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The Magus Era - Chapter 268


Chapter 268 - The ocean of bugs

’’Holy crap!’’ Taisi huddled up on the back of the black tiger, with his face turned completely blue, tightly holding his own knees with his arms.

Feng Xing looked nowhere better than Taisi, randomly, he couldn't help but rub his own body hard with his hands, trying to wipe those cold sweat that was gushing out of his palms. It also seemed like as if his palms were extremely dirty and he was so eager to wipe them clean.

Shaosi and Man Man were looking similar;their faces were turned slightly pale while staring right at those bugs. The two girls tightly leaned against each other and were slightly shivering their bodies.

Only Yu Mu, had a few drops of drools flowing out from the corners of his mouth while his eyes were slightly shining. He was greedily staring at those bugs outside of the water shield, while murmuring in a low yet quite creepy voice to the others, ’’Wow, so chubby, this scorpion is so chubby, why I want to eat it so much, oh I am now dying to taste it! Looking so delicious!’’

Ji Hao felt his scalp going numb and that all of his hair were standing straight up. Even with his experiences and spiritual power, he too was frightened by those bugs outside of the water shield, so much that even his body couldn't move smoothly.

In the Southern Wasteland, almost every clan had a few Maguspriests who particularly studied bugs manipulating magic, and all kinds of poisonous bugs fostering skills. These Maguspriests were all master at killing people with poisonous bugs. Ji Hao had seen ocean-like groups of bugs before, during a fight between the Gold Crow Clan and other clans.

But the poisonous bug magic used by Ginger was violent, evil, disgusting and fierce, to a certain unbelievable point.

All these different sized and multicoloured bugs gathered together, were lying upon each other's bodies, squeezing each other, wrapping their legs altogether, and their wings overlapping. Those worms, without legs and wings, tightly coiled around each other without a single gap between them, not even a hair could be inserted in between this horrible ocean of bugs.

The area with a radius of over ten miles, which was surrounded by mountains and only two valleys lying across it, was filled with a three-hundred zhang thick layer of bug.

Thick and solid, not even water would be able to flow inside.

The water shield had given Ji Hao and his friends some space. Outside the water shield was a deadly world of bugs;all kinds of mad poisonous bugs crowded together, rubbing each other and letting out crazily horrible noises. At the first glance, your eyesight would be immediately filled with all kinds of squirming bugs, and broken bodies parts of bugs, wings, legs, bellies, internal organs, and disgusting, stinky liquid that had been squeezed out of these bugs.

The jaws of these bugs remained open while they were screaming and squirming madly. All of these bugs had poisonous glands in either their jaws or tails, out of which venoms of various vivid colours were ceaselessly spurting out, while emitting a hell-like stinking smell. All kinds of rotting and stinking smells were mixed together, giving a scent that was beyond description.

If it had been for the protection of the water shield, the venom would pour into their bodies. Ji Hao thought that even though his body was more solid than the body of ordinary Senior Magi, he too would corrode within the span of few breathes if he was affected by those venoms.

Luckily, they had the water shield, and even more fortunately, Man Man's father had given her such a powerful treasure, otherwise none of them even dared to imagine what the outcome could be.

The army led by those Yu Clan's young man weren't as lucky as Ji Hao's squat. Those egg bugs, which didn't have any sign of life, suddenly flew out from underground, and countless bugs hatched within a single second, piling up layer upon layer, directly burying them.

The slave warriors, who were poorly dressed with only leather armours, or in some cases only flax clothes, only let out a few howls before their bodies had been torn apart by those bugs. Countless bugs drilled into their skins and madly devoured their flesh, blood, internal organs and bones.

The sticky venom spread on their bodies, rapidly corrupting their bones and weapons. Within only a few seconds, all the slave warriors and slaves had been devoured by those bugs, without leaving even a hair.

Amongst these slave warriors, a few, who were relatively more powerful had waved their weapons for a few times with all of their powers, and smashed thousands of bugs, but that was all they could achieve. After they had smashed those thousands of bugs, more bugs roared onto their bodies and turned them into nothing.

Hundreds of metallic spiders let out the bright light from their bodies;the powerful magic formations hidden inside their body suddenly drained the power of those magic crystals, which had been providing energies for these spiders and turned those powers into thick layers of light shield that wrapped around these spiders. Those spiders opened their jaws, showing the ragingly blazing pipes. Large amounts of bugs were burned into ashes, but still, more and more bugs, endlessly rushed up, crushing them.

These bugs were especially fostered by Ginger himself, some of them lived on solely on all kinds of natural powers.

Loud creaking noises were coming from around these metallic spiders. Millions of bugs rushed up onto the bodies of these gigantic metallic spiders and began wolfing the light shield protecting them. Their light shields quickly dimmed down, and powers that had been stored inside the bodis of these metallic spiders was quickly consumed, till there was no power in store to replenish those light shields. The shields suddenly exploded, after which, those bugs directly stuck on the solid and smooth bodies of those metallic spiders.

Some of the bugs that lived especially on metals, were flying thrilled and began tearing the solid and thick bodies of those spiders apart, even letting out loud noises. No matter how those gigantic and powerful combat machines struggled, and even though with one swipe of their thin yet sharp feet they could kill thousands of bugs, in this hell-like magic formation filled with poisonous bugs, they were surrounded by billions of such bugs.

One metallic spider was bitten till it had broken into pieces and eventually exploded within a dense fiery light and thick clouds of smoke.

One metallic spider exploded, killing millions of bugs, but soon enough, more bugs had rushed up again.

The metallic spiders were exploding one after another, blowing up countless bugs into stinky and gross liquid, but those bugs had crazily great fecundity. They ate all of those dead bug bodies that had been killed in the explosions, then swayed their swelling bellies and let out another hundreds of eggs, which then hatched and turned into newly grown bugs.

You could never kill them, you could never, ever kill all of them.

Those Yu Clan's young men, each had special abilities, but they were shrouded by more powerful bugs, such as that strange-shaped centipede that Ginger used to scare Jiang Yong earlier;each Yu Clan's young man had at least ten huge centipedes-like creatures that coiled around their bodies.

These centipedes had incredibly solid bodies;each could endure a full-strength tearing down that had been launched by a Senior Magus, without breaking. Being tied up by over ten huge centipedes like this, even strong warriors like Ji Hao couldn't possibly break out from it, not to mentions these poor Yu Clan's noble elites, who had not too many physical powers to begin with.

As for those powerful Jia Clan warriors, each of them was coiled around by over a hundreds of centipede-like these. They were screaming and struggling with every single bit of power they had, breaking one, two, or ten, even twenty centipedes, but in no time, more centipedes had drilled out from the crowd of bugs and squirmed onto their bodies.

While they were screaming with their mouths wide open, some of the bugs had crawled into their open mouths.

That deadly horrible ocean of bugs had devoured everything. Those Yu Clan's young men began crying in despair. Abruptly one of them screamed out loud in a hoarse and high-pitched voice.

’’I surrender!! I hope that you can treat me, in a way that fits my status and my family!’’


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Translated by XianXiaWorld


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