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The Magus Era - Chapter 271


Chapter 271 - Bug attack

Ginger gave Ji Hao a pile of thin slips, which were made from turtle shells. On those slips he had recorded his special bug puppet magic.

Ji Hao stared at the pile of slips in shock, while holding them in his hands he realized they weighed nearly nothing, then looked confused at Ginger and asked, ’’I heard that you, esteemed elder, don't have any apprentices?’’

Ginger gave a hollow and hoarse laughter, and slowly took out a few poisonous bugs and leisurely threw into his own mouth. He began chewing on them;the shells of those bugs were crushed by Ginger's teeth and letting out a series of creaking noises;it sounded like he was chewing on popcorns. He then responded in a low voice with mouth still filled with his snacks, ’’Well, apprentices, those kids, if you take apprentices, you'll be troubled endlessly, and if they get killed by others, you'll be sad, so, it's better to not take any apprentices.’’

He then slapped Ji Hao's shoulder gently with his scrawny and ice-cold palm, and continued in his ghost-like low voice, ’’When I meet kids I like, I'll teach them a few useful things. In the future, if you meet kids you like, you should teach them what I taught you. Spreading my magic out and passing them down, that way you can pay me back.’’

Ji Hao stared at Ginger with complicated emotions, without knowing what to say.

Ginger took another poisonous bug out and thrust in his own mouth, then said in a bland tone while chewing, ’’Ji Hao, kid, I like you. You, if you survive, you will grow into someone marvelous, someone, who will twist the fate of the entire human race. And the Bi Fang Clan, in the future, if there is no deadly hatred between you and them, give them a chance to survive.’’

While chuckling, Ginger then turned his head to those Magi Palace's apprentices and began yelling at them harshly.

Tens of apprentices, who had been holding those black banners all the time, hurriedly waved their banners hard as Ginger ordered. Huge amounts of bug eggs were being spurted out of those banners and soon drilled into the ground where they completely disappeared. This time, those bug eggs had hidden under the ground miles deep, after which, all senses of power and life-force of these bug eggs were frozen automatically, and these bug eggs immediately turned as cold as rocks.

Hundreds of Yu Clan young men and thousands of Jia Clan warriors, who had thrown their armours and helmets away and surrendered, were crazily darting towards Di Sha's army while gasping as quick as an engine.

Di Sha's army was approaching Ji Hao and Ginger, while these captives were running times faster than the army. After only a quarter of an hour, they had rushed into Di Sha's army and made contact with the troop in front.

Tens of slave warriors rushed up while swinging their weapons and yelling as loud as they could, ’’Dear noble lords, please clear the way for our frontal troop and walk along both sides of the army.

Before those slave warriors could finish their shouts, these Yu Clan and Jia Clan elite warriors swooshed past them as gusts of the wind, some of them even swiftly poked their fingers into these slave warriors' bodies while running, leaving deep bleeding holes on their bodies.

What those slave warriors didn't know was that, when those fingered poked into their bodies, countless tiny bug eggs had gushed out from under fingernails, and merged with their bodies.

One man of Yu Clan yelled out ragingly, ’’Idiots! How dare you talk to us like this!? Do you have any idea of your own status?!’’

While yelling and shouting, those captured warriors kept rushing straight forward, and those slave warriors, who had been pushing those captured human forward stood aside one after another in fear. However, thousands of slave warriors still were carelessly and conveniently killed by these swiftly rushing elite warriors, and had countless bug eggs merged with their bodies.

Di Sha frowned unpleasantly. He looked at those warriors rushing towards them, angrily yelled at his deputy commanders, ’’You, go deal with those idiots. A few young men from the Dishi family are among them, that's the patriarchal clan of our Di family, it's not appropriate for me to deal with them myself.’’

The two deputy commanders who were quite close to Di Sha glanced at each other, then helplessly shook their heads and whipped their riding beasts, quickly moving to those madly rushing warriors.

These two deputy commanders understood clearly that every single one of these Yu Clan young men came from large-scale families of the Blood Moon, and had solid, powerful backgrounds. As tiny deputy commanders they could never bear to offend these young men.

