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The Magus Era - Chapter 278


Chapter 278 - Encircled

The three waves of blood came over as if with the intent to engulf the whole world. Ji Hao gritted his teeth and jumped up from the ground, but just as he was about to try resisting the waves of blood, to his surprise he saw Taisi standing up.

The scrawny Taisi had a strange, weird grin on his face, while his pure black eyes lacked all traces of luster. There were a few complicated spell symbols faintly visible within those black eyes of his. He raised his hands, waved his bone cane, along with which a wisp of black-coloured smoke spurted from his head, condensing into a silhouette of a devil-like being, fluttering into the wind.

’’Everything in the world belongs to the netherworld. The netherworld is the base of this world, it is our roots, and it is a place for us to sleep in peace.’’ Taisi murmured while quickly flicking his fingers in weird motions in front of his chest. A slight wisp of black smoke was brought up by his finger, which then quickly formed into tens of odd-shaped spell symbols.

Followed by a swooshing noise, those black symbols formed by the wisp of smoke clashed against the blood waves in the blink of an eye.

The terrifying and roaring blood waves suddenly collapsed, those black sticky blood burst into clouds of black smoke, covering up the sky. Soon they were being absorbed into those spell symbols emitted by Taisi. Taisi's body slightly quivered;it seemed some magical power contained in those blood waves was absorbed by him through those spell symbols, causing his scrawny and boney body to instantly grow a little bigger.

Ji Hao had seen clearly that the power contained in those waves of blood was far greater than needed to crush tens of hundreds of Senior Magi like Taisi. Even more convinced was he that with Taisi's scrawny body, even if one of those three waves of blood hit him, he would be crushed instantly into nothingness.

However, it seemed that if those waves of blood were like a vast primitive jungle, Taisi's power was like a small blazing match. It didn't matter if the jungle was boundless, the tiny flame was more than enough to set the entire jungle ablaze and destroy it completely.

This had nothing to do with whether Taisi's power was greater or not than the power of the blood waves. It was instead connected to the different affinities of the different kinds of powers and some even more mysterious natural laws.

Wisps of purple smoke rose from the middle of Ji Hao's eyebrows, while his Golden Dan began rotating slowly in his spiritual space. He could even feel that when those blood waves were coming over, the surrounding environment seemed to have been resisting the power contained in the blood waves.

At the time that Taisi had released his spell symbols, a part of the initial power contained in the surrounding environment had on its own accordance merged with the power contained in Taisi's spell symbols. That power corresponded with Taisi and shattered the incoming blood waves, while devouring the power contained in those blood waves.

Those black spell symbols rose into the air. They had expanded to tens of times their original size when they had first been formed. They transformed into black arrows one after another, swishing across the air above the valley, directly piercing into the main army of Di Sha, which had already been fighting hard against the heavy rain of arrows shot out by the archers of the Great Gale Clan.

’’And the netherworld is...’’ gnashing his teeth, Taisi squeezed out a few words with a creepy and cold voice, from between his teeth. Not even a little bit of human emotion could be sensed from his voice.


Large amounts of black spell symbols exploded right inside the orderly formed army led by Di Sha. Black smoke swept across the entire area;everywhere those black smoke rolled past, no matter whether they were the elite warriors of the Yu Clan or the warriors of the Jia Clan or those slave warriors and slaves, every single one of them would quickly wither and become dehydrated, and their armours would rapidly be corroded by the black smoke.

It seemed like all of them had been through tens of thousands of years within one moment, and suddenly became shriveled, withered and rotten dry dead bodies.

Taisi had launched the attack with the power he had absorbed from those blood waves, and suddenly killed over two hundred Yu Clan warriors and over three-thousand Jia Clan warriors. Those slave warriors and slaves were relatively further away from Taisi, therefore, only hundreds of them were killed.

’’Nice job!!’’ Ji Hao waved his arms madly in excitement, yelling at Di Sha, who had been standing on the first floor of the divine tower, ’’Di Sha! It's me who killed your idiot brother! Want to kill me? Come down yourself!’’

