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The Magus Era - Chapter 277


Chapter 277 - Burn the blood

The [Breath of the Gold Crow], one of the special abilities that Ji Hao had gained from his Gold Crow bloodline.

With the golden-red flame, which had burst out of his mouth was adhesive and solid, as a thick stream of lava, along with a great and bright power that gave a similar sense as the power of the sun, which could annihilate all kinds of evil in the world, Ji Hao rushed towards the tsunami of blood that was rushing in his direction.

When he had been a Junior Magus, Ji Hao was only able to cast a sphere of flame with a radius of ten zhang with his [Breath of the Gold Crow]. But, after making his breakthrough to the level of Senior Magus and awakening a few Magus Acupoints, the range of his [Breath of the Gold Crow] had improved by tens of times. The gold-red flame was shining as bright as the sun itself and suddenly enshrouded the entire area within a few miles.

There were countless tiny spell symbols sparkling inside the black, corruptive blood. Those were the evil dark curse symbols mixed with the blood curse, which was the most difficult to deal with. The waves of the black blood collided against the Gold Crow flames, causing a great boom, making it sound as if it was a fight between true gods.

Fire and water are not be able to ever coexist, neither can light and darkness tolerate each other.

The black-coloured, stinking and corrupting blood started to burn, while releasing a foul smell and clouds of dense smoke. Streams of gold-red wrapped the smoke up and set these clouds, which were filled with the power of the curse, ablaze as well. An especially great power rapidly purified those dense smokes, causing the burning smoke to quickly become lighter and lighter, under the shine of the sun and eventually turned into faintly multicoloured light clouds.

Just as the legend said, the Gold Crow flame was able to naturally suppress all kinds of evil and curses, however, Di Sha had absorbed all the powers from tens of Senior Magus level Yu Clan elite warriors, and activated the blood curse with the power of the divine tower. Additionally, he had detonated the spirit blood of over two hundred thousand human prisoners and slaves, creating this horrible tsunami of blood.

The Gold Crow flame let out by Ji Hao had only been able to hold off the tsunami of blood for a short moment, and when the horrible waves of blood clashed on his body, Ji Hao only felt a violent shock of the entire world, and then the majority of his body sank deeply into the blood-red rock ground.

The rocks of Chi Ban Mountain were especially solid. Even more solid than ordinary iron by a hundred times, every piece of rock could endure great powers and massive bombs. That was why the alliance of human clans choose this area as their main battlefield, for blocking the intrusion of the non-human races.

However, the slightest touch of the wave of blood caused Ji Hao to be struck into the ground. Only his shoulders and head were left above ground. Roaring waves of blood swooshed over ceaselessly, the Gold Crow flame launched by Ji Hao, currently completely suppressed, shrank rapidly. Ji Hao watched the stream of flame dying out under the horrible wave of blood and the fearfully great power contained within struck directly onto Ji Hao's body along the dying stream of flame. Ji Hao felt that thousands of huge mountains suddenly pressed on his body simultaneously and that he couldn't even move his little finger.

Luckily, the heavy and solid turtle shell armour had been protecting him the whole time, otherwise, he would have been crushed into a puddle of meat paste long ago.

Countless black spell symbols sparkled, approaching Ji Hao along the shrinking stream of flame as if they were living creatures.

Everywhere those black spell symbols reached, the golden-red flame let out by Ji Hao would immediately turn black, and the great, magnificent power of the sun contained in the flame, would turn into a dark, extremely evil and negative power.

In the blink of an eye, the black symbols had reached Ji Hao's turtle shell armour, through the streams of flame. The silhouette of the turtle floating above his head, which was condensed from the power of water, gave a brief roar, causing waves of powerful, black ripples that spread to all directions. The next instant, all the black symbols that had been swept by these ripples burst into wisps of cold, black smoke and fell onto the ground.

A sizzling noise could be heard coming from the ground;countless tiny holes were instantly formed in the blood-red rock ground by the corrosive effect of the blood.

’’Watch this!!’’

