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The Magus Era - Chapter 275


Chapter 275 - Determination

While those human prisoners were rushing towards Ji Hao and the black cheetah army, thousands miles away on top of a huge mountain, Gui Ling was sitting under a towering tree with her legs crossed. Her eyes were shining with a mysterious and bright light, while she was watching at every single movement that happened on the battlefield.

A few of her apprentices were standing at the side. One girl, who looked quite honest and adorable, said carefully, ’’Dear tutor, if you were there, would you kill those people?’’

Gui Ling raised her head and glanced at the sky, while slightly waving the horsetail whisk in her hand, and letting out a faint, mysterious, complicated smile.

Quite a long while later, Gui Ling said slowly, ’’If I would be there, I would show my real body and block that valley for good. No matter how many human prisoners they might have send, none of them would be able to even get into that valley.’’

The faces of the few apprentices twisted simultaneously. They looked at their tutor with weird expressions. The young girl who had just asked the question stamped her feet against the ground and complained, ’’Tutor, that's not even a solution. How could you do this? The problem wouldn't be solved even if you blocked the valley.’’

While grinning faintly, Gui Ling gently looked at that girl and said in a low voice, ’’Kill or not kill, regarding this problem, not only me, your tutor, or our little friend Ji Hao, even your grandmaster, my tutor, probably doesn't have the correct answer yet.’’

The black jade Ruyi held in her hand abruptly let out a sharp black beam of light. Gui Ling narrowed her eyes and murmured to herself, ’’Tutor, facing these people, would you wave your sword? Or be as softhearted as back then?’’

Hearing the word 'grandmaster', the faces of each of Gui Ling's apprentices instantly became serious. They politely and hurriedly saluted to the sky, in the meanwhile, they couldn't help but look curiously at their tutor, Gui Ling. They were all fully aware of how powerful and mysterious their grandmaster was. Only over hundred-thousand weak human prisoners were like groups of ants in front of their grandmaster. How could they trouble that greatly powerful grandmaster?

In the opposite direction of where Gui Ling was staying at, and a thousands of miles away as well, two men, wearing simple white flax clothes, with bare white feet and their long hair hung loosely on their backs, were also standing on top of a mountain and were watching the battlefield that Ji Hao and his friends were fighting in.

The two men had tender skin that was as smooth and shining as jade. Both of their pupils had hazy silhouettes of white lotuses faintly sparkling inside them. When they saw those weak human prisoners being forced to rush toward Ji Hao and the black cheetah army, they laughed out simultaneously.

’’Poor, poor people, these sad, sorrowful and bitter lives.’’

’’Brother, you're right. Therefore, this is the perfect moment for us to help them out of their bitterness, and accumulate our merits and virtues in this world.’’

’’This time, the Blood Moon has started a great war, the Chi Ban Mountain now is surrounded by miserable, poor, innocent people.’’

’’Exactly, brother, because of this great bloody cruel war, started by the Blood Moon, if these lowly miserable people want to survive, they could only join us and cultivate themselves under our guidance.’’

’’Younger brother, your words are quite reasonable, but, those lowly and weak people will not bring us too many benefits even if they are willing to use us. If those powerful Senior Magi or Magus Kings, who possess a relatively high status, fall into a deadly dangerous situation and eagerly need our help, that would be a truly great merit for us to take these people into our sect.’’

The two of them were calmly talking to each other, their faces filled with grins all the time. Sometimes, they were way too excited to control their powers, which had been thrivingly gushing around their bodies. From their mouths they would spurt white lotuses out, one after another, which lingered around their bodies along with a faint, nice fragrance.

Outside of the army, seeing more and more people rushing closer and closer to him, the long black dagger held in Ji Hao's hand was quivering slightly, but Ji Hao still couldn't give the order to kill.

’’Kill, or not kill, Ji Hao, kill, or not kill,’’ thousands of miles away, Gui Ling slowly stood up from the ground, while murmuring subconsciously.

