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The Magus Era - Chapter 270


Chapter 270 - Bug puppet

At the north side of the Chi Ban Mountain, Di Sha's army was moving quickly towards the south.

Tens of thousands of slave warriors wearing leather armour and holding weapons, excitedly pushed large groups of human elderly people, women and kids, approaching the south.

These men were threaded together by ropes that were tied around their waists. This specially crafted ropes, covered in blood-red spell symbols had been threaded through their spines;the power contained in those ropes forced them to move slowly along with the army.

About a thousand people were threaded in one rope, and hundreds of lines of threaded people were following the army. These poor people were moving on the vast, solid and blood-red ground, wailing and sobbing, walking towards their unknown fates.

If any of those humans fell on the ground and caused the entire line to be stopped, those slaves from the Yu Clan would immediately chop the head of, while being thrilled doing it. Then they would tie the heads around their waist, in order to show off their battle achievement.

The bodies of the tens of thousands of slaves were all covered in blood, some of them had seven to eight human heads tied around their waists, while blood continuously dripped on the ground from the broken necks of those heads, adding more vivid, cruel blood-red colour to the ground of the Chi Ban Mountain.

At the same time, three hundred fully metallic chariots had been floating in the air about three feet high from the ground. These chariots were being pulled by metallic puppets and were moving quickly forward. Every chariot was wrapped around by multicoloured streams of light, while countless spell symbols were embossed on the surfaces of those chariots, which occasionally transformed into electric bolts, darting to zhang away.

Blades that were sharp and the size of a fist were inlaid in all of those chariots and beast-like bodies of the metallic puppets. The blades were extremely sharp and had a green light shining upon them. That green light was obviously caused by dipping those blades in highly poisonous liquids. On top of that, all the blades were thickly dotted with small spell symbols, which had greatly enhanced the sharpness and solidity of the blades, to such extent that it was capable of easily cutting even the body of a Senior Magus in two halves.

Three, nearly ten-metal tall, gigantic human-shaped puppet warriors were standing on each chariot;they were respectively holding a spear, a machete and a longbow in their hands, which allowed each chariot, as a squat, to easily launch both long distance and short distance attack. The bodies of each puppet warrior were also covered in complicated spell symbols. Every single one of these spell symbols was sparkling with an eye-piercing light. Magic crystal of the highest grade and the size of a tank were inlaid in all their vital body parts, providing the puppets with nearly inexhaustible amounts of energy.

Behind these chariots, which were moving forward in a horizontal line, an over ten-zhang tall tower was floating in the air and drifting forward along with the army. Around the base of the tower, over ten muscular Yu Clan elites were standing straight, while vigilantly glancing at the surrounding areas at all times, while beams of sharp and frosty light darted out from their erect eyes from time to time.

Overhead the tower, a huge, scary blood-red erect eye was rotating slowly and letting out streams of blood-red light, darting towards the south, leaving a long and huge arc in the air.

Streams of blood-red light with a thickness similar to a human leg darted to tens of miles away within a moment, then struck on the ground. Along with a series of thunderous booms, that blood-red light suddenly exploded into countless thumb-sized light spots, randomly shooting towards the surrounding area.

Every single one of those spots of light contained a tiny blood-red symbol within it. No matter what came in contact with these spots, it would immediately burst and release beams of visible blood-red coloured electric bolts and spread out swiftly.

A sizzling noise lingered in the air;every time after a blood-red light exploded, those blood-red, tiny electric bolt released by it could instantly cover an area that had a radius of a hundred miles.

None of the magic formations or ambushes, which might have been set up by the human race, was capable of staying hidden from these sensory-type blood-red electric bolts. The high tower was one of the most important and valuable treasure, which was an absolute necessity for the Yu Dynasty during times of war.

Di Sha was riding on his mount, closely following the high tower.

Although he was eager to take revenge for his brother Di Luo, and wash off the humiliation and bad influences that had been brought to him and his family, by Di Luo's death and the destruction of the Blood Tooth, Di Sha, after all, was born cautious. Even though he was now surrounded by ten millions of elite warriors and all kinds of large-scale powerful battle machines and puppets, he hadn't become arrogant and reckless, not even for the slightest bit.

