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The Magus Era - Chapter 264


Chapter 264 - Emergency

’’Run, run, run, quick!’’

Although Ji Hao and his team had stalled for quite a while, but they still were able to catch up with those Gold Wolf Clan warriors and Cyan Wolf Clan refugees.

Tens of warriors carrying or holding the clansmen, who were nearly killed earlier, stumbled while running as fast as they could along the valley. However, they had been running all the way and were about to collapse. Not to mention these Junior Magi warriors, even the Senior Magi like Lang Yi were almost out of energy.

They were moving way too slow, the Yu Clan army chasing behind then was getting closer and closer. Ji Hao had already heard the metal-clanging noises that were made by the feet of those gigantic metal spider against the solid rocks on the ground.

’’Run as fast as you can!’’ yelled Ji Hao. In the meanwhile, a faint beam of golden-purple light flashed across the middle of his eyebrows. His Golden Dan swiftly rotated in his spiritual space and the power contained in it suddenly drained out by ninety percent.

Ji Hao locked his finger together, into a form of a lion head, while incanting a spell in a deep voice. His eyes began shining brightly and he glanced quickly across all of those warriors. 'Zhe', one of the nine secret words of the [Mantra Dan of Nine Secret Words], had the magical power that allowed Ji Hao to control the others as easy as his own body.

A faint layer of light rose from the ground, along with gusts of breaths wrapped all of those warriors around, including Lang Yi. Streams of warm power gushed into their bodies, making their heavy footsteps quick and light. With this magical power, even the weakest Novice Magus was now capable of easily covering over ten zhang far, with a few shreds of after images behind him.

Within the span of a few breath, they could make two to three steps forward, which was equal to a few miles.

Lang Yu let out a roar towards the sky in excitement, straightened his thumb at Ji Hao while yelling, ’’Little brother, you're amazing! Really, really A-ma-zing!’’

Sayingt his, Lang Yi's face suddenly became extra sad, after which he continued, ’’If our Gold Wolf Clan had an amazing Maguspriest like you, we could have saved at least thousands of our clansmen, it wouldn't like this...’’

Ji Hao rushed up to Lang Yi in big steps, took a deep gasp, let out a breath that contained a dense corruptive scent, then slapped on Lang Yi's shoulder hard and said, ’’Want to revenge? Keep surviving, become stronger, and kill them all!!’’

Ji Hao's words were simple, yet filled with the most straightforward and honest philosophy, deeply believed by all the clans of the Southern Wasteland.

If you killed my clansmen, in revenge, I will kill you for that. If I am unable to kill you, I will continue to cultivate myself until I become powerful enough, then I will kill you. If I am unable to kill you until the end of my life, I have my sons, my grandsons, even great grandsons, we will eventually kill you.

Southern Wasteland warriors were simple and violent as such, therefore, once the seed of hatred had grown between two Southern Wasteland clans, it would never disappear until one of the two clans had been wiped out completely, and their bloodline had vanished in this world.

’’I will live and kill them all,’’ Lang Yi said while gasping quickly, staring at Ji Hao's black long dagger, then abruptly turned to Shaosi and said, ’’Little sister, you have two spears, can I borrow one from you?’’

Shaosi glanced at him, flicked her hand and threw one of the spears to him.

Ji Hao laughed out, threw the crystal piece that Lang Yi had used to trade for food earlier, back to him as well, then slapped on his shoulder again and said in a low voice, ’’Keep an eye on that bunch, I can't stop feeling they're bit strange.’’ While talking, Ji Hao threw another glance at those few Cyan Wolf Clan warriors.

He couldn't clearly tell how badly their wounds were, but judging from the outside, those wounds were pretty serious. However, after he had checked with his spiritual power, he had discovered that although those wounds looked bloody and scary, they actually didn't cause too much effect to the bodies of those few warriors.

’’Interesting, can it really be a group of people who are actually spies among the entire human kind?’’ Shaking his head, Ji Hao turned around, facing the over two-hundred metallic spiders, which were approaching quickly and couldn't help but feel his scalp becoming numb by only seeing those.

