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The Magus Era - Chapter 28



Three days later, Ji Xia and Qing Fu woke up. Though they were nearly fully healed, they still felt very weak.

Ji Xia told everybody that Qing Fu had used up all the power of the 'Thorns of Life and Death' to counterbalance the Shamisen fire to save Ji Xia and herself.

In the meeting dome, the leaders and elders of the Fire Crow Clan were sitting around a bonfire. Ji Shu held the 'fire crow axe cane' in his hands. Besides Ji Hao, everyone was looking at the 'fire crow axe cane' gloomily. Ji hao was sitting behind Ji Xia, staring at Jiang Yao, who was sitting next to Ji Shu wearing a grim face.

’’We, the Fire Crow Clan, have the best warriors in the South Wasteland. However, we don't have good weapons and equipment which are equivalent to their abilities.’’ Said Ji Shu, who looked down at the 'fire crow axe cane' in his hands.

’’But those nice equipment are not for free. We need a large amount of gold, jade and valuable minerals to trade for those weapons and equipment.’’ Ji Shu looked around at the surrounding people and continued coldly. ’’Before the worship ceremony, I was hunting in the Coldbrook Valley. I found a rich lode of both Gold and Jade there.’’

’’Coldbrook Valley? I know that place, less than two hundred miles away from the Springs Mountain. We have a mine in the Springs Mountain, which produced eight-thousand pieces of Gold last year.’’ Said Ji Xiao once after Ji Shu finished talking. Ji Xiao was Ji Hu's father, who was also an influential person in the clan.

Ji Shu nodded and said: ’’I've sent people to investigate the Coldbrook Valley. We found out that the mine in the Springs Mountain is just a small branch lode of the central lode in the Coldbrook Valley. As long as we have enough slaves to work in there, we will get at least two-hundred-thousand pieces of gold and thirty-thousand pieces of jade out of that Valley.’’

Ji Kui took a deep breath and said to Ji Shu: ’’Ji Shu, what do you have in mind?’’

Ji Shu raised the 'fire crow axe cane', looked at Ji Xia, who looked wan and sallow and said: ’’My brother, you are the most powerful man among all those people;you're also extremely responsible. Such an important property must be guarded by you. So, I will send you to guard the Coldbrook Valley.’’

’’That great lode means a lot to our clan, you're the only one who can take this responsibility. I know that the Coldbrook Valley is a bit far from the Gold Black Mountain. My brother, you shall take your families with you.’’ Ji Shu continued before Ji Xia responded.

Ji Xia took a glance at the shining 'fire crow axe cane' then bowed to Ji Shu and said: ’’Sure. I will be on my way with my people. Please send slaves to open up the mine as soon as possible.’’

Ji Shu smiled and said softly: ’’Sure. We won't delay for open up the mine. After all, we're talking about a lot of profit.’’

Ji Xia stood up, stayed silent for a while then said: ’’Three days ago, Senior Magi of the Black Water Serpent showed up near our Holy land. Ji Hu, Ji Feng and Ji Shui are missing... This...’’

’’I will look into this. My brother, you're no longer the leader. You don't have to worry about this kind of things any more. Just focus on guarding the Cold Brook Valley.’’ Said Ji Shu frowningly and coldly.

Ji Hao stood up, dragged Ji Xia's arm.

Ji Shu, Ji Xiao, Jiang Yao, and the father of Ji Feng and JI Shui threw a glance at Ji Hao simultaneously. Especially Jiang Yao, her beautiful face was as twisted as a ghost;if she wasn't trying so hard to control her rage, she probably had already exploded.

Ji Hao looked at her twisted face and intentionally said: ’’Ji Shu, my uncle, according to the rule of the South Wasteland, if a man died, all of his properties can be inherited by his brothers. I've met Jiang Xue a couple of days ago, I found her really pretty. I'd like to have her. Uncle Ji Shu, why don't you just give her to me?’’

Ji Hao then wiped his own nose, showed a simple and honest face and continued: ’’Though Ji Wu died before he married to Jiang Xue, it was a bit...unlucky. But, she's really pretty, so I wouldn't mind.’’

Jiang Yao's face turned even darker in rage. She clenched her own fists so hard that her nails have dug into the flesh. Her arms was trembling;she even broke one of her fingers off.

Ji Shu stayed silent for a while, then smiled grudgingly and said: ’’Hao, you're right about the rule... But, though Wu's dead, he still had a few more cousins... You're just a distant cousin of him... I think... it's not yet your turn to have Jiang Xue.’’

Ji Hao signed, threw up his hands and said: ’’Ah... yes, yes, I forgot about those kids. I understand, I do. But... Jiang Xue's really pretty, I really fancy her. So...please do give her to me after those kids died as well. ’’

Ji Mu, who was sitting behind Ji Shu almost jerked himself up when he heard what Ji Hao said. Ji Mu was one of the blood brothers of Ji Shu;his sons were those cousins they were talking about. In his eyes, Ji Hao just cursed his sons to die.

Ji Shu put his hand on Ji Mu's shoulder, pressed Ji Mu back in his seat.

Ji Shu then said harshly to Ji Xia: ’’All right. Things are all settled! Ji Xia, my brother, you should make your trip to the Coldbrook valley now. You only have two months to get everything ready in the Coldbrook Valley. That lode is highly important to the development of our clan. You can't let that lode fall into the Black Water Serpent Clan's hands!’’

Ji Xia tapped his own chest and said in a low voice: ’’As long as I'm alive, the Coldbrook Valley will be ours.’’

Ji Xia then walked out of the meeting dome. Ji Hao was following Ji Xia and also walked out.

When they trod through the mulberry woods, Ji Hao laughed out loud and said: ’’Abba! Have you seen Ji Shu and his family'faces? Haha!’’

Ji Xia sighed, patted Ji Hao on his head then said: ’’Ji Xiao and I... We were close when we were young. But now...he has got something else in his mind. To work with the Bi Fang Clan might bring profit for themselves... But have they ever thought about our clan?’’

Ji Xia remained silent for a little while, then murmured: ’’Hu, Feng and Shui... The three kids were quite talented. But they ganged up with outsiders and attempted to hurt our own people... They deserved to die... Such a shame...’’

Ji Hao didn't say anything. Ji Shu and his people seemed very calm during the past three days. Ji Hao knew that they were planning something big.

Two hours later, Ji Xia's troop left the Gold Black Mountain and headed into the Northern jungle along with low and deep beasts' roar.

Coldbrook Valley was ten-thousand miles away from the Gold Black Mountain. It wasn't easy for them to get to the valley within two months.


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