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The Magus Era - Chapter 282


Chapter 282 - Brutal

’’God damn it!!’’ Ji Hao couldn't help but shout out.

He had been used to not regard Jia Clan warriors as dangerous enemies. This, because back in the Southern Wasteland, the Jia Clan warriors had not been hard to kill.

He was also not used to take them serious as well, because all of them had been acting careful and cautious back at home.

After arriving at Pu Ban City and realizing how powerful the human race was, he had assumed that this Chi Ban Mountain war was nothing too serious and only an ordinary war. The alliance of human clans had gathered these many powerful forces, what would those monsters be able to achieve?

Also, in the past few days Ji Hao and his teammates had successfully annihilated so many monsters. Using Ginger's bug formation they had been able to easily wipe a surveying army of non-human race monsters out and take hostages, whom they had used to kill even more enemies.

However, currently, before his eyes he witnessed a true direct confrontation between the human race and the non-human race monsters. Only now did he gain a clear understanding about the power that the non-human race monsters possessed and did he see the true difference between humans and the non-humans.

Those brave and fearless Lie Mountain Clan warriors were all decent, professional soldiers, but they were not like Ji Hao, who had all kinds of magical experience and talent. Although they too had high-quality weapons and solid full-body armours, still, the quality of their weapons and the grade of their defensive powers of their armours were far below and weaker than the gears of those Jia Clan warriors, who were even armed to their teeth.

The first time Ji Hao had seen Lie Mountain Gang, he had thought that the three thousand armed black cheetah warriors under his lead were more than enough to fight against the army of Di Sha. Only now did he realize how naïve he truly was.

He finally was able to understand what Lie Mountain Gang had meant when he has said ’’Life and death battle’’.

After being sent by Lie Mountain Kang to fight against the main army of Di Sha, Lie Mountain Gang and his black cheetah army considered themselves as dead men.

Another squat of black cheetah warriors whipped their beasts and rushed up to Di Sha's army. All their awakened Magus Acupoints were letting out dazzling bright lights, while they were waving their long spears as hard as they could and squeezed the last bit of power out of their bodies, while letting out their last growls.

’’Kill them all!’’ Yelled a Jia Clan commander with a deep voice, along with which, tens of Jia Clan warriors took out their gigantic, wall-like shields from their backs and heavily stamped those shields against the ground. Instantly, a solid, thick metal fence wall appeared in front of those black cheetah warriors.

A group of Jia Clan's warriors standing behind the fence wall, pulled their longbows open and aimed at those Lie Mountain Clan warriors who had rushed up. They calmly and silently shot out those huge, spear-like arrows, one after another.

Without any doubts Ji Hao was able to see clearly that those tremendous arrows created beams of freezing light in the air and were accurately shot onto the bodies of those cheetah warriors. Each of those arrows pierced through a body of a cheetah warrior, easily and swiftly, throwing them of the backs of their mounts into the air, after which the bodies were dragged and flown far away before they stopped.

The Lie Mountain Clan warriors roared out in rage. They gripped the thick arrows pierced into their bodies and pulled them out with all of their strength. Although they all had been sent flying, with their powerful spirit blood and life force they were able to heal the wounds in their chests quickly. However, the very next moment even fiercer, lightning bolt-like arrows flew over, piercing through their heads, permanently ending their lives.

With only two waves of arrows, a hundred black cheetah warriors were killed easily, even before they could approach those Jia Clan warriors.

The mounts of those warriors roared desperately while running crazily towards the metal shield wall, colliding against it. With faces that were devoid of any expressions, the Jia Clan warriors leaned against the wall with half their bodies. They waved their weapons and killed all those black cheetahs instantly.

The elite warriors of the Yu Clan stood behind those Jia Clan warriors and began incanting a spell. Along with their voices, the blood of those dead black cheetahs rose into the air, transformed into blood-red spell symbols and merged with those Jia Clan warriors. After that, the sense of power released by these Jia Clan warriors became denser and dense, more and more violent, becoming even more terrifying than it had been before.