Man Man abruptly yelled out while swinging her pair of gigantic hammers, intending to smash the roaring tsunami of blood. But suddenly, she paused, blinked her eyes and laughed out, and said, ’’Ha, nearly got fooled! Abba said that my hammers can only go against solid things, smashing weirdly soft, Man Man is not that powerful yet.’’

Instantly dropping her pair of hammers, Man Man then took out a full handful of thumb-sized, red thunder pearls. Gritting her teeth and hesitating, Man Man was planning on throwing a whole handful of them out at once, but Ji Hao glanced at those thunder pearls in her hand and immediately had cold sweat gushing out of his forehead and back. He hurriedly yelled out at Man Man.

’’Man Man, Man Man! Are these thunder pearls made by your Abba? Or craftsmen working for your Abba?’’

Man Man paused briefly again, but she then quickly flicked her ginger and sent out two thunder pearls darting directly into the blood wave. After that, she turned her head around and responded, ’’Eh? Ji Hao, how did you know these are made by my Abba himself...’’

Two thunderous booms came out from those blood waves, along with which, the two tiny little thunder pearls released sky-devouring flames for a moment, which rampantly spread towards all directions.

A great, violent, scorching hot and unscrupulous power instantly shrouded the entire area. Ji Hao couldn't help but scream out when he leapt up from the ground. He grabbed Taisi, who was standing behind him, tightly held and hurriedly pressed him hard against the ground. The black turtle silhouette floating above Ji Hao's head instantly let out deep yet resonant roars, the water essence power came out from its mouth transformed into waves of black mist and spread out quickly, shrouding Ji Hao, Taisi, Lie Mountain Gang and the three-thousand armed black cheetah army soldiers.

’’Ah! Ah! I caused trouble again!’’ Man Man screamed out as well, while hurriedly taking out a few fire-red jade talisman and crushing them in her hands.

Bright fiery light darted out from Man Man's hands and swiftly wrapped all the members of the black cheetah army and her team up, following her intention. After that, Man Man looked at Shaosi confused, who was now nearly soaked in cold sweat, and asked, ’’Why did I say 'again'?’’

Shaosi helplessly shook her head, then locked her fingers together and incanted a spell in a low voice. Along with her voice, white light spots fell from the air like sparkling rain, and condensed into a faintly shining white spell symbol above everyone's head, then quickly merged with their bodies.

Incanting blessing spells for over three-thousand people, Shaosi's pretty face instantly turned deadly pale, then into a scary blue. She was not even able to stand steadily anymore, softly leaning against Man Man.

Man Man hurriedly held Shaosi up while her armour let out a dazzling fiery light, transforming into a translucent, shining light mountain, shielding both of them.

The two flame bombs were made by Zhu Rong himself, and were magically great powerful disposable weapons of mass destruction. Zhu Rong was quite bored in Pu Ban City, so he collected the ancient magical flame from the earth core and purified extreme fire essence power from it, making them into these flame bombs. The battle effectiveness of every single flame bomb was only equal to a careless punch of an ordinary Senior Magus, but the extreme fire essence power released out by it right after the explosion was great enough to burn any peak-level Senior Magus into a puff of smoke.

The surrounding air temperature rose rapidly. Followed by a loud buzzing noise, the black watery mist spread out from Ji Hao's turtle shell armour suddenly broke down. Lie Mountain Gang growled loudly out a rude curse. The three-thousand heavily-armed soldiers behind him were sent flying high into the air by the flame.

Their armours had been burned by the extreme fire essence power, slowly heating up, turning red, then gradually softening. Not long after that, all of their armours showed signs of melting. Lie Mountain Gang and all the other soldiers were badly burned and letting out waves of howls that sounded like the cries of ghosts.

Fortunately, they were sent flew away by the massive explosion, which had sent them away from the explosive center of the flame bombs, and saved them from being burnt into ashes, also preventing their armours from melting completely.

The madly roaring blood waves that had even reached the sky struck against the explosive power of the two flame bombs. The first wave of blood was immediately evaporated, after that, waves of blood swooshed over and soon. Eighteen hundreds of zhangs tall blood were burned into clouds of smoke by the flame.

Until the flame dissipated, only the last three waves of blood remained roaring towards Ji Hao and the others.


Edited by SecondRate

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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