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The Magus Era - Chapter 285


Chapter 285 - Watch

In the outer region of the Midland world, where the fierce hurricanes transformed from the natural power streams, were the most violent.

In this space, the natural powers were primitive, chaotic and violent, nearly similar to how those powers had been before this world came into existence. Even the spirit magic treasures made by powerful divine Magus could gradually turn into powder by these sharp and fierce power streams. To ordinary creatures, even it they had the power to travel across the void, not a single one would dare to even to approach this space.

From deep inside a completely ark hole, where are these fierce natural streams of powers were coming from, a slight wisp of cyan mist was forming within these streams of power, holding a faint cyan-coloured Ry Yi. From the cloud-like head of the Ru Yi, an extremely thin beam of cyan light spurted out and up for over a hundred zhang high, and bloomed in the air, transforming into a Ganoderma-shaped cloud, with a small cattail hassock placed upon it.

There was a young man with red cloak sitting on the cattail hassock with a faint, cold smile on the corner of his curved mouth. He was watching the two floating mountains, which were confronting each other, with his arms coiled in front of his chest. Streams of cyan mist had been rotating around his body, while purple smoke rose from the edges of each of the streams of cyan mist ceaselessly, and slowly formed a tremendous purple yurt around his body, decorated with flame patterns.

The purple flame yurt condensed from those purple smoke had magical light spots sparkling on it. Every time a spot light sparkled on the purple yurt, it seemed a certain kind of unpredictable change regarding the entire universe had happened, or something magical had emerged, from the light spot, which was more than mysterious. The entire yurt released a strong sense of ancient, primitive power.

The young man with red cloak looked incomparably handsome and special, comparable to Zhu Rong, who was also known as handsome face. This young man look was not as wild and proud as that of Zhu Rong, instead, he looked more stately, as if he stood high above the masses.

Seeing Tujia challenge human Magus Kings, the young man with red cloak laughed aloud, then conveniently took out a purple calabash, slightly shook it, then pulled out the bottle plug and poured a few mouthfuls of wine into his mouth. The wine instantly let out a dense, alluring fragrance.

After having drank a few mouthfuls of wine from that calabash, not a single drop of wine would be left in it. The red-cloaked young man couldn't help but frown and complained in a low voice, ’’Big brother is too lazy. It has been so many years, but he only made this little bit of wine! All he does is concoct magical pills, bloody magical pills, without even taking even a single apprentice. Those well-cooked magical pills are about to expire.’’

’’ He should rather make thirty or fifty thousand calabashes of wine more than spending all the time on concocting magical pills. Making wine is a truly serious business!’’ Shaking his empty calabash, the red-cloaked young man sighed slightly, then out of convenience threw the calabash away. After that he flicked his finger, creating a powerful gust of wind towards the empty calabash. Along with a resonating and high-pitched buzzing sound the purple calabash was struck immediately into pieces, broke into ashed and turned into a thick stream of natural power, which dissipated into the air.

He put his hand into his sleeves and took out another purple calabash, pulled out the plug and prepared to pour the wine contained in it, into his mouth again, But abruptly, this young man let out a sigh and slowly put the calabash back into his sleeves while murmuring, ’’Not much left, not much, I have to save it, save it. Hm, just wondering if my apprentice, Po rob some spirit monkeys for a few vats of special monkey-style wine for me, in the Southern Wasteland?’’

Slightly patting his own knees, this red-cloaked young man continued murmuring with a faint smile on his face, ’’Back then, I had tried quite hard to teach their monkey ancestors to make wine, god, even a few of my hairs turned white doing that. I have spent that much efforts on it, I assume those younger monkeys should have inherited that secret winemaking skills from their ancestors, shouldn't they? Hm, if so, I will have some good stuff to drink!’’

Thinking of that, the young man took out the purple calabash again and happily took three big mouthfuls of wines from it, right after which his face suddenly twisted. He sadly shook that calabash and began complaining again, ’’Eh, another three mouthfuls of wine are gone. That big brother of mine is way too lazy, why didn't he make more delicious wine?!’’

After murmuring for quite a while, this young man slowly pulled out a long sword from his sleeve, pointed at a distance, where those fierce natural power winds were swishing madly.