He pushed those human captives to the front of the army and made them step through every inch of ground in front of the army, in case any trap was set on their way. He had also burned a great amount of magical crystals and activated the Blood Moon divine Tower, to detect if there was any ambush set in the mountain area in front of them. In the eyes of the other Yu Clan generals, Di Sha was even a bit cowardly, afraid of the war and the death, but Di Sha insisted no matter how people judged him.

’’Make those stupid things on each side of the army quiet!’’ Di Sha raised his head, looked at the army and yelled harshly, ’’do not blindly move forwards! Shoulder to shoulder with the main army! Do they really think that the human race is a doormat? I assume that they had never spent a day in the Southern Wasteland!’’

This time, large groups of elite warriors had been arranged to join Di Sha's army before he had set off for this war, but all of these new warriors were young men from those big-scale Yu Clan or Jia Clan families that belonged to the Blood Moon. Rather than coming for the war, these people were more like coming for money.

During all these days, Di Sha had led his army to exterminate tens of large-scale clans located on the north side of the Chi Ban Mountain, seizing amazingly great amount of wealth and slaves, therefore, these newly joined young men had all became proud and arrogant and thought that the human race was as weak as rats.

Di Sha put them on each side of the army, but these young men were all excitedly trying to move faster, intending to exterminate the human army ahead of Di Sha, in order to build their achievements and harvest more slaves.

Di Sha could only order them to slow down. Over and over again, he yelled at them, letting them keep side by side with the main army, but these young men ignored Si Sha's orders time and time again, leading their guards and slaves warriors moving faster and faster.

’’God damn it!’’ Di Sha raised his whip in anger and whipped hard on the butt of his mount while yelling, ’’Good, you won't listen to my orders, and insist on getting yourself killed, do not blame me for this!’’

Hundreds of miles away, on top of a gigantic mountain, Ji Hao was standing beside Ginger, silently and calmly looking at the tied-like clouds of dirt, which seemed to even reach the sky.

From hundreds of miles away, Ji Hao was able to clearly see those tiny electric bolts that were released when the light streams darted out from the high tower and exploded. This was the first time for Ji Hao to witness such kind of battle machine that was capable of large-scale surveys for magic formation ambushes, while Ginger had a thorough and complete understanding of this kind of high-edge tower.

’’Well, a ten-zhang tall divine tower, limitation of its attacking range is a hundred miles.’’ Ginger narrowed his eyes and stared at Ji Hao right in the eyes with his pair of green shining pupils, and warned him, ’’Once it approaches you less than a hundred miles, you have to be extra careful! These divine towers made by the Xiu Clan craftsmen could easily release Magus King level of attacks, as long as they have enough amount of magic crystals as energy supply. That is something you bunch of kids couldn't possibly hold off!’’

Ji Hao stared at that tower that had been moving forward while releasing streams of blood-red light, and said in a low voice, ’’So, do we have to destroy this tower before that?’’

Ginger gave a praising glance to Ji Hao, then waved his hand. A few Magi Palace's apprentices hurriedly sent those captured Yu Clan's young men over.

’’Exactly, that is why I didn't kill these kids back then, and have accepted their words of surrendering.’’

’’But, I can guarantee that they would never want to know what will happen soon, after I turn them all into bug puppets.’’

Ginger said while chuckling with a hoarse and very creepy voice, and gently putting chicken-egg-sized bug eggs into the mouths of these captives one after another. All of these Yu Clan's young men were struggling with the last bit of their powers, but no matter how they tried, they couldn't break out from Ginger's cold and scrawny hands.

’’Ji Hao, you know, Wulong Yao and the few other old fellows are really good at teaching children about how to read books.’’

’’But, speaking of how to kill and survive in battles, you should take a few lessons from me.’’

Abruptly, Ji Hao popped up his shining narrowed eyes and let out a loud, high-pitched scream, along with which, over a thousand captives showed the whites of their eyes simultaneously, suddenly straightened their bodies, leapt up from the ground like zombies, then darted out, right towards Di Sha's army, which was still at hundreds of miles away, at a lightning speed.


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Translated by XianXiaWorld


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