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The Magus Era - Chapter 274


Chapter 274 - Useless

A line of a thousand people, consisting of elderly humans, women and kids, all who had been captured by Di Sha, were pushed into the army while screaming and crying. The valley had immediately been filled with humans. Under force of the non-human race forces, these people staggered towards the exit of the valley.

Right then, a sensory stream of blood-red light flew right in front of Ji Hao, while quite an amount if tiny blood-red symbols collided against the body of Ji Hao. Those spell symbols exploded immediately, causing huge amounts of fiery sparks against the turtle shell armour of Ji Hao.

The sensory stream of light was unspeakably magical. When those spell symbols exploded, Ji Hao's turtle shell armour automatically let out waves of water ripple-like light screams, flowing around Ji Hao's entire armour, while one light stream condensed into a hazy black turtle silhouette above Ji Hao's head.

’’Eh?! Ji Hao! A turtle had been hiding in your armour!’’ Man Man had thrown her pair of hammers on the ground, and had been continuously crushing bird eggs, out which she poured fresh, clear egg liquid into her mouth. Ji Hao had no idea where she had found those eggs.

Seeing the silhouette of the black turtle above Ji Hao's head, Man Man immediately laughed out in excitement and yelled, ’’Man Man has an armour too! Abba traded my armour with many, many treasures in the Pu Ban City!’’

Wisps of flame slowly gushed out of Man Man's body along with her silvery laughter. The flames, which looked flowing like streams of water, gathered quickly together and gradually formed a translucent purple-red armour that was shaped according to an ancient style, with smooth and simple lines. A thick and fine layer of dragon scale patterns covered her entire armour up, while two feet in square flame patterns were embossed on the chest and back areas of the armour.

Streams of fire power gushed out of this completely sealed armour and formed into a zhangs tall volcano floating above the head of Man Man.

The natural power contained in the surrounding environment was rapidly being absorbed by the volcano, which soon transformed into pure flame and flew back into the armour. Along with which, the heat emitted by Man Man's armour increased more and more, to the point that even the rock under her feet began to melt slowly.

’’Good stuff, with this armour, Man Man you'll be a lot safer in battle.’’ Ji Hao nodded with satisfaction while patting on Man Man's head.

Man Man laughed proudly. She then hurriedly dropped those bird eggs, which were burned black by her scorching hot armour, and took out a handful of fire-red magic talismans. She handed them over to her other teammates while murmuring, ’’These are protection talismans. Abba gave them to Man Man, take them, take more, don't be too shy, just use when you need. When we get back to the Pu Ban City, we can ask Abba for plenty of these!’’

Soon, Man Man had thrust a handful of magic talisman to each of her teammates. When she walked up to Lie Mountain Gang, she hesitated, lifted her mask up, which had flame patterns embossed on it. She looked seriously at him and asked, ’’Big one, are you under the command of Lie Mountain Xu?’’

Lie Mountain Gang glanced at her, then lowered her head and looked at her seriously and responded with a muffled voice, ’’I am a close minister of Prince Kang.’’

Hearing that, Man Man gave such a big grin that her sparkling eyes had even been squeezed into two curved lines. She opened her storage bag that she tied around her waist. She carefully counted the remaining talismans contained in it, then conveniently threw the entire storage bag at Lie Mountain Gang. She said, ’’Ah, if you are working for Lie Mountain Kang then you are a good person. You can have all these talismans and give them to your soldiers as well. But, would you have been one of Lie Mountain Xu's men, Man Man would not even bother talking to you.’’

Lie Mountain Gang and the group of warriors standing behind him paused for a second, then showed faint smiles on their serious and manly faces.

Looking at the exquisite, boiling hot storage bag giving by Man Man, Lie Mountain Gang silently cupped his hands and saluted Man Man. Then he took out the hundreds of magic talismans contained in it, turned back and took a glance at the three-thousand warriors lined up behind him. He gave these magic talisman to the over a hundred, most powerful warriors of his.

’’Take this, kill more non-human monsters!’’ said Lie Mountain Gang in a low yet harsh voice, ’’Live a bit longer so you can kill a few more monsters!’’