Taking a deep breath, Ji Hao laughed out loud and continued, ’’Twice, those stupid assassins, who can merge their bodies with shadows, were sent to kill me. Did you hire them? Well, it was a shame that they have failed to kill me twice now, and all were killed by me instead!’’

Ji Hao's loud yell resounded through hundreds of miles in radius, reducing the morale of Di Sha's army to an extreme point.

When Ginger's bug puppets had rushed into the army and killed large numbers of warriors, they hadn't taken that seriously at all. It was a great war and people would always die in such wars, all the warriors in Di Sha's main army had a deep understanding of that.

When being attacked by the archers of Great Gale Clan with a heavy arrow rain, and from time to time, someone among them would be pierced into a human-shaped griddle by those arrows and die, those Di Sha's warriors had not become frightened at all, on the contrary, they were enraged and became even braver than before. Attacks launched by enemies and arrows shot out by enemies had stimulated their will to fight.

However, after Ji Hao had yelled out the personal hatred between Di Sha and himself, and pointed out that Di Sha had hired assassins to kill him but failing to do it, those Yu Clan and Jia Clan warriors suddenly lost their will to fight.

’’General Di Sha's brother was killed? And he couldn't even revenge for his own brother! What a useless guy!’’

’’Tell me about it! We're so unlucky to be under the command of such a useless man. He can never lead us to win a war!’’

’’Assassins who can merge their bodies with shadows? Did General Di Sha hire the Shadow Devil? But how could the Shadow Devil fail on missions? Was it because General Di Sha was not willing to pay for powerful assassins, and only hired the weakest assassins among them?’’

’’We are being led by a general who was not even willing to spend money to extract revenge for his own brother and family! Great Blood Moon, we have no future!’’

Some of the young men of the Yu Clan, who came from the Dishi Family and Di Family even led their guards and warriors into retreat. They looked at Di Sha while sulking, using their eyes to tell him that they would not follow his lead anymore.

Di Sha's face suddenly turned into a dark blue.

He had a deep understanding of some of the hidden rules of the Yu Dynasty. He was fully aware that an army like this, formed by elite warriors who had come from various large scale and influential families, would be extremely hard to keep under control and to manage. But, under no circumstances, had he anticipated that Ji Hao would be able to shake the morale of this army by only yelling around.

The glory of the Yu Clan, the pride of the Yu Clan, and the, strange, unreasonable rules of the Yu Clan!

Di Sha's eyes had even turned green in rage, while staring at Ji Hao. He suddenly pulled out his sword and pierced it into his own chest. The long and sharp sword pierced into his right chest and came out from his back. Blood spurted out like a fountain along the narrow blood reservoir on the edge of the sword.

’’With the Blood Moon as my witness, I, Di Sha, a member of the great Di family, will wash the humiliation suffered by my family off with my contribution! What this lowly barbarian has done to my brother, I will do to him too, only a million times worse!’’

Di Sha roared with a hoarse voice, while his eyeballs were blood-red. ’’You shameless, lowly barbarian! I have been occupied with army matters, which is why I had no time to spare for you...But, since you appeared on your own will in front of me, I will certainly sever your head from your shoulders, turning your skull into a wine container that I will always carry with me. I will also kill a million of your race, and offer their blood to the soul of my brother!’’

Blood ceaselessly spurted out, but Di Sha glared at the surrounding Yu Clan's warriors and growled, ’’I, Di Sha, am willing to die in this battle, what about you?!’’

For no reason, all those Yu Clan's warriors suddenly became incomparably courageous, and pulled out their weapons one after another, shoutinh out towards the sky.

The morale, which had nearly dissipated earlier because of Ji Hao's words, had now suddenly been raised in such an inexplicable way. Ji Hao and the others speechlessly watched this show performed by Di Sha, and had absolutely no idea what those non-human race warriors were thinking about.

Resonating horns came from afar, in the East, West, even the North, the only direction that Di Sha's army could retreat to, fluttering battle banners, which had human-silhouette totems painted on them, simultaneously raised into the air.

The armies transferred over by Si Wen Ming had arrived, and encircled Di Sha's army from all four directions.


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Translated by XianXiaWorld


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