’’Kill or not kill? Brother, look at that kid, struggling so much. It is very amusing.’’ On top of another mountain, also thousands of miles away, the two men laughed out loud again. Their laughs were filled with teases to Ji Hao's struggle and hesitation.

Kill or not kill? Ji Hao stared silently at those human prisoners. He had never slaughtered innocent people. Whether it had been in his previous life or his current life, all he had killed were his enemies, and as long as they were enemies, Ji Hao's mind would be incomparably determined and he could solve any problem by only waving his dagger.

But these elderly people, women and children, their faces were covered in blood and tears.

’’Kill! Kill them all!!’’ Those slaves, which had been pushing these prisoners into the valley, opened their mouths wide and laughed crazily. Their mouths were extremely huge, which made them look like a group of frogs at the first glance. Thick triangle-shaped sharp teeth were exposed when they opened their mouths, and the slits between their teeth still had large amounts of meat and blood stain.

From a great distance, Ji hao had sensed the horrible stink coming from the mouths of these slaves.

’’These things, probably never brush their teeth.’’ For no reason, at this deadly moment, Ji Hao had a ridiculous thought as this.

’’Ji Hao, Ji Hao!!’’ Man Man gripped her pair of hammers, nervously and slightly poked Ji Hao's shoulder with one of her hammerheads, ’’What should we do?!’’ Ji Hao staggered step forward. He had nearly been pushed onto the ground by Man Man.

Taisi was very nervous as well. He tremblingly raised his bone cane while his body spurted out wisps of black smoke, continuously gathering into the bone cane, and his eyes had turned into pure black, without any luster. As long as Ji Hao gave the order, he could immediately activate his magic curse.

Feng Xing had already disappeared. No one knew where he had hidden himself. Feng Xing liked to hide far away and let out his surprise arrows the most, and facing this kind of struggling and emergency situation, he was more than willing to step aside and let Ji Hao carry the burden.

As for Yu Mu, the fatso was now soaked in cold sweat because of the nervousness, and god knew where he got an entire bold grilled boar, and had been wolfing boar meat as if the poor boar had killed his father. Followed by a loud bone cracking noise, Yu Mu chew a thick boar leg bone broke nervously.

Behind Ji Hao, on a cliff, Ginger had been silently standing there and staring at Ji Hao.

Without knowing when, a tall and slim warrior, wearing a feather cloak and holding a longbow, showed up beside Ginger. Looking at Ji Hao, who had fallen into this deadly dilemma and had been struggling so hard, this handsome young warrior let out a bitter grin and said, ’’Elder, why don't we...’’

Ginger slightly shook his head and interrupted him, saying, ’’Bao, since Ji Hao is selected by Si Wen Ming, he has to go through this himself. In the future, he will encounter much crueler and more struggling situation than this one. A thought of his could affect the lives of countless people, you cannot help him.’’

The tall and slim warrior, named Great Gale Bao, gasped deeply, held the longbow in his arm, closed his eyes and said, ’’After the span of three breathes, I will give the order.’’

Watched by all these people, Ji Hao suddenly lifted his mask and hacked on his own face with that black long dagger.

The wound on his face was so deep that one could even see his skull. Blood gushed out immediately, instantly dying his entire face red.

Ji Hao raised the long dagger again and growled out hoarsely, ’’The world has no mercy, treating all creatures like straw dogs, both you and we are the same. You shall die in peace. In the future, I will slaughter the last monster in the world and offer their blood to your souls! Take my vow, and it will be witnessed by the heaven and the earth!’’

Once he finished the vow, the sharp, dazzlingly shining dagger edge swept across the air and let out an over hundred-zhang long beam of light.

Behind the human prisoner group, in the army, Di Sha let out a scornful smile while flicking his finger. Thousands of human prisoners, who had been rushing in the front suddenly exploded, turning into waves of blood mist and swooshing towards Ji Hao and the black cheetah army.

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