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The Magus Era - Chapter 283


Chapter 283 - Encircled and Suppressed

Man Man's flame bombs had caused an unpredictable consequence.

Seven to eight flame bombs exploded all at once, those overwhelmingly great flame streams released by these bombs had nearly burned everything out. Within a radius of over ten miles, the whole space was temporally ruled by the power of fire. Those flame streams merged together and formed an ocean of fire, within which, the trembling blood-red light shield was barely able to support itself. Inside the blood-red light shield, over ten-thousand Jia Clan warriors raised their heads, while staring expressionlessly at the fire that blazed ragingly at the other side of the shield.

Before the fire died, these Jia Clan warriors didn't dare to rush out of the shield, whereas Ji Hao and the others didn't dare to rush in. Neither would Ginger send his bugs into the flame, just to be burned for nothing. Therefore, the battlefield had quieted down temporarily.

The backside of Di Sha's main army was still in a extremely great chaos. A hundred warriors of the Kuafu Family were practically slaughtering Di Sha's warriors.

Although judging from the overall situation, the power of the human warriors and their equipment were all weaker than the non-human race ones, a few families and clans among the human race were special and different, which, to a certain degree, could completely crush those non-human race monsters.

For example, these giants from the Kuafu Family, they were so strong and gigantic that even the Magi Palace was not yet able to make a weapon that would fit in their hands. Their weapons were all naturally-grown towering trees, which were conveniently pulled out from the ground. They broke off all the branches and turned those huge trees into very effective weapons.

A whole hundred, over two-hundred zhang long wooden stakes, had been randomly and madly striking and whipping towards the ground, without any pattern, formation or plan. Those warriors of the Kuafu Family enjoyed this one-sided fight greatly, wheras those warriors on the in the rear of Di Sha's main army had fallen into a completely hopeless situation.

A thousand fully armoured, powerful Jia Clan warriors, who were experienced, skilled, and had exquisite top-quality gears, led by a Yu Clan commander, launched a frontal attack to those warriors of the Kuafu Family. However, their attack had only lasted the span of three breaths. After that, a hundred swiftly swooshing tremendous wooden stakes randomly smashed down and struck all of these fully armoured elite warriors into meat pies.

What was even more terrifying was that the shortest of the warriors of the Kuafu Family squatted down, and picked out those exquisite but crushed armours with some difficulty, worn by those smashed Jia Clan warriors, from their bloody, scattered dead bodies, then conveniently wiped those sticky and bloody armours on his own clothes, then happily put them into a storage back tied around his waist.

Was this a typical example of recycling battle gears and not wasting any resources?

Watching all this, those slaves and slave warriors of Di Sha's army had suddenly lost their courage to fight, and nearly broke down. If it wasn't for the strict army rules, these slaves and slave warriors would have fled long ago.

Along with a harsh and resonating shouts let out by a Yu Clan commander, over ten-thousand slaves and slave warriors lined up into what could barely be considered a square formation while quivering, then tremblingly blocked the way of those warriors of the Kuafi Family. A Yu Clan commander with a luxurious cloak stood in front of these slaves and slave warriors, screaming hoarsely, ’’The great Blood Moon will gift us great inexhaustible power, and these lowly, weak, negligible barbarians...’’

A sturdy Kuafu warrior dropped his wooden stake, put his arms around a mountain that was nearly ten-thousand zhang tall, slightly straightened his muscular waist and pulled it entirely out from the ground, then threw it right onto heads of the Yu Clan's commander as well as those slaves and slave warriors.

Over ten thousand of them were smashed into meat paste, not a single one survived. Holding that mountain, the Kuafu Warrior spun it on the ground a few times as if he was making mashed potatoes, while murmuring, ’’Negligible? My hair is even thicker than your waist, you call me negligible?’’

Only a small part of elite warriors were arranged on the backside of Di Sha's main army, the rest warriors were all slaves and slave warriors, who mainly responsible for shipping and guarding gears and supplies. Watching the Yu Clan's commander smashed into a pile of meat paste, these slaves and slave warriors all screamed out in fright then began madly fleeing towards random directions, like a nestful of freaked out ants.

