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The Magus Era - Chapter 29


Qing Yi

Ji Hao was sitting on the head of a 'four-tusked mammoths', curiously looking at his surroundings.

The 'four-tusked mammoths' are the most common beasts of burden in the South Wasteland. Adult 'four-tusked mammoths' can grow up to sixty-feet-high from shoulder to toe, and a hundred of feet long;adult 'four-tusked ivory mammoths' can also be as stengthful as Junior Magi warrior.

The mammoth Ji Hao was sitting on was the leader of the mammoth group, which was over a hundred feet tall. It was shaking its head, tearing those towering trees that were in the way into pieces with its four huge ivories, and opened up a broad road in the dense jungle.

’’Good! Big guy.’’ Ji Ho tapped the mammoth's head delightfully and scratched the soft skin behind its ears. The mammoth raised its head pleasingly and let out a great sneeze, starting up a fierce wind that blew down a few big trees situated hundreds of feet away .

Walking behind the leader mammoth, was its partner, a female mammoth. Same as the leader mammoth, this female mammoth was also a lot bigger than the other mammoths in the group. The female mammoth was carrying a platform on it's back;a shack was built on that platform. Qing Fu was sitting in the shack, looking at Ji Hao smilingly.

Ji Xia was standing on the female mammoth's head, continuously talking to other warriors in the troop.

’’Be careful! There're a lot of highly poisonous miasma and bugs in this jungle, don't get yourselves hurt! Don't let the 'cannibal vines' attack you from the back! Follow up!Don't fall behind!’’

The jungle in the South Wasteland can be very dangerous. Even a powerful Senior Magus might be seriously injured by traveling through the jungle alone. As the team leader, Ji Xia had to pay extra attention to his people, and constantly reminded them to be careful.

Ji Xia was leading a forceful troop. Besides himself, there were three warriors who had just reached the Senior Level;they were Ji Ying, Ji Lang and Ji Bao;all three of them were close friends of Ji Xia. Other than them, there were also fifty Senior Magi warriors and six-hundred Novice Magi warriors in the troop.

Jiang Yao was standing on the mountaintop of the Gold Black Mountain, looking at the troop which was disappearing in the Jungle. ’’Ji Xia! Qing Fu! And that damn little bastard Ji Hao!’’ Her face was twisted hideously.

’’My 'thorn of life and death'! Qing Fu! You wasted your inherited Magus treasure to save lives! You stupid bitch!’’

’’You're gonna die! All of you! Wu, my son! My precious son!’’ Jiang Yao shivered and growled ferociously.

Jiang Bo was standing behind Jiang Yao, glaring at his daughter coldly. ’’Look at what you've done! We could've killed all of them quietly! You caused us all these problems! Ji Hu, Ji Feng and Ji Shui are dead now. Don't you think that their fathers will blame us for that?’’

Ji Bo gnashed his teeth and continued: ’’Do you know who's more troublesome? That girl, Jiang Xue! I told you to keep an eye on her! Keep an eye on her! But you! You... you sent her to kll Ji Hao! On purpose! Now Ji Hao is still alive, and Jiang Xue has gone missing! How should I tell that old bastard Jiang Shu about this?’’

Jiang Yao grinned hideously;that creepy laugh even made Jiang Bo shudder. Jiang Yao stared at her father, gnashed her teeth and said: ’’It doesn't matter... We've already got what we wanted from the Fire Crow Clan, haven't we? What that lord wanted...we can continuously supply from now on...’’

A trace of delight showed up on Jiang Bo's face. He nodded and said smilingly: ’’That's true. As long as we can serve and please that lord... There will be a lot of benefits for us...that others can't even imagine. These little troubles and frustrations are getting us ready for an eternal glory that will make all our troubles seem like nothing.’’

Jiang Yao stared Jiang Bo in the eyes, gnashed her teeth and said: ’’I want Ji Xia, and his entire family to die! You! You can never hold me back!’’

Jiang Bo stayed silent for little a while, then slightly waved his hand and said: ’’You can do whatever you want, just don't let those Fire Crow Clan olds find out. It's about time to get this over.’’

Half a month later, Ji Xia's troop had gone far away from the Gold Black Mountain. They traveled through mountains, crossed rivers and fought against groups of crocodiles and poisonous snakes. They even met countless strange creatures that they had never seen before.

During their journey, they've met tens of branch clans of the Fire Crow Clan. Ji Xia's troop gained plenty of supplies from these clans. Each of these branch clans sent a part of their elite warriors to join Ji Xia's troop. At this point, the troop had now become a few times larger.

This day, Ji Hao was sleepily sitting on the leader mammoth's head. The mammoth pulled a pile of vines apart with its ivoried tusk;a beautiful great lake then showed up.

The lake was huge, stretched to over thousands of miles away. By the lakeside, there were white and fine sand beaches. A few huge turtles were lying on a beach and were enjoying the sunshine. Countless white birds were hovering overhead the lake, picking up fishes from time to time.

On a black big stone, which was only less than a mile away from Ji Hao, a-hundred-feet-long flood dragon was coiled and snoring there. The flood dragon heard the mammoth and the people, sniffed and took a lazy glance at Ji Hao, then fleetingly jumped into the water and disappeared.

Ji Hao gazed at where the flood dragon disappeared stunningly.

It was a real flood dragon, with white scale and beard;it had a single horn in the middle of the forehead and three claws were beneath its belly. Ji Hao was captivated by its perfect body shape.

’’A little flood dragon! Fled away, such a shame. Otherwise, we could have had it chopped. The Flood dragon's the most delicious thing in the world.’’ Said Ji Xia, he looked at that black stone and complained. ’’I've had flood dragon meat for once, when I was a little kid and my father was still alive. That flavor... oh, my... Hao, if you ever get the chance, you have to try the flood dragon meat!’’

Ji Hao explored all sorts of emotions when he heard what Ji Xia said. Was the flood dragon, the legendary powerful creature that is only one kind of food to warriors like Ji Xia?

Suddenly, a green shadow flashed through the jungle;an arrow silently appearing in Ji Xia's face.

Ji Xia laughed out loud, slightly flicked his finger and shuttered the arrow into pieces. Then he shouted out: ’’Ying! Haven't you eaten yet? I felt no strength from this arrow! Or... Did your wife drain you?’’

’’My big brother! Don't misguide the kid! Is this Hao? I only saw him once when he was only a newborn.’’

Along with the voice, a tall and slim young man darted out of the woods. He was running really fast, even left a large shadow behind him. Following this young man, were other two hundred young warriors, who were also tall and slim.

All of these young warriors were holding long bows, with big leather bags tied around their waists, containing sharp arrows.

Ji Hao stared at the young man who was talking to Ji Xia, soon recollected all information about him. ’’Uncle! Are you tired from coming all the way here?’’ Said Ji Hao.

That young man was Qing Ying, Qing Fu's blood brother. The warrior leader of the Qing Yi Clan.

Ji Hao happily looked at Qing Ying.

The warriors that stood behind Ji Xia leapt off from the back of mammoths one after another, opened their arms and hugged those Qing Yi Clan warriors.


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