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The Magus Era - Chapter 286


Chapter 286 - Yanluo

Jia Tu brought up a beam of blood-red light and instantly arrived in front of the mountain, the human warriors were standing on.

Before he had stopped, a muscular man, who had a piece of leather wrapped around his waist and thick yellow snakes coiled around his arms, laughed out loud with resonating voice at Jia Tu, while walking down from the top of a huge rock on the mountainside.

’’Barbarian! Die!’’

Jia Tu roared madly, as a faint blood-red beam of light swiftly flashed across his silver skin. In the following moment, large clouds of blood-red smoke spurted out from his palms and condensed into a tremendous blood-red machete and hacked right onto the man's head.

Hundreds of Magus Acupoints lit simultaneously up on the body of the muscular man, and from a great distance, a bright star sparkled in the air. Right after the star sparkled, a stream of thick and solid star power darted over from the sky and connected with those sparkling Magus Acupoints on the body of this muscular man.

Along with a sudden, loud swishing noise, the pair of yellow snakes rose their heads from the man's shoulders and let a stream of yellow smoke out, each.

One stream of yellow smoke transformed into a huge and thick shield right in front of the machete of Jia Tu. The gigantic blood-red machete clanged fiercely against the shield, causing a shockwave that turned the surrounding natural power into a hurricane, which then turned into waves of terrifyingly great air bombs and spread out.

The other stream of yellow smoke turned into an axe and fell right into the man's hand. The sturdy man opened his mouth and let out a thunderous growl while hacking down towards Jia Tu's head with that axe. A stream of star power flashed across the edge of the axe, and right after that, the surrounding space was suddenly overcome by an immense gravity that even caused Jia Tu to quiver slightly.


Jia Tu growled once again in a low voice, while his body suddenly released a bright blood-red light. Those beams blood-red light were like countless sharp thorns, as they pierced into the void.

Both of the snakes leapt up from the shoulders of the man, one after the other and opened their jaws in an attempt to bite Jia Tu on the neck. However, as soon as the beams of blood-red light appeared, both snakes stopped from moving suddenly. Countless thin, sharp light thorns pierced into their bodies, breaking their skins, muscles and bones, ultimately turning them into griddles.

The blood-red machete didn't stop, it avoided the thick shield and clashed directly against the man's axe.

A cloud of yellow smoke rose into the air while beams of blood-red light sparkled out from it. After only a thunderous boom, the muscular man let out a mountain shaking roar. The very next moment, Jia Tu chopped his neck with the machete and sent his huge head high into the air. At the same time, Jia Tu howled out as well. The muscular man had hacked right onto Jia Tu's chest with his axe. Half of the axe had chopped into Jia Tu's body, while a corner of the axe came out from his back. In order to kill that human warrior, Jia Tu was badly injured.

Streams of blood-red flame slowly rose from the edge of the machete, the blood of that human warriors was quickly absorbed by it, while the body of that human warrior shook intensely. Human Magus Kings were able to fly in the air and travel underground. After a Magus stepped into the level of Magus King, he or she would gain a legendary strong life force, which was even hundred of times greater than the life force of Senior Magus. This meant that although this human warrior was beheaded, his life-force still remained in his body. At this moment, as long as the joints of the wound on his neck were put together, he could completely heal himself with just his great life-force, without needing any magical medicines at all.

Nevertheless, how could Jia Tu leave any opportunity for this man? Before the other human warriors on the mountain could make a move to save him, Jia Tu let out an evil grin and suddenly chopped the man's head into two.

’’Jia Tu! An invincible man!!’’ Jia Tu raised his arms high and growled to the other human Magus Kings, who were apparently shocked by the death of their friend. ’’Weak barbarians! Anyone else?! Who is willing to taste death?!’’

A series of buzzing noises came out from the dead body of the killed human warrior, along with which, all the Magus Acupoints on his body exploded suddenly. Simultaneously, streams of sticky and solid, yellow star power burst out from his body, swooshing across the air and flying towards the star, billions of miles away.

That bright star, which had been sparkling when the warrior had been fighting against Jia Tu, sparkled again in the sky. Those streams of power that were released from the man's body, had reached the star seemingly instantly through an immeasurably great distance, and were absorbed back into the star.