Hesitating for a few seconds, this young man started murmur to himself once more, ’’Should I do it or not? Once I swing my sword down, their heads will thud against the ground and this space will be quiet and nice, but, to bully weaker and younger people, if the others knew about this...well, such things as reputation, I don't give a damn at all, but those two elder brothers of mine, they care a lot about such stuff.’’

After pondering for a while, this young man let a long sigh out, then unwillingly put his sword back into his sleeve, while continue to sigh. He took another few mouthfuls of wine, then complained again about his big brother being lazy and blamed him sorrowfully for not giving him enough to drink.

Less than three-hundred miles away from that young man, where he had pointed at with his sword, also near the air hole, were two young man standing side by side. These two young men were wearing simple flax clothes, had bare feet, long hair hung loosely on their backs, and had rough-made grass ropes tied around their waists, serving as belts. Their bodies were faintly shining with white lights, and within the space, a hundred zhang in radius around them, the violent wind transformed from natural power streams had turned gentle and soft, like nice warm dogs, slowly flowing past the two of them in small streams.

The faces of both of them had turned dark and sorrowful The corners of their eyes and mouths were curved downwards, while they were staring at the two floating mountains. One of the two suddenly sighed and began talking.

’’All creatures are pitiful. Poor Ku Mu, a quite talented one amongst our apprentices, who could have imagined that he would be killed suddenly, and we couldn't even discover who did this. Poor Ku Mu, he has even lost his chance of reincarnation.’’

’’Truly bitter life, truly bitter. Brother, your apprentice is killed by unknown enemies, it's indeed sad. I have an apprentice as well, named Ku Quan. He is a nice and kind one, always concentrating on spreading out the spirit and expanding our sect. He has never caught any trouble, but lately, that evil creature, Gui Ling, hurt him.’’

’’Gui Ling? Apprentice of that person? That, well-cultivated, gigantic turtle?’’

’’Exactly, brother, you should know that apprentices of that person are the biggest bullies and violent. Poor Ku Quan, such a bad luck kid, how did he even provoke that turtle?’’

Remaining silent for a while, the other young man responded slowly, ’’Since that evil animal has come to Pu Ban City, we should temporally lay low. As your big brother, I recently have an important mission that will allow us to build great achievement after finishing it. I think you might like to lend me a hand.’’

’’Eh? Brother, what kind of important mission?’’

The big brother let out a bitter grin, then his entire face twisted into a mess, and said in an embarrassed tone. ’’On the north side of the Chi Ban Mountain is a human clan that possesses territory with more than ten-thousand miles of radius, and over a hundred million people. During all these years, I have a few apprentices spread out spirit in that area, but only gained a few new believers.’’

’’Only a few? That's because those people haven't yet tasted the bitterness of life. Brother, we should use special methods to guide them toward us.’’

The other young man nodded with a serious face, then said slowly and compassionately, ’’Therefore, my younger brother, could you please send your apprentices over there and give me some help. Draw a non-human race army to that area to attack this clan. Some of their clansmen are extremely resistant to our spirit. Those, we should let the non-human race send them to heaven.’’

’’My dear brother, you surely are merciful, this is exactly how things should work. People like us, who have spent all our lives cultivating ourselves, our hands are clean and can not be stained by blood, yours is the best idea.’’

The other young man nodded slightly, then waved his hand and said, ’’Only after they taste the real bitterness of live, understand the horror of death and lives, and learn how full of despair and helpless lives can be, they could...’’

Standing not far away, the red-cloaked young man had been listening to the conversation of these two. Finally, he frowned and conveniently pulled out his long sword again and swung it slightly in the air. Invisible power of sword swiftly swept across the air. The two young men in flax clothes paused suddenly, then disappeared into air without leaving any traces.

Not even a single hair of them had been left remaining. It was as if those two had never even existed in this world.

’’Noisy,’’ complained the red-cloaked young man. ’’Two stupid bloody bastards, you don't even know the true meaning of the natural law and death yourselves, and you have taken a bunch of even more stupid apprentices, randomly spreading your bullshit spirits in the human world. You two bastards, you're real scoundrels.’’

A thunderous boom came from afar, between the two floating mountains, Tujia and a human warrior had started their fight.


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