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The Magus Era - Chapter 276


Chapter 276 - Blood Waves

’’The world knows no mercy and treats all creatures like stray dogs.’’Gui Ling suddenly narrowed her eyes. A bright light immediately spurted out from her eyes that went hundreds of zhang far.

’’Unspeakably magical, it's the true righteous spirit,’’ Her body quivered slightly while she murmured in a low voice. ’’His words sounded so simple and normal, but it has shaken even my heart. This is nothing else but the voice of the natural law. Little friend Ji Hao, when our teacher meets you, he will certainly be so happy.’’

On the other mountaintop, the two man laughed out loud once again.

’’Brother, this kid is so reckless. How dares he make such a deadly big vow, saying that he would slaughter all non-human races for these lowly people. Not to mention, even if these lowly, ant-like people were worth this, it is still so ridiculous for him to have said he would kill all non-human races, ridiculous.’’

’’Hm, he doesn't even know what he is talking about. Kill all non-human races? If our two grandmasters meet this stupid kid...such an arrogant kid, who dares to make a vow like this. He is seeking for death. A real arrogant, stupid and ridiculous kid, who doesn't even know what he has just said.’’

The eyes of Ginger and Great Gale Bao started to shine suddenly, and they said, ’’Kill all non-human races, ha, good! This is how a man of our humankind should be!’’

Great Gale Bao let out three loud laughers in a row, then pulled his longbow open and shot out three shrilly swishing arrows towards the sky. Those blood-red arrows directly darted into the air while letting out a resonating dragon-roar-like swishing sound. Along with the sound, large groups of iron-feathered eagles darted into the sky from the valley behind him.

The iron-feathered eagles had a wingspan of only less than three zhangs, and were relatively small in shape when compared to the other large-scale fighting birds. However, the iron-feathered eagles were especially fierce and could fly at lightning speed. Their reaction time was extremely fast in the air. In the air, these iron-feathered eagles were incomparably flexible, moreover, their feathers were solid and withy and could block all attacks that were launched by sharp weapons like swords, machetes and arrows. Therefore, this kind of fighting birds were especially preferred by the archers of the Eastern Wasteland.

Over ten thousand iron-feathered eagles had flown out from the valley, and each of those eagles were carrying an archer, who was wearing leather armour and carrying a longbow, while continuously letting out long and resonating shouts. Under control of these archers, those iron-feathered eagles rose into the air to over a hundred thousand feet high altitude, instantly.

These iron-feathered eagles were powerful and fast. It only took the span of fewer than five breaths to get from the ground to a high altitude. The archers who were standing on their backs were all elite archers. They were from Emperor Shun's guard regiment, under direct command of the Emperor. During these five breaths, every single one of them had shot out a hundred arrows.

These arrows caused the sky to darken. A whole million arrows swished down from the sky along with high-pitched noises. The heavy rain of arrows flew past the valley that was filled with the weak human prisoners. Instead, these arrows darted directly towards the official army under Di Sha's command.

These one million arrows were all ordinary ironwood arrows, which were the simplest and cheapest kind of arrow. You could buy a thousand of them with a jade coin. If someone would trade all these arrows for jade coins, you would be able to carry all these coins in a slightly bigger leather bag.

However, a whole million arrows swooshed down from the air simultaneously;this scene was still worse than any nightmare.

Every single arrow was wrapped in a cyan gust of wind. All these archers led by Great Gale Bao, had activated their Great Gale magic, which was the most common used archery magic in the Eastern Wasteland, when shooting arrows. The arrows darted as fast as the fierce wind, and couldn't even be seen clearly with bare eyes. Cyan-coloured spots of light fell from the air, accurately into the groups of the non-human race army, who hadn't yet moved into the valley.

Over ten thousand slaves howled out together. Their single half-body armours were punctured by only the first wave of arrows, after that, the second waves of arrows thickly pierced into their bodies and knocked them down on the ground, causing them to twitch crazily. Soon, the great power contained in those arrows tore them into tiny pieces.