The star shone even greater than it had before. After a while, the bright shining star gradually dimmed down, and slowly merged together with the lights of the other stars.

Jia Tu spent all of his power to pull out the axe, which was stuck in his chest. Blood poured out along the edges of the axe, and Jia Tu's face instantly turned as pale as a piece of paper. But still, he laughed arrogantly and crooked his finger at the other human Magus Kings while yelling, ’’Another one! Let me kill you!!’’

Another Magus King with a horned flood-dragon coiled around his waist, and whose body was wrapped by a large, flashing fiery cloud, rose into the air, trod on the cloud and walked towards Jia Tu in big steps.

’’Chi Lao, from the Fiery Flood Dragon Clan, Southern Wasteland!’’

Waves of flames rose into the air, which instantly dyed the entire space that had a radius of a million miles, red. Facing the flames, Jia Tu abruptly let out a mouthful of blood while quickly withdrawing towards the other floating mountain;in the meanwhile, he didn't stop yelling.

’’You are shameless! I am seriously injured! How can you...’’

Waves of fiery light quickly drowned Jia Tu, while a horribly great heat swept across the entire area. From the ocean of flame, a thin beam of blood-red light suddenly rose into the air. After that, muffled metal clashing noises coming out of the flame. After only the span of ten breaths, a resonating shout ringed like the bell, while the blood-red light and flame split up.

Chi Lao was coughing out blood while staggering back. A huge wound, which nearly divided his body into two, appeared on his waist, while his internal organs were falling out from his body through the wound.

Jia Tu's left arm was chopped off entirely, and his pale face had turned even paler than it had been before. Moreover, a fist-sized hole appeared on his left chest, which had blazing streams of fire constantly spurting out of it.

Apart from all these, the flood dragon coiled around Chi Lao's waist had left a terrible wound on Jia Tu's face with its sharp claw. Three of Jia Tu's four eyeballs were smashed, and his skull was broken. However, the flood dragon's claw was hacked off by Jia Tu as well, deeply stuck in Jia Tu's shoulder. The flood-dragon that was now coiled on Chi Lao's shoulder was licking its wounds with its long and thin tongue, while letting out a threatening hissing sound.

Chi Lao stepped back quickly, sat down on top of the floating mountain and couldn't move anymore.

Jia Tu had lost his courage and arrogance. He teleported himself back into the hall, where a party was still ongoing, staggered for a few steps then fell right down on the floor.

After killing a human Magus King and wounding another one, Jia Tu had seriously been injured. Chi Lao's power had directly gushed into his internal organs. It was not possible to cast that power out from his body within a short period of time.

Beyond the two floating mountains, tens of billions feet higher in the air, a throne that was seemingly condensed from a red and black air stream coiling around each other, floated there.

A man, who looked handsome yet terrifyingly cold, wearing an all-black cloak, with an erect eye embroidered on his chest with blood-red silk threads, sat straight up on the throne. He was holding a red and black coloured long sword with both of his arms, while staring at a few silhouettes, who had been standing in the void in front of him with a cold expression.

Emperor Shun, who usually only wore simple flax clothes and looked exactly like an ordinary villager, was now in a long luxurious cloak, which had nine coiling dragons embroidered on it, and a pair of boots that were decorated with phoenix feathers. Under the luxurious cloak, was an exquisite golden armour that was embossed with multicoloured clouds and all kinds of magical, legendary animals, which seemed to be guarding a piece of beautiful land. With a supreme stateliness, Emperor Shun stood right in front of the man in a black cloak.

’’Dishi Yanluo, right? From the Blood Moon.’’ said Emperor Shun in a bland tone, ’’If I had known you would take over the throne of the Emperor, then back then...’’

’’Don't mention the past, take all your useless words back.’’ Dishi Yanluo interrupted Emperor Shun and said, ’’You failed to kill me during that fight back then, now, it's my turn to kill you. Such a beautiful world, what qualification do you, the human race have that allows you to rule this world? Only us, the Yu Clan, deserve this piece of land, as for you, you should lay low and be slaves, that is all you are all meant to be.’’

’’Ridiculous!’’ sneered Emperor Shun while slightly moving his finger. Following by this move, a long sword hung around his waist, suddenly brought up tens of thousands of dragon silhouettes, which roared towards Dishi Yanluo, like a tsunami.


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