Therefore, even though these seemingly crazy young men had killed over a thousand of their slave warriors carelessly, even rushed into the frontal troop of Di Sha's army, they could only go meet them with nicely grinning faces, and beg this noble young men, to move to both sides of the army, along with those newly-joined young men.

Di Sha staring at the two deputy commanders, who quickly darted away, suddenly frowned and asked a warrior beside him, ’’Hmm? I seem to remember that we have only set one pioneer troop into the Chi Ban Mountain, is that right? I remember that those few Dishi family's young men, who were so eager to build achievements, were in that troop, right?’’

A Yu Clan commander responded, ’’General, you're incomparably perceptive, these people are no one else but from that pioneer troop...’’

Not even letting that commander finish his compliment, Di Sha's face suddenly changed and said harshly, ’’If they're that pioneer team, according to the information I have just received, the troop, which has been chasing that little bastard should be this one in front of us! How come they are running backwards in such a crappy shape?! Where're their armours? Weapons?! Mounts?! Where the damn are their slaves and guards?!!’’

No one could answer this string of questions, but the few Jia Clan warriors, who running the fast among those captured elite warriors, had already approached the divine tower.

Di Sha suddenly let out a thunderous growl.

’’Something is wrong with them!! Stop them!! If anyone dares to resist...Kill!!’’

It seemed that Di Sha's growl had suddenly woken those Jia Clan warriors, who had been guarding around the divine tower. A whole two-thousand Jia Clan warriors roared out simultaneously, pulled out their weapons and moved forward.

However, these captured elite warriors, who had already became Ginger's bug puppets, each let out a faint and creepy smile. Their eyeballs suddenly turned into scary deadly pale, and those pale eyeballs abruptly split up, into compound eyes, just like the eyes of an insect;in the meanwhile, an extremely weird noise came out of their bodies.

Abruptly, the bodies of the few Jia Clan warriors, who had already approached the divine tower suddenly expanded, and their dark bronze skin turned into a light silver colour. The silver colour of their skin grew thicker and thicker and not after that they looked nothing different from pure silver statues.

A dense and great sense of spirit blood power gushed out of the bodies of each bug puppet warriors, after which, their bodies suddenly shrunk into the size of an ordinary human's head and exploded.

Broken body parts and blood mixed with fist-sized black beetles rose in the air, spreading everywhere.

These beetles were all thin and sharp shapes, and had extremely solid carapaces. While these black beetles darted in the air randomly, they were even more effective than countless flying daggers. Especially, under Ginger's control, those Jia Clan warriors had burned all of their spirit blood and their souls, causing the spontaneous explosions, and sent those sharp bugs darting out, therefore, each black beetle was quite powerful.

Moreover, these black beetles took control of their flying directions, which were all aimed right on the divine tower.

Seven to eight Jia Clan warriors had exploded themselves, and each of them had over a thousand beetles like this spurting out from their bodies, which meant that, over ten-thousand sharp and powerful flying daggers were darting towards the divine tower like a horrible heavy rain.

Ear-piercing metal-clashing noise rose into the air and lingered. Among the two-thousand Jia Clan warrior, who had been guarding the tower, hundreds of them were struck by those lightning bolts-like, sharp beagles. Their armours let out bright and dense light beams, whole those Beatles bumped against their armours and exploded one after another.

Every time when a beetle exploded, unbelievably great amount of poisonous air and countless crystal-like bug eggs would spurt out from their bodies.

Those bug eggs funky stuck on shields of those tower guards. Their shields were condensed from natural powers, which was turned into solid metal by special magic formations, and was the most nutritious food for these bugs. Quite a few Jia Clan warriors had their shields and armours been shattered by the bugs. Those bug eggs quickly expanded, while those shield dimmed down and quite many armours of those Jia Clan tower guard were swallowed by those bug eggs and completely disappeared.

Along with a series of clattering noise, the black beetles hatched.


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Translated by XianXiaWorld


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