’’Kill, kill them!!’’

Ji Hao shouted hoarsily at Man Man with a pair of blood-red eyes.

Man Man gritted her teeth, glanced at Ji Hao's red misty eyes, abruptly took out a handful of flame bombs and threw them towards those Jia Clan warriors.

’’You damn little bastard!’’ Far away, Di Sha was still standing on the first floor of the divine tower. Enraged greatly, he yelled out, while huge numbers of magic crystals flew out from his ring. Similar to the previous time, those pure, flawless pieces of pure magic crystals were absorbed by the tower immediately.

This time, Di Sha's face was twitching. For this fight, not mentioning the numbers of warriors he had lost, the consumption of these magic crystals was extremely high as well. If he couldn't get enough contribution and loot out of this war, he would definitely be broke after returning to the Yu Dynasty.

Followed by a sudden and loud buzzing noise, the divine tower had absorbed enough amount of magic crystal and let out a zhang-thick blood-red beam of light, which darted straight into the sky, hundreds of miles far from the ground. After that, the beam of blood-red light split into countless tiny yet sharp blood-red beams of light, diving down from the air at the speed of lightning and quickly attached to the bodies of the Di Sha warriors.

A blood-red, shining light armour appeared on the bodies of every single warrior of Di Sha's army. Within the shining blood-red light armours, one could see tens of bean-thick chains, which were shining faintly and were formed from squirming blood-red spell symbols.

To manipulate those spell symbols and form them into chains required an unbelieving amount of power in their power system, as this was an abnormal phenomena. The power should be great enough to trigger a particular type of natural law. The thin layer of blood-red light armours had even greater defensive power than the metallic armours worn by the Jia Clan warriors.

’’Left and right side! Go block the enemies!’’ growled Di Sha loudly, ’’All the others, stay where you are! Wait for reinforcement!’’

The warriors of the Kuafu Family had been madly chasing and attacking them from the behind. Every single attack launched by these giants were impossible to hold off, therefore, the backside of Di Sha's main army had already fallen into an insane chaos. Both, the left and right side, of his main army hadn't clashed against their enemies, but those Thunder Luster warriors were now only less than ten miles away from the main army, while those serpents were slightly farther, about twenty miles from the main army. These two armies would instantly start the frontal fight after they moved up to Di Sha's main army.

’’You little group of bastards! What the hell are you doing?! Do you want to watch me lose?!’’ cursed Di Sha extremely enraged. ’’Di Sa, Di Mo, if you don't want to help me, fine! But Ju Xiu! You bloody woman! Have you forgotten our engagement?!’’

The thickest beam of blood-red light spurted out by the divine tower struck on the ground right in front of the valley's exit, and immediately expanded into miles in radius. It formed a zhang-thick blood-red light shield, shrouding all the Jia Clan warriors, who had just rushed out of the valley.

Seven to eight flame bombs, which were thrown out by Man Man, collided against the light shield, then exploded simultaneously, releasing terrifyingly great streams of flames that rose directly into the sky. Scorching hot airwaves swept across the entire area, the formidably great shocking waves sent Ji Hao and his teammates flying backwards for over ten miles.

The whole area within a radius of over ten miles was instantly submerged in those streams of flame that had burst out from those flame bombs. The mountains on both sides of the valley were shaken so to the point they collapsed and melted, turning into waves of lava, surging on the ground. The ground collapsed as well. Those streams of flame grew stronger and stronger as if they would devour the sky, while boiling hot airwaves flowed around in streams. The blood-red light shield let out by the divine tower began to shake violently within the flame, and was being weakened by the fire power, becoming thinner and thinner.

At the back, Di Sha was trembling all over and out of desperation threw even more crystals with rage, letting the divine tower absorb them, His face had become entirely terrifyingly and deadly green.

The divine tower let out an even thicker beam of blood-red light onto the nearly broken down blood-red light shield.


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Translated by XianXiaWorld


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