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The Magus Era - Chapter 279


Chapter 279 - Tusk

’’My fat...Oh my god, such a huge, amazing scene!’’

Yu Mu struggled to get back up from the ground while quivering and yelling. Half of his pot had been melted by the two flame bombs detonated by Man Man. There was melted iron on his chubby back and butt, burning his skin.

His eyes had popped up and he had even forgotten to complain about the flame that had burned his highly-cherished fat. He was staring in front of him with a shocked expression.

Ji Hao stamped his feet against the ground, causing a stream of wind to rise from the ground, helping him and his teammates into the air. To trod on wind and fly with solely the power of a Senior Magus, was something that made Ginger, who had been watching the fight from the cliff behind, subconsciously nod. He silently valued Ji Hao even more than he had been before.

From the east a huge group of thunder beasts roared while rushing over. Thunder beasts were shaped like cattle, but had only one leg and a horn on their forehead. Lightning bolts with lengths of over a few zhang continuously darted out from those horns. Even when the sky would be blue and without any clouds, if these beasts passed through somewhere, lightning would ceaselessly fall from the sky, against their horns, along with sounds of rumbling thunder.

According to the legends, the thunder beasts were once the pets of the ancient Thunder God, who lived in the heaven. But, after the heaven collapsed the Thunder God disappeared, causing these beasts to descend to earth. They lived and prospered in a mysterious and magical place named Thunder Luster, located in the Midland, expanding their race.

Once these beasts matured, they had power similar to a Senior Magus level human. These beasts were gigantic and muscular. They stamped their single leg madly against the ground, causing the earth and the surrounding mountains to tremble. Each of these beasts was carrying a warrior, who was wrapped in a faint layer of lightning. This magnificent army of lightning beasts rushed towards Ji Hao like a roaring and dazzling torrent.

At the place called the Thunder Luster, lived a human clan, who were believed to be the offsprings of the Thunder God. Everyone in that clan possessed the power of thunder and lightning. Amongst all the human race clans, the Thunder Luster Clan was ranked in the top ten.

Warriors of the Thunder Luster Clan, who were meters tall, were waving their gigantic axes and growling enraged. Their resonating, wild voices mixed with the thunder coming down from the sky, made even the surrounding mountain tremble violently.

There were at least fifty thousand thunder beasts in this great army. If you added the warriors on their backs, then this army was easily capable of crushing the fifty thousand Jia Clan warriors of Di Sha's army, by only having a frontal combat.

Although those Jia Clan warriors were powerful and brave, they were still only armed infantries. If they would attacks of the Thunder Luster Clan warriors, who were riding thunder beasts, the Jia Clan warriors would be at a disadvantage.

From the west, tens of thousands of serpents were wriggling over in formidable array.

Even the smallest of the serpents was over twenty zhangs long, and over ten serpents, who had been leading the entire army, were even more gigantic than that huge water serpent Ji Hao had seen in the Cold Stream Valley. Each of these khaki coloured, nearly ten-mile long serpents had a pair of horns on their heads, and four caruncles under the belly, obviously, these powerful gigantic serpents were showing signs of turning into real dragons.

Three to five warriors or Maguspriest were standing on the back of each the serpents. Only ten serpents at the front of the army were carrying a single black-clothed Maguspriest on their backs. These black-clothed Maguspriests were each releasing a strong and negative sense of power, and their bodies were faintly wrapped by dark-coloured streams of power. Even from a great distance out Ji Hao and his teammates were able to hear the screams and howls of the ghosts and dark spirits in those dark streams of power.

Ji Hao frowned. This army that had come from the west was clearly from the Northern Wasteland.

Ji Hao could sense exactly the same kind of power from this great army as he had sensed from the people of the Black Water Serpent Clan back in the Southern Wasteland. Their power had a sense of evil and cold-like feeling. It was similar to how water that had stood still for countless years, which gave an indescribable feeling of being suffocated.

Mr Crow cawed out unsettlingly. It had fought against those single-horned serpents of the Black Water Serpent Clan for hundreds of years, and was now subconsciously filled with hostility to all kinds of snakes and serpents. Wisps of fiery light spurted out from its pupils, while its pair of beady eyes instantly turned blood-red.