Far away, the divine tower had already risen into the air. Di Sha stood on the bottom floor of the tower, with tens of luxurious dressed warriors of the Yu Clan floating around him, pointing their fingers at Ji Hao and the others. A dark blood-red light appeared inside the blood-red erect eye floating overhead the towers, coldly, expressionlessly staring at Ji Hao and Lie Mountain Gang's warriors.

The sounds of heavy footsteps could be heard coming from the other side of the valley. After about a quarter of an hour, huge quantities of human captives walked out of the valley, while wailing and crying. They were rushing towards Ji Hao and the others, who were standing near the exit of the valley.

The groups of slave warriors were mixed within the group of captives. They were laughing madly with high-pitched voices, while waving their long whips hard and forcing those weak and wounded human captives to run at their highest speed.

Some elderly men screamed out with their faces covered in tears and blood.

’’Do not attack! Do not attack! We're humans as well!’’

’’Help, please! I can die, but my little grandson, he's so little!’’

’’Kill these monsters, revenge our humankind, kill them!!’’

Some elderly people raised their arms, holding infants up. The young people in their clans were either killed or captured and sold as slaves. Only the old, weak, sick and wounded people like them, and these infants were forced to rush into the battlefield by those non-human race monsters.

Ji Hao slowly raised his black dagger, and suddenly, a fire-red beam of light darted out from the edge of his dagger.

Those classified and secret books he had found in the Magi Palace had recorded in details that among these non-human race monsters, the Blood Moon liked to most to force human captives to rush into the battlefield ahead of the army. If the humans would be too soft-hearted to kill these human captives, the warriors of the Yu Clan would immediately incant their blood curse spells at these human captives who were rushing into the human army. They would release the spirit blood of these humans, releasing an even more terrifying power.

Under Di Sha's control, these human captives were even more effective and powerful than Ginger's bug puppets.

However, Ginger's bug puppets couldn't cry and wail, and would never beg for living. Therefore, those bug puppets could barely cause any mentally influence on their army, while these human prisoners, who kept their minds perfectly clear, and completely understood that they were being rushed into their deaths, were totally filled with despairs and desperation. These human captives had a nearly destructive influence on the human warriors.

Many human warriors had instantly broken down their first time rushing into a real battlefield, because they were ordered to kill these weak or old human captives, who were sent into the battlefield as human bombs.

Ji Hao raised his long black dagger, but couldn't make any move.

Yu Mu, Feng Xing and Taisi, all of their faces were now deadly pale, while their bodies were trembling violently. They were filled with pain and anger.

Shaosi and Man Man were staring at Ji Hao. It was clear that the two girls didn't know what to do or if they could do anything to this situation. Both of them had put all of their attention on Ji Hao. If Ji Hao gave the order to kill, they would instantly launch deadly attacks to these human captives, who had been rushing towards them filled with despair, without the slightest bit of hesitation. But in front of these elderly men, women and children, even infants, the two girls had completely lost the capability of making decisions.

Ji Hao couldn't help but quickly and continuously swallow his saliva. His eyes looked around, neither could he make any decision.

Even though he clearly knew how terrible the consequence would be if he let these weak, vulnerable human captives rush into Lie Mountain Gang's army, he still wasn't able to make up his mind.

In the Southern Wasteland, when he had fought against the Black Water Serpent Clan and other clans, he had killed countless clansmen of the enemies' clans without showing any mercy. But these human captives in front of him, these elderly men, children and women, they were all completely vulnerable, begging for their lives, never ever having offended Ji Hao or his friend or families. They were not the clansmen from his enemies' clans;these people were simple, most ordinary human beings that could exist.

Ji Hao's mind was telling him clearly to give the order of killing.

But the moral limitation in his heart was letting out a shrill alarm, forbidding Ji Hao from making a decision like that.

Ji Hao now felt that there were two ways in front of him, one step to the right, he would go to the heaven, while one step left, and he would fall into hell.

One step right, he could become a god, while one step left, he would turn into a devil.

Ji Hao couldn't stop trembling, while cold sweat gushed out of his forehead in streams. While facing these desperate and frightened elderly people, children and women, when these poor human captives rushed closer and closer to him, less than a mile away from him, Ji Hao had truly discovered the weakness and uselessness that was buried in the deepest part inside his heart.


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Translated by XianXiaWorld


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