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The Magus Era - Chapter 280


Chapter 280 - Start the war

’’Are you the crazy girl Man Man? Okay, I'll remember you!’’

Lie Mountain Gang walked back while complaining. There were large pieces of his skins that were burned black, and his breath even smelled like meat that had been burned.

All the three thousand armed warriors were fine for the majority. A few burn marks on their skin and a bit of fire that had gushed into their bodies, which were small injuries and would recover as soon as they activated their blood power, after all, they were all Senior Magi.

However, after moving a bit backwards, all of them, even the black cheetahs, were keeping a safe distance from Man Man.

The tender little face of Man Man seemed a bit embarrassed. She frowned so hard that her eyebrows seemed to coil around each other. She abruptly sighed and said, ’’Well, as I had said earlier, it would have been easier if you were the people of Lie Mountain Xu. In that case Man Man wouldn't even need to apologize, even if I had killed all of you.’’

With an embarrassed face Man Man awkwardly, yet seriously bowed deep in front of Lie Mountain Gang and all those warriors standing behind him.

Lie Mountain Gang paused suddenly, while he stared at Man Man shocked.

All the warriors were also shocked slightly by this. Some of the warriors who had heard about Man Man's background, whispered to the others about her family.

She was the most doted on and cherished little girl of Zhu Rong, the current Fire God. Her status was even nobler than that of those princes within the Lie Mountain Family. Although these princes were descendants of the Flame God, they were distant and branch family descendants. Man Man on the other hand was the own daughter of a pureblood Fire God. There was no doubt about who the Fire God was by now.

Taking a deep gasp, Lie Mountain Gang and his three thousand warriors started laughing loudly. Along with the series of loud and manly laughter, they gathered into a dense, square-formed formation and stood closely behind Man Man. Not long after that they were focused on the main army of Di Sha, which was approaching them with every step, but from to time, they would glance at Man Man out of the corners of their eyes.

Ji Hao was quite shocked as well, but at the same time he looked at Man Man with warmth.

He hadn't realized that after all this time, the naughty little girl who had only known how to bully others and steal bird eggs back in the Southern Wasteland, had silently but surely grown up.

He held the long black dagger in his right hand, while preparing his left hand to catch the stone sword, which would come out his spiritual space anytime. Ji Hao shouted loudly and activated his bloodline power at the same time. Along with his shout, the Gold Crow shell on his chest, the fiery feathered boots on his shanks and the spear on his right hand, all started to shine with faint red light.

Although he was yet unable to freely manipulate these divine-Magus-level magic treasures, when his Gold Crow Bloodline power flushed across the three inherited magic treasures, but only a slight trace of power released by the three magic treasures would double the defensive power of Ji Hao's body. His body became lighter while the power contained inside his body grew wilder and hotter.

’’Attack!! Warriors of the Blood Moon without withdrawing!!’’ Di Sha stood on the first floor of the divine tower and growled harshly.

’’Indeed, you never withdraw, only surrender!’’ yelled Ji Hao harshly as well, ’’Di Sha, why do you think we could put bug eggs into the bodies of those bug puppets that we sent to attack you before? Ha, they surrendered, submitted to be arrested with folded arms! Allowing us to do whatever we wanted!’’

Di Sha had just stabbed himself and stimulated the morale of his army, but with only these words, Ji Hao had dispelled a big half of it, once again. He stared at Ji Hao in both rage and shame, gritted his teeth and roared, ’’Ji Hao! Today I will chop your head off myself! I will make your skull into a wine container, which I will carry everywhere with me! I will wash off the humiliation that you brought to my family and me!’’

’’Well,’’ Ji Hao raised his black dagger high into the air. Huge numbers of spell symbols sparkled brightly under the sunshine. Ji Hao then laughed aloud and continued, ’’More and more humiliations will come to you and your family! Sooner or later, I will take an ancient beast to your ancestral temple and let it poo on the graves of your ancestors! That is, if monsters like you know how to worship your ancestors!’’

Ji Hao humiliated Di Sha's ancestors with his words, and all the others in Di Sha's army knew that Ji Hao was one of their archenemies. Under this situation, none of them had any other choice but to fight.