Over two hundred zhang long metal spiders were darting over at a nearly lightning speed, and those spiders all had especially long feet that allowed them to run even faster than ordinary metallic spiders. Some them had their bodies covered under thick metal armours, obviously possessing a great defensive power, while some others had extra huge bellies, which was releasing a strong sense of power;apparently, these spiders were even more destructive than the others.

All in all, these over two-hundred metal spiders were crafted in different shapes, with their unique usages during the battle.

Most terrifyingly, when he looked back, he discovered that at least fifty metallic spiders, which all had huge bellies, had already stuck their feet deeply into the ground and had opened their jaws, showing the triangular pyramid shaped pipes, aimed at him.

Just now, being attacked by only three metallic spiders join-handily with this kind of pipes, had pushed Ji Hao in a quite difficult position. Now, fifty metallic spiders that looked especially crafted for times of great war, were aiming at him simultaneously. Ji Hao faintly imagined the outcome of this, causing his face to instantly turn blue.

’’God damn it!’’ Ji Hao didn't dare to underestimate these metallic spiders. Without a hesitation, he threw out two defensive magic talismans that were given by elder Wulong and the other elders. The yellow talismans instantly exploded and released their powers. Tens of zhangs-thick rock wall suddenly rose from the ground in front of Ji Hao, forming a huge defensive formation, firmly shielding Ji Hao behind it.

Over fifty tank-sized flame balls swooshed towards Ji Hao and thunderously bumped into those rock walls. Along with a series of booms, those rock walls shattered one after another, then turned into yellow light spots and dissipated into the air.

A rampantly great flame immediately enveloped the entire area that had a radius of over a hundred zhang. This section of the valley was especially narrow, therefore, those flame even swallowed the mountains on each side of the valley, which were over a thousand zhangs tall.

Muffled bangs came from mountaintops. On each side of the valley, the mountains were shaking intensely, right after which, large pieces of solid blood-red rocks collapsed and rolled down from the mountaintop. Those rocks caused terrifyingly great rumbles while falling down right towards Ji Hao's head, sounding even like they were falling from the sky itself.

Ji Hao couldn't help but scream at the others, telling them to run faster. The biggest rock falling down from mountaintop was hundreds of zhangs in radius and over thirty zhangs thick. Being smashed by a rock like this was the last thing that anyone would want to experience.

The tens of metallic spiders rushed way too fast. Right after the terrifying fire cooled down, they had reached where Ji Hao had been standing earlier.

However, the mountains on both sides of the valley were shaking to the point they collapsed by the series of explosions, which were made fireballs, and the gigantic pieces of rocks fell down, right on these metallic spiders. Not a single one of them survived the horrible rain of huge rocks, and those especially solid and heavy blood-red rocks fell down from such a high altitude, smashing on these metallic spiders, causing them to become leaned and twisted. Those magic formations set inside their bodies all exploded, soon after which, these specially crafted metal spiders lost their powers and were turned into a pile of waste iron.

’’Oh! No! My money!!’’ The young men of the Yu Clan, who had been following closely right behind those metallic spiders burried their faces in their hands and cried out one after another.

They had already split all the guards, warriors and slaves that had been left by Fanju Luo and Di Lin, which meant that each one of them had earned some extra properties, but those metallic spiders had all been their personal properties, which were worth quite a lot. Therefore, they still felt a great pain by watching their spiders being smashed into pieces of waste iron.

’’Don't rush up blindly! Circle around them and chop them into pieces!’’ roared one Jia Clan warrior hoarsely, while waving his pair of huge cattle-horn shaped axes.

A Yu Clan young man opened the erect eye in the middle of his eyebrows, which suddenly let out a beam of dim red light, flashing across the air. Being swept across by the dim red light beam, all gigantic rocks that had blocked the valley then turned into puffs of ashes, after which they wer blown away by gusts of wind. All this happened only in the span of a few breaths.

The great army continued moving forward, right behind Ji Hao's team and the group of refugees.

In front of Ji Hao and the others, on a roughly round-shaped, huge flagstone, a couple of black banners were fluttering in the wind, but suddenly, those mysterious banners all disappeared in the air.


Edited by SecondRate

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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