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The Magus Era - Chapter 284


Chapter 284 - The war between Emperors

In the air above the Chi Ban Mountain, around a billion feet above the ground, were two magnificent floating mountains. Both were over ten-thousand zhangs tall and had radiuses of over a hundred miles. And even though the two floating mountains faced each other, they were far away from each other.

One of the floating mountains seemed primitive and simple, filled with naturally crafted cliffs and mountains, as well as ancient, towering trees that were coiled around by thick vines. Streams of crystal clear spring water ceaselessly gushed out of a spring hole and flowed on the floating mountain along a coiling stream, after which they turned into different sized waterfalls on the edge of the floating mountain, falling onto the Midland world.

On the peak of the mountain, on top of craggy gigantic rocks, nearly a thousand tall and muscular men were standing. They were either wearing roughly sewed leather capes, or had bare upper bodies. Coiled around their bodies were either huge serpents or nimble magical snakes. Some of these men even had flood dragons or fierce wild tigers coiled on the ground behind them. Others were accompanied by powerful, legendary creatures such as Peacocks, Cyan Phoenixes and Great Gale birds.

Each of these men were releasing an extremely dense and strong sense of power, which gave a feeling similar to magnificent mountains and boundless oceans. Their eyes were sparkling like stars, and behind their bodies, all kinds of natural element-related phenomenon were clearly visible.

Three thousand miles away, the other floating mountain looked incomparably beautiful and exquisite. The entire mountain was entirely jade-like, pure white without so much as a single flaw. Every piece of rock was carefully crafted by a master craftsman, and entirely covered in seemingly naturally-formed spell symbols.

This floating mountain was filled with all kinds of perfectly designed sceneries. Beside the small trail that wriggled up to the peak, were fresh plants, blooming flowers and streams. Every single petal, leaf, branch, stone, water, the shadows or even the sand were extremely exquisite and well designed. All these elements formed an amazingly beautiful, heaven-like scene that was beyond any description.

Tens of magnificent palaces were located on the mountain side. All of these palaces were made of pure gold, silver and other rare, expensive materials, and casted with a single mould, without so much as a single joint. These palaces were all thickly decorated with large gemstones and magic crystals, brightly shining under the rays of the sun.

With those dazzlingly shining palaces, this exquisite and beautiful floating mountain seemed even more glorious, even more ravishing and unimaginably beautiful.

In the front of those palaces were groups of young and beautiful girls. They were wearing long and pretty dresses, which didn't cover their shoulders and arms. Now and then they would chase each other while chuckling, causing their dresses to flutter in the air, showing their perfectly shaped legs. Outside the front gates of these palaces one could see large groups of armoured warriors and even more beautiful girls.

Whether it were the Jia Clan warriors or the Yu Clan warriors among these warriors, all were carefully selected for the special purpose of guarding these palaces. These warriors all had the exact same height and body shapes, as if they were forged from the same mould. All of them hadespecially handsome, pretty and carefully embellished faces. Alll fine hairs were shaved off and every single eyebrow was brushed meticulously as well.

The armours worn by them were well designed for both defensive and ornamental functions. But apparently, those designers and craftsmen had paid more attention to the exhibitive and ornamental function of these armours. Every single armour had completely different patterns, which were all kinds of magical, rare plants, legendary animals or buildings, cities and natural sceneries. All of these patterns were exquisitely embossed on their armours by master craftsmen, then carefully decorated with gem stones of different colours and sizes.

Most of those palaces were completely empty. Only the most magnificent palace located at the top of the mountain, which was broad enough to contain over ten-thousand people all at once, had over two hundred Yu Clan men, who were wearing the same blood-red cloaks. All of their eyes, hairs and skins had a faint blood-red luster. They were sitting in the lobby, enjoying wine and food, while chatting with pleasure.