Di Sha swung his long sword that still had his own blood on it, pointed it at Ji Hao, along with his move, orderly and heavy footsteps rose from the army. Tens of thousands of fully armoured, over five meters tall, Jia Clan warriors popped up their two pairs of huge eyes, roared out and rushed towards the exit of the valley.

Great Gale Bao immediately gave the order, and archers under his command instantly let out thousands of arrows, swooshing towards those Jia Clan warriors like the tidewater. Those arrows thickly and accurately pierced into the bodies of those Jia Clan warriors. Each arrow had pierced into the vital body parts of the enemies, with not a single arrow missing its target.

Those raindrop-like arrows rapidly consumed the defensive power of the armours of those Jia Clan warriors, some of their armours and shields had already been torn apart by arrows.

The warriors of the Jia Clan rushed forward with big steps, while their skins turned dark bronze, as if they had completely transformed into copper statues. Some of the warriors of the Jia Clan, who were among the strongest among all Jia Clan warriors of Di Sha's army, were rushing at the front of the army. Their bodies had turned silver and had silver-like luster. These warriors didn't even make any defensive motions, they just ran towards the exit of the valley, against the heavy rain of arrows. Countless numbers of arrows clashes and broke against their skin, without any being able to even leave a single mark on their bodies.

Behind these warriors of the Jia Clan, hundreds of elite warriors of the Yu Clan began incanting a spell simultaneously. The blood-red swirl inside their erect eyes started to rotate rapidly. Along with that, a faint-red blood symbols emerged in the air above the heads of the Jia Clan warriors. The blood-red symbols gradually became even more clear and vivid, and rose instantly the running speed of those warriors Jia Clan by a few times. Also, the sense of power released by their bodies suddenly expanded with a few times.

A short while ago, only over two hundred Jia Clan warriors had that silver-like luster on their skins, but after being improved by those blood-red spell symbols, incanted by those Yu Clan's warriors, over three-thousand Jia Clan warriors, who had been rushing towards Ji Hao and the black cheetah army, suddenly felt that their spirit blood began boiling, and a silver-like luster quickly appeared on their dark bronze skins.

Watching these Jia Clan warriors about to rush out of the valley, the three-thousand black cheetah soldiers were preparing for a bloody fight, and this great war was on the verge of breaking out...

From the air, tens of Magi Palace's apprentices suddenly emerged while waving those banners in their hands, along with which, countless bug eggs darted out from the ground, in all directions. Millions of bugs were instantly hatched in the air;those poisonous, weirdly-shaped bugs blushing towards those Jia Clan warriors in streams, while screaming in horrible voices and with their bodies wrapped in sticky liquid.

Just like the last time, over ten millions of Jia Clan warriors were entirely submerged in the ocean of bugs. However, different from the last time, these Jia Clan warriors were all soldiers of Di Sha's official army. They were standard warriors, who had the responsibilities to kill for the Yu Dynasty. These Jia Clan warriors were way more powerful and powerful than those guards working for wealthy families, and they were all a lot more experienced than those guards.

Thousands of dazzling flame balls abruptly rose into the air. Raging flame wrapped the bodies of the ten-thousand Jia Clan warriors, while blood splashed everywhere. Those Jia Clan warriors madly swung their weapons and let out thousands of freezing and sharp light, which flashed across the air. Within a single moment, at least a hundred million poisonous bugs were killed by them.

Followed by a loud clattering noise, the ocean of bugs swooshed down from the ground. Within the last moment, even though at least ten million bugs were killed, more bugs ceaselessly appeared and approached. The total number of these newly-emerged bugs was hundreds, even thousands of times bigger than ten-million.

At the back, the warriors of the Kuafu Family already approached Di Sha's army.

He swung the over two-hundred zhang long huge tree that he had been using as a stick, slowly towards a Jia Clan's warriors, who had fallen behind in the army.

Along with a boom, a Jia Clan warrior was suddenly smashed into meat pie, and deeply sank into the ground.

’’Kill!’’ Yelled all Kuafu Family's warriors, while happily and excitedly raising their gigantic and solid 'tree sticks'.


Edited by SecondRate

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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