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The Magus Era - Chapter 261


Chapter 261 - Snipe Kill

Clang, clang, clang!

The three gigantic metallic spiders quickly moved across the river and began chasing after Ji Hao and his teammates.

Their long and metallic feet clanged against the blood-red ground, creating fire sparks against the solid rocks. They moved as fast as a fierce wind, closely following behind Ji Hao and the others.

Now and then, one metallic spider would stop abruptly, stick its thin and sharp feet deeply into the ground, steadily support its heavy body, while opening its huge jaws and showing a human-leg-thick, triangular pyramid-shaped crystal pipe.

Countless blood-red spell symbols were rotating inside that crystal pipe, along with which, powers of huge pieces of magic crystals that were inlaid in the stomachs of these metal spiders were quickly drawn out, and quickly formed into a human-head-sized flame sphere on the top of the pipe.

Followed by a thunderous boom, the metallic spider's body would move quickly backwards, while its feet scratched the ground and sent up clouds of dirt. The small ball of flame darted out, with a palm-sized, burning-red spell symbol quickly sparkling in the core of the ball of flame. At the same time the natural powers contained in the surrounding mountains and river were also rapidly being absorbed by the ball of flame.

The small ball of flame flew at an amazingly high speed and approached Ji Hao and the others within the blink of an eye.

Every time when a ball approached them, Ji Hao would turn around, open his arm and bump against the ball of flame. Great water essence power contained in his turtle shell would release on time and form a thick layer of water shield, protecting Ji Hao's body. The ball of flame would fly against the water shield and the fire power contained in it clashed against the turtle shell's water power, releasing large clouds of steam and beams of fiery light that would instantly rise into the air.

Then the ball of flame would explode, emitting great fiery light that would cover an area with a radius of nearly a hundred zhang. Similar to the small metallic balls that those metallic spiders let out, these balls of flame attack range would be magically controlled and be kept within the radius of a hundred zhang. The waves of hot air and raging flames would never pass the boundary of this area, not even for an inch.

However, the relatively smaller attacking range raised the efficiency of the balls of flame explosion. Sticky flame roared and rolled within a hundred zhang in radius, even the special blood-red coloured rock ground of the Chi Ban Mountain was melted into lava. A thick layer of lava flowed on the ground, glowing like the glaze on the surface of porcelain.

The air became boiling hot. Fortunately, the natural water essence power contained in Ji Hao's turtle shell could particularly suppress all kinds of fire powers.

The thick shield of water emitted freezing air that would collide against the flames created by the exploding fireballs. After the span of a few breaths, the hot air dissipated gradually. After each time Ji Hao would turn and continue running. But, the three metallic spiders would also get the chance the get closer to Ji Hao and his teammates after each time.

’’Lowly barbarians, you can't run!’’ The Yu Clan young man riding on his mount, rushed closely behind Ji Hao and his team, while being followed by the remaining two Jia Clan warriors