At that moment, the rear of Di Sha's main army had completely descended into chaos. The Kuafu warriors laughed out loud, squatted down one after another and heavily slapped the ground with their huge hands. Every single slap launched by them could smash tens of fleeing warriors or slaves dead.

At the eastern flank of Di Sha's main army, the Thunder Lustre's cavalries had arrived.

Seven to eight miles away, a Thunder Lustre's commander had already raised a pair of huge drumsticks and beat the pair of enormous drums, that were hung on both sides of his riding beast's body.

The pair of drums, that were made from dragon skin instantly let out a series of thunderous booms, along which, ripples of white airwaves swooshed out from the drums and swiftly spread out in the air, and countless thick and fierce lightning bolts suddenly fell down from the sky like a dazzling rain. Terrifyingly loud thunder mixed with the drums, turned into powerful sound waves, striking on the eastside of Di Sha's army.

In both the eastern and western flank of Di Sha's army, all Yu Clan's warriors came from wealthy and influential families. This time, they were sent join the army and came to Chi Ban Mountain for the war, that was started by Dishi Yanluo. The true purpose of these people was gain experience, build achievements and earn money through capturing slaves and robbing, these were all they had planned.

Therefore, facing those Thunder Lustre's warriors, who had been rushing over along with amazing lightning bolts and shocking thunders, these Yu Clan's warriors choose to push all of their slave warriors and slaves to the front. Each of the hundreds of Yu Clan's warriors had over a thousand slave warriors, and thousands, even more than ten thousand slaves.

These slaves and slave warriors lined up orderly in a square formation. Those square formations linked together and extended for tens of miles long, looking quite formidable and amazing.

But once the Thunder Lustre's commander beat his drum and let out the horrible sound waves, those slaves, who were the weakest kind amongst Di Sha's army, were all shattered into clouds of blood-mist by the fierce sound waves instantly, before they could even let out a howl.

Broken body parts and blood rose into the air within fierce sound waves, then splashed on faces and bodies of the other slaves and slave warriors in behind.

’’Spears!’’ Growled the Thunder Lustre's commander resonantly, following his order, tens of thousands of Thunder Lustre's warriors swiftly pulled out their specially crafted metal spears and threw them with all of their strength.

Every single spear transformed into a lightning bolt in the air. Wrapped around by popping electric sparks, they swished towards the tightly linked square formations.

The spears abruptly exploded in the air, sending out countless thumb-sized metal fragments which were wrapped in sparks of lightning which darted towards the thickly lined up slaves and slave warriors like a rain of daggers. Large groups of slaves and slave warriors were accurately hit in vital body parts by those sharp and dazzling metal fragments then fell on the ground and died without even letting out a slight moan. Tremendous clouds of blood mist instantly rose from the linked square formations, that extended for over ten miles long.

In the Western flank of Di Sha's main army, the situation wasn't optimistic either. The western flank of the army broke down even faster than the eastern flank.

The hideous, creepy serpents, which would make people instantly quiver by merely taking a glance at them, had already wriggled up to the army. The ten over especially gigantic serpents, which were all over ten miles long, slightly opened their jaws and took a long and seemingly leisurely breath. Following which, tens of thousands of slaves and slave warriors were sucked up into the air, then into those serpents' immense jaws, while screaming despairingly.

Those serpents squirmed their bodies in a joy. Judging from their magnificently gigantic bodies, tens of thousand of slaves and slave warriors could only barely serve as an appetiser.

A brave and crazy Jia Cla's warriors rushed up while growling. He raised his machete high and hacked towards the largest serpent's head.

The serpent opened its jaws once again and spurted out a stream of venom that had an extreme stench. Once the venom splashed onto his body, that Jia Clan's warrior was immediately melted down like a bucket of boiling water poured on an ice statue. Even his armour had quickly melted into a few broken and fragile metal pieces.

Those Yu Clan's elite young warriors, who came from wealthy family and had never been through anything like this, were all freaked out. They turned around and flew away as fast as they could without saying a single word. Just like this, both eastern and western flanks of Di Sha's main army were disintegrated.


Edited by SecondRate and HorribleCPU

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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