Behind those slaves, thousands of Jia Clan warriors had formed into a square-shaped formation. Seeing those swishing arrows that had even darkened the sky, these Jia Clan warriors had grabbed the heavy and huge shield carried on the back of each of them simultaneously and shielded themselves underneath them.

The incoming waves of arrows collided against those shields like a roaring heavy rain, and streams of bright light let out by the spell symbols on the surfaces of those shields sparkled around that shield.

After tens of waves of fierce arrows, those spell symbol, which had been stricken hard in a row, finally exploded, and those heavy and thick metal shields cracked into pieces along with sounds of thunderous booms. The next wave of arrows that came right after that swished into the formation of the Jia Clan warriors, swiftly piercing through their armours.

Those thick and fully metallic armours repeated what those shields had done;they spurted out bright streams of light and wrapped those Jia Clan's warriors up, but soon exploded under the destructive powers of those arrows, one after another. Those arrows pierced into bodies of Jia Clan warriors through their thick and well-crafted armours, tore their bodies apart, piercing into their internal organs and bones. Inside their bodies, the cyan-coloured gust of wind that was wrapped around the arrowheads, exploded abruptly into tiny yet fierce gusts of winds, circulating madly inside the bodies of those warriors.

Those Jia Clan warriors growled out in pain, while pulling out the arrows from their bodies and letting fresh blood spurt out.

They gasped quickly and deeply. Their great life-force quickly healed their wounds, even their broken internal organs had all recovered completely within a short while, however, those arrows had indeed consumed their life-force and strength, in such a manner that both their strength and battle effectiveness had dropped by at least a thirty percent.

Countless arrows still ceaselessly swished towards them, piercing into their bodies and continuously causing new wounds.

Those Jia Clan warriors were waving their weapons hard, hacking waves of arrows into pieces, however, there were way too many and densely clustered arrows. A few arrows would always survive under their weapons and pierce into their bodies, causing them a great pain and consuming their strength and life force at the same time.

Those arrows had stopped the Di Sha army from moving into the army, only tens of thousand of slaves kept pushing those human prisoners towards Ji Hao and the black cheetah army.

Di Sha had a faint evil smile on his face. He stood on the first floor of the divine tower while tens of deputy commanders stared at him. Streams of blood-red light spurted out from the erect eyes of these deputy commanders, which were being absorbed by Di Sha's body, providing a horribly great amount of power, which he could spend lavishly.

’’Slaughter all of us. Stupid, ignorant barbarian,’’ cursed Di Sha in a low voice, ’’If you hadn't kill Di Luo, that useless stupid brother of mine, I wouldn't even take a glance at you, a weak, poor barbarian. This is your glorious moment, I am acknowledging you formally as my enemy!’’

He stretched his arms and abruptly raised both of them, after which Di Sha roared harshly, ’’You uncivilized poor creatures, bear my, Di Sha's, anger. On behalf of our Di Family, I am now begging the great Blood Moon for mercy, for endless glory, to wash off the humiliation, which my useless brother Di Luo had brought us with his death.’’

Inside the valley, the bodies over a hundred thousand human prisoners and a hundred thousand slaves exploded simultaneously, turning into a terrifying tsunami of blood, roaring towards Ji Hao and the others.

That red fresh blood, which emitted a dense horribly scent of blood rapidly corrupted and turned black, soon releasing a pungent stink. Along with extremely evil power, coming from the dark blood curse, those black blood rose into the air, like black and deadly waves, hundreds of zhangs high from the sky, and swooshed down, directly towards Ji Hao and the others.

Ji Hao had made up his mind to kill those poor human prisoners, and his decision exposed Di Sha's plan, forcing him to trigger the blood curse before he had planned to, and raised such a terrible blood tsunami.

If Ji Hao had been unable to make the decision and let those human prisoners rush into the army, they would explode right next to Lie Mountain Gang and the three-thousand heavily armoured warriors;he couldn't even imagine how dangerous that would be.

’’Di Sha!’’

Ji Hao shouted out. The following moment, he opened his mouth and let out a raging stream of Gold Crow flame, then rushing towards the tsunami of blood.


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Translated by XianXiaWorld


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