A few long jade tables were randomly placed in the lobby, on top of which, all kinds of delicious desserts as well as fresh and rare fruits were placed. There were also wines that had an amber-like luster and were emitting nice alluring fragrance. Every single move made by these Yu Clan men, who were all tall and handsome, seemed elegant and noble. They were all wearing the exact same luxurious blood-red cloaks, and were freely and gracefully choosing those desserts and wine while whispering to each other and letting out chuckles from time to time.

Around these men of the Yu Clan there were over two hundred Jia Clan warriors standing in a circle. These men were wearing blood-red armours and their skins had a faint silver and blood-red luster. These Jia Clan men were chatting and laughing loudly as well.

From time to time, these Yu Clan men and Jia Clan warriors would throw a glance at the muscular humans standing on the other floating mountain. No one could hear what they were whispering to each other, but abruptly, a series of loud laughers would burst out from the group.

’’Oi, oi, why don't we make a small bet?’’ One of the men of the Yu Clan laughed aloud and said, ’’I offer an opportunity for having a secret date with Miss Meilin, and I bet that that guy down there, what's his name again? Di Sha? Right? Okay, I bet that, he and his army can last at most three days till the human army wipe them out.’’

The group of Yu Clan men all laughed out loud, while glancing at one of their fellows.

’’Di Melang, isn't Di Sha from one of your younger generations?’’ A Yu Clan's man teasingly, said. ’’Although the army under his command is an official Blood Moon army, it is only a newly formed army, his situation seems not so well.’’

’’Well, you can't blame him for that,’’ said another Yu Clan man in a low voice. ’’After all, in the past five-hundred years, he had only been a leader of a group of slave traders. Catching and selling those poor barbarians is nothing like leading an official army and fighting against human armies in a real battlefield.’’

’’If Di Sha loses this army now under his command...’’ said another Yu Clan man, who seemed a bit surprised, ’’Di Melang, will your Di Family offer him enough resources, keep support him, and help him build another army? Ah, I heard that lately, productions of your territories have had some problems?’’

’’If Di Sha loses this army,’’ said the man who firstly brought up this topic, while chuckling in a very low voice, ’’Di Melang, my dear brother, I assume that your family will certainly help him build another army. After all, this concerns the glory and reputation of your family. However, to build an army requires too many resources and a huge amount of financial investment is needed. Can your family still afford to do so under the current situation?’’

Shrugging his shoulder, then lightly flicking the exquisite crystal glass held in his hand, this man intentionally said with grace and poise, ’’Maybe you would like to sell your territory located in the Du Luo Mountain to me? On behalf of my family, I am willing to offer a sweet price.’’

Di Melang raised his class, slowly drank up the blood-red wine in it, then looked at the man who brought up the topic right in the eye, and said blandly, ’’Dishi Tei, I've fancied Miss Meilin since long ago;her angel-like face and dreamingly beautiful body. I bet Di Sha and his army will not be wiped out in three days, and on the contrary, will build his contribution by winning this war. Not only an opportunity for a secret date, with my Du Luo Mountain territory, I bet for the ownership of Miss Meilin!’’


All the men of the Yu Clan sitting in the lobby exclaimed out, while complicated expressions such as excitement and shock emerged on their faces. Countless jade slips were passed around in their hands quickly. Without making any noise, they had each already wagered a huge sum on the bet between Di Melang and Dishi Tei.

Dishi Tei grinned slightly, then slowly and elegantly bowed to Di Melang and said, ’’As you wish, Di Melang, my dear brother. Jiatu, go bring a human Magus King's head back to me, I want to taste their brain right now, along with this delicious wine!’’

’’As you wish master!’’ A nearly eight-meter tall Jia Clan warrior, whose skin was entirely silver, responded in a thunder-like voice. After that, he suddenly leapt high into the air, transformed into a stream of silver light and flew towards the other floating mountain, were powerful human Magi had gathered.

’’I, Jiatu am here! Who dares to battle me?!’’


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