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The Magus Era - Chapter 266


Chapter 266 - Information

In the main camp of the alliance of the human race.

The main meeting tent could contain over a thousand people all at once. Inside, a hundred-zhang square sand table with countless extremely fine golden sand was shaking intensely and soon formed the mountain area that Ginger had set his magic poisonous bug formation in.

Si Wen Ming, Huaxu Lie, Lieshan Kang, Hao Tao, and other high commanders and ministers were standing beside the sand table, silently watching a few Maguspriests manipulating those streams of golden sand with their magic power.

A soft stream of dim light flew out from the bone canes of each of the Maguspriests, soon shrouding the entire sand table. After a short while, all details of that mountain area had appeared within the layer of dim light;you could even see a cirrus of an ant from it.

The information continued to be gathered from over all the directions and were sorted by a few young men with black cloaks, standing behind Si Wen Ming, after which they were immediately reported to those ministers and high commanders.

What Ji Hao and his team had encountered, was the very first large-scale army of the non-human race people. They had already discovered that there were a hundred and twelve Yu Clan commanders in this army. There were also a thousand three hundred and eighty-five Jia Clan warriors, over fifty thousand slaves and slave warriors. Judging from the numbers, this was quite a huge army that was worth some attention.

They had also discovered that no other forces had been hiding around this army. The force that was nearest to them, belonged to the Blood Moon official army, which was still thousands of miles behind them. Besides, the official army had been distributed and was attacking human clans that were located in the north of the Chi Ban Mountain, only a few pioneer troops were sent into that mountain area.

Si Wen Ming sorted all information carefully inside his mind while frowning, then waved his hand hard in the air and said, ’’Tell elder Ginger to make it more difficult! A quarter of an hour, he only has a quarter of an hour to eliminate this army.’’

Pointing his finger at the sand table, five-hundred miles away from the magic poisonous bug formation, a curved valley abruptly lit up.

’’After eliminating this army, tell elder Ginger to set a new ambush formation in this valley, and I will transfer all our nearest forces to correspond with him, we will try our best to swallow this army, commanded by Di Sha, directly!’’

Under the guidance of Si Wen Ming, the information work had been running quite smoothly so far, at least, he had already discovered all backgrounds of those high commanders, in the army that had been chasing Ji Hao, as well as the background information about the higher forces this army belonged to.

’’Tell that kid Ji Hao, he has a personal issue with Di Sha. I will let Di Sha know that Ji Hao is in the squat,’’ said Si Wen Ming calmly, ’’Tell Ji Hao, he can not draw back, he has to follow right behind Ginger, luring Di Sha into the ambush formation.’’

Hao Tao, who had been standing beside Si Wen Ming silently all this time abruptly began talking, ’’Elder Ginger came from the Bi Fang Clan of the Southern Wasteland. We just got news from the south, saying that Prince Tong Gong has ceded half of Bi Fang Clan's territories to the Gold Crow Clan, where Ji Hao has come from.’’

Si Wen Ming remained silent briefly then seriously shook his head and said, ’’I trust Elder Ginger, he is nothing like some of those people of the Bi Fang Clan.’’

At the north side of the Chi Ban Mountain, in a small wood, Di Sha was sitting on a luxurious handcrafted carpet with his legs crossed. A few jade bowls, each with exquisitely carved patterns, were placed in a line in front of him, containing fresh fruits that just had been shipped over from the Liang Zhu City, the capital of the Yu Dynasty.

A few beautiful young girls, whose clothes were torn into so many shreds that they couldn't even cover their bodies, and had slightly dark skins, were huddled up under a tree near Di Sha, staring at him like terrified baby rabbits.

An old slave, whose skin was dark green coloured, grinned widely with his mouth, while showing his sharp teeth. He grabbed the hair of one of the young girl in his hands, carefully looking her beautiful and panicked face, even violently opened her mouth and checking if her teeth were white and neat.

’’All good stuff,’’ said the old slave while laughing creepily. He then politely saluted to Di Sha and said, ’’General Di Sha, if you can bring ten-thousand female slaves like this, our master is willing to add ten percent based on your price.’’

Di Sha frowned, grabbed a large grape, threw into his mouth and began chewing.

’’Add ten percent, hmm, your master is quite honest. But ten-thousand, it's already not easy to find even a hundred female slaves of such high quality, you want ten-thousand? For that, I will have to spend an extra half month on the north side of the Chi Ban Mountain, until I have broken those human clans and find you enough amount of female slaves.’’

’’We're at a great war, and the army has been moving forward every single day. Delaying half a month for no reason, how many is your master willing to pay for that? What if the Emperor blamed me for this, I can't even imagine something like that.’’

The old slave grinned again and said proudly, ’’The price won't be a problem at all, as long as you get ten thousand slaves like this, we can negotiate further regarding the price. As for the Emperor, our master will certainly explain this for you, my dear general.’’

Di Sha slowly nodded and waved his hand, silently agreeing with what the old slave had said. He had a deep understanding of how powerful the master, about whom this old ugly slave had been talking about, was. Even Dishi Yanluo had to listen to him more or less.’’

If he could build a connection with such a powerful person through a slave trade, that would be highly beneficial for him in the future.

A Yu Clan young man rushed over at a crazily high speed, from tens of zhang away. This young man leapt down from his still running mount and thudded against the ground, while throwing a jade talisman to Di Sha.

Di Sha's face suddenly changed, he caught the jade talisman and flicked it with his finger. Immediately, a light screen appeared in front of him, from within which, he saw hundreds of metallic spiders chasing a squat in a valley, and the one running at the tail of the squat, wearing a heavy full armour, occasionally lifting his mask up and showing his face. The face of this man made Di Sha abruptly jump up from the carpet.

’’It's him! That damn little bastard! It's him!!’’ screamed Di Sha madly, ’’The Shadow Devil didn't kill him! They have failed to kill him for a few times! I am so sick of their uselessness! That little bastard! He is still here!!’’

The Yu Clan young man kneeled on the ground and said while gasping quickly for air, ’’General, this is the information, which just has been delivered by our man.’’

Di Sha instantly crumbled the jade talisman, then shook his cloak and growled out harshly, ’’Call everyone! Gather over here at their highest speed! Leave those idiotic barbarians! Just leave them! They should come over here as fast as they can!!’’

He then pointed his finger hard in the direction of the Chi Ban Mountain, then yelled in an almost shrill voice, ’’Tell them, if they can't get here within one hour, I will chop their heads off myself!’’

The old slave, who had the hair of a girl grabbed in his hand, and had been laughing proudly in a weirdly disgusting voice, screamed out, ’’General Di Sha, are you launching an attack now? What about our female slaves?’’

Di Sha turned his dark face around, glanced at the old slave with a complicated expression and said in a very deep voice, ’’Please, tell that noble master of yours, what I'm going to do, is nothing else but getting him more, and higher quality female slaves. When my army stamps this Chi Ban Mountain into a smashed flat land, I will certainly bring more deliciously beautiful female slaves back for him.’’

Di Sha's mount, the nightmare beast, rushed over, while Di Sha rose into the air and then lightly landed on the back of it.

He took another glance at the old slave, who was now paused in shock, suddenly grinned and said, ’’Tell your master to prepare enough money. This time, I will be bringing quite an amount of good stuff back, which will certainly go beyond his imagination.’’

Pulling out his sword, Di Sha waved the long and sharp sword towards the Chi Ban Mountain.

’’The army up front, move, move, move! Fast!’’


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