Having taken a complicated glance at this large-scale army coming from the west, Ji Hao turned his head to the north.

Right behind Di Sha's main army, a hundred, over three-hundred zhangs tall, Kuafu Family's giants carried towering ancient trees that been conveniently pulled out by them, and were nearing Di Sha's army with slow, even leisured footsteps. From over a hundred miles, Ji Hao could even clearly see those huge pores on the faces of these Kuafu Family's giants.

More or less, the skins of these Kuafu Family's giants warriors were covered in dragon scales, which were light blue and were sparkling under the sunshine;especially on the middle of their eyebrows, left chest, temples, and other vital body parts, those dragon scales were much denser and thicker.

Kuafu Yan, who had taught Ji Hao how to forge weapons and tools was one of members of the Kuafu Family. But this was the very first time for Ji Hao to witness this many giant from the Kuafu Family gathered together, all at once. They were more like a hundred small mountains, continuously moving forward. He could not even imagine that if they swung those tremendous trees they were holding in their hands down with all of their powers, how horrible and destructive that would be.

The Kuafu Family was a special and magical family among the entire human race. They had achieved the peak of physical strength. It was also quite rare to see a clan of human race where even the Maguspriests would carry a huge weapon and rush into the battlefield and fight against their enemy solely relying on their physical strength.

Behind the hundred giant warriors of the Kuafu Family, thirty enormous chariots were moving forward with a loud, ground-shaking thunderous noise.

Ji Hao took a very deep breath while staring at those chariots. He knew that those chariots were called 'Tortoise Chariot'. Every single one of these Tortoise Chariots was made from the shell, left by a magical divine tortoise after it died.

Magical divine Tortoises were immensely huge shaped. If they wished to do so, a magical divine tortoise was fully capable of expanding its body to tens of thousands of miles in radius. It is not difficult to imagine how thick and solid its shell was and how great the defensive capabilities of it were.

With great amounts of efforts made by generations of human emperors, the humankind had finally reached an agreement with the leader of the magical divine tortoise race that before each magical divine tortoise died, it would take off its own shell with a special magic and give it to the alliance of the human clans. The alliance would then send those shell into the Magi Palace, and the master craftsmen of the Magi Palace would make them into Tortoise Chariots.

Every Tortoise Chariot was only around ten-zhang in radius. A tortoise shell that could expand up to tens of miles in radius, had been compressed into ten-zhang in radius with a secret magic. It was completely imaginable how thick and dense these shells had become, and how great the defensive power of these Tortoise Chariots was.

With all the powers, technologies and resources of the entire humankind that related to the making process of the Tortoise Chariot, the Magi Palace had only made three-hundred Tortoise Chariots so far, and a whole thirty of them appeared all together here, on this battlefield.

Every Tortoise Chariot was being pulled by twelve fierce and brutal beasts, called 'Zheng'. These beasts were all completely covered in sharp thorns, and their bodies were of pure silver, as if they were forged from metal. These beasts were all crazily roaring, ceaselessly letting out clouds of freezing air from their mouths, which even froze the ground, leaving a thick layer of ice on the ground.

Behind the thirty Tortoise Chariots, were five-hundred enormous puppet beasts. These puppets beasts were all over ten-zhangs tall, had different shapes and were completely forged with a special kind of alloy. These especially heavy and gigantic puppets were moving forwards slowly. Every time after they had taken a step forward, their feet would sink into the ground by a few feet. Even the solid rock ground of the Chi Ban Mountain couldn't hold their weights.

These gigantic puppet beasts' bodies were thickly dotted with all kinds of large-scale battle machines and tools, every single puppet beast had over a hundred human warriors standing on their bodies and manipulating these battle machines and tools.

Along with a loud buzzing noise, streams of dense yellow light continuously flowed between the bodies of these puppet beasts when they were walking. Those master Magi tutors who had mastered magic formations, had linked these puppet beasts together with a powerful large-scale defensive magic formation, therefore, if the enemies tried to destroy these puppet beasts, they had to destroy all five-hundred of them at once, otherwise, ordinary attacks would not come even close in harming them.


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