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The Magus Era - Chapter 269


Chapter 269 - Surrender

Two huge golden-winged scorpions opened their jaws and dragged this Yu Clan young man out of the crowd of bugs.

The face of this poor young man had turned deadly pale long ago, while his lips had turned into ghost-blue, and streams of warm, steaming liquid was continuously dripping down, along his luxurious armour. Tens of wired-shaped centipedes were coiled around his body, which had already bitten tens of huge holes in his exquisite armour, and a few multicoloured mantises had already drilled half of their bodies into his chest muscle and were chipping his flesh with their sharp sickles.

No wonder he had screamed out and surrendered in only a second, those few mantises would have drilled into his heart.

’’Lord Di Silin! You ca-can't surrender!! Your family, your parents, all will be humiliated!’’ yelled a nearly five-meter tall Jia Clan warrior. The great shock wave that had come out from his throat had even shattered over a hundred thousands of bugs into pieces. ’’Your status and that of your whole family will be taken away!’’

Di Silin gasped quickly and yelled back at him, ’’Idiot!! Not surrender, do you want to watch me die?! Idiots! Surrendering is only a method of fighting! After my family has bailed me out, I will certainly, naturally make my contribution and wash over this humiliation!’’

The thick, boundless ocean of bugs was squirming in such a manner that Di Silin couldn't even see were his guards were. He yelled harshly, ’’I order all of you, drop your weapons, take off your armours and surrender! You're my warriors, you have to obey my orders!’’

The Jia Clan warrior, who had just yelled at him, let out a long, helpless and angry shout, after which, his skin abruptly turned into faint silver. He gripped his long machete and began swiftly spinning his body, on everything around him.

Fierce gusts of swords wind swept across the crowd of bugs. All the bugs within the area, two-hundred zhang in a radius around the Jia Clan warrior, were all wiped out. But more bugs continuously rushed up from the air and deeply buried him in the ocean of bugs. In the meanwhile, the weird-shaped centipedes coiled around his body suddenly tightened. The Jia Clan warriors growled out in both shame and anger, he attempted to launch another powerful attack like this, but he couldn't move even a bit.

Venoms poured on his body in streams, while gusts of poisonous air coiled around him, and poisonous powers were breathed into his nose.

Soon, this especially brave and powerful Jia Clan warrior had consumed his power. He let out a desperate howl then fell on the ground. The bugs covered his body up and soon ate up his thick armour, finally he was devoured by these bugs as well.

That had been a peak-level Jia Clan warrior. Every inch of his flesh and every drop of his blood contained great amount of power. Hundreds of bug queens screamed shrilly with excitement, while their gigantic and swelled up bellies squirmed, spraying bug eggs like raindrops.

All the Jia Clan warriors had been launching attacks on those bugs as hard as they could in the ocean of bugs. Now and then, terrifyingly loud booms could be heard coming from within the crowd of bugs, along with dazzling lights. Every single full-strength attack launched by a Jia Clan warrior was able to exterminate all the bugs in the area of a few miles.

However, those bugs had been reproducing all the time, faster and faster. More and more bugs fell from the sky or drilled out from the ground, the three-hundred zhang thick layer of bugs soon grew to four-hundred zhangs, even five-hundred zhangs thick...

’’Kids, what're you waiting for?’’ Ginger murmured in a spooky and deep voice while patting one of those bug jars in front of them.

Tens of apprentices of the Magi Palace floating in the air, trembled while waving their banners once after hearing Ginger. Instantly, huge clouds of black smoke gushed out of those banners, which was releasing a thick sense of spirit blood power. Every single bug that would be touched by this smoke would suddenly expand to times bigger than it had been before. Their powers would also rise largely, and even those venoms, poisonous gas or powder spurted out by them would become more toxic than before.

Another Yu Clan young man who had his armour broken by those bugs, immediately began screaming desperately, ’’I surrender! I am from the Dishi Family! I have to, to treat the way, that fits, my, my status! Gosh! They're in my nose!! Help!!’’

A few gigantic golden-winged scorpions dragged this young man out of the ocean of bugs, as same as the last one, this young man had peed on himself as well. After being dragged out by those golden scorpions, a few stream of black smoke quickly drilled into his body, and this young man's body instantly went soft;he was disabled from moving, showing the whites of his eyes and fainted.

Those Yu Clan young men surrendered one after another.

Facing Ginger, and that horrible, hell-like bug manipulating skill, they completely gave up on resistance. In their eyes, only official armies could deal with this kind of large-scale bug group, and they were sent over by their families, only for some experience. It was totally reasonable for them to surrender under such situation.

The young men of the Yu Clan were being dropped out one after another and were thrown onto the ground like garbage, after their power had been sealed by that black smoke.

Even those incomparably powerful and tough Jia Clan warriors gave up as well. Their masters had all surrendered, therefore, although they were all brave enough to the point that they were never been afraid of death, none of them was that stupid, to be willing to die for nothing.

Therefore, these Jia Clan warriors took off their armours and were subdued by Ginger with those poisonous bugs.

These Jia Clan warriors were lying on the ground, each with an embarrassed face, while cursing ceaselessly.

’’Bloody evil barbarians! You use these disgusting tiny bugs! Shameless! Low! You, do you even dare to fight against us face to face?!’’

’’Ah, you're such a humiliation to warriors! You have even dirtied the word 'warrior'! Why didn't you pick up your weapons and fight against us like real men?!

’’Next time, we will never, ever loose! Just a bunch of bugs, we can simply burn them to ashes! I am telling you! I only need a small, handful of fire to defeat you!’’

Ginger sneered, then patted hard on a bug jar in front of him again. Countless poisonous bugs suddenly flew into the air, brining an upstream of multicoloured light and darted into the jar. Looking at these angry Jia Clan warriors, he said blandly, ’’Warriors? I am a Maguspriest, not those brainless warriors who know nothing but punching and hacking.’’

Standing slowly up, with those bug jars floating around his body, Ginger glanced at Ji Hao and carelessly threw a jade talisman to him.

’’It's Si Wen Ming's order. Ji Hao, you have to correspond with me dealing with Di Sha's main army. Si Wen Ming hopes that we can wipe that Di Sha and his army out, this time, show our attitude to those idiotic creatures.’’

Ji Hao took over that talisman and carefully read the information contained in it.

He had also seen Jiang Yong, whose face was bruised and nose swelled, standing far away from Ginger while staring at him with both fear and hatred. Ji Hao immediately realized what had happened before he had arrived here. Ji Hao seriously bowed to Ginger and said, ’’Sure, It's my responsibility. Those non-human races are the archenemy of our entire human race, I will surely spare no efforts to defend our human race and eliminate enemies.’’

Ginger nodded with satisfaction, took another complicated glance at Ji Hao then said in his symbolic low and creepy voice, ’’Good, the Gold Crow Clan finally raised another marvelously talented kid. Ha, but that Bi Fang Clan goes down generation by generation.’’

Tens of black banner abruptly rose into the air, Ginger trod on one of them and swiftly flew to the north. Ji Hao let out a sharp whistle and called his teammates, hurriedly following up with Ginger.


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Translated by XianXiaWorld


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