the air turned them all into human-shaped hedgehogs.

The ground was covered in blood and broken pieces of dead bodies. Seeing all this, Ginger chuckled creepily, while sending countless bug eggs down, which landed on the ocean of dead bodies and blood. The eggs hatched into crazily huge groups of bugs that went buzzing towards the group of Jia Clan warriors near the exit of the valley and even towards the main army of Di Sha inside the valley.

As long as there were corpses, Ginger's army of bugs could not be exterminated.

Along with high-pitched chuckles of Ginger, countless buzzing bugs surrounded the elite and fully-armoured warriors of the non-human race, one after the other. They drowned those non-human race warriors completely with their sharp teeth, claws and venom. The armours of these warriors were ripped apart easily, after which their flesh and blood were swallowed by them. Those non-human race warriors howled out in pain each time they were surrounded by these bugs and struggled as hard as they possibly could to attempt running away, but they would quickly be devoured into nothingness by these devil-like bugs.

’’Di Sha!’’

Ji Hao roared, while a faint stream of red light spurted out from the stone sword, and a stream of flame appeared at the dim lusterless edge of the sword. Ji Hao had continuously been injecting his fire power into the sword, causing the natural flame quality of the sword to awaken.

’’Di Sha, it was me who has killed your idiotic brother Di Luo! It was also me who destroyed your family's slave trading business, the Blood Tooth! Come, kill me and take your revenge! Don't hide in the rear like a coward, while watching your warriors die for you! Come! Fight against me like a real warrior! Just fight!’’

Ji Hao shouted at Di Sha and abruptly waved the long black dagger he was holding in his hand. The black dagger transformed into a raging stream of flame that rose into the air and transformed into tens of zhang long stream of flame under the control of Ji Hao's spiritual power, swishing among the group of Jia Clan warriors.

The black dagger was one of the inherited treasures of the Gold Crow Clan. It transformed into a flying dagger under Ji Hao's control and started to slaughter the enemies from out the air!

Ji Hao grabbed the stone sword with both his hands and gathered all his physical and magical powers, in order to control this natural-formed holy weapon. Faint sparks of fire emitted from the stone sword, which instantly caused a rain of blood among the Jia Clan warriors.

Thanks to the solid turtle shell armour, Ji Hao was able to endure every attack launched by these enemies without even feeling the slightest of uncomfort.

The stone sword possessed an indescribable level of sharpness. No matter how powerful these Jia Clan warriors were or how noble their families stature was or how solid their armours and sharp their weapons, each and everything that was touched by this stone sword for even the slightest bit, would be cut into two. Bodies, weapons, armours, shields...all were cut into two.

’’Kill!’’ Ji Hao let out another resonant shout and single-handedly pushed the defensive line of those Jia Clan warriors backwards for an entire hundred zhang.

Ji Hao's battle efficiency frightened even these Jia Clan warriors. A commander of the Jia Clan who had been cut into two by Ji Hao, balanced on his upper body and screamed towards the sky.

’’The great Blood Moon! We, your people, we have tried! We have tried!! We couldn't break his armour! We couldn't break his armour! We couldn't!!’’


Man Mna's hammer struck straight down and instantly smashed this Jia Clan commander, who was still over three-meter tall after being chopped into two pieces. Within the raging flame released by Man Man's hammer, this smashed Jia Clan's commander had immediately been burned into a puff of smoke.

’’Di Sha! Get the hell out! Fight against me!!’’

Ji Hao continued to yell;his voice resounded across the entire battlefield!

Di Sha didn't respond, not even once. The morale of Di Sha's army disappeared immediately. In all four directions, Di Sha's army began falling apart, and those warriors all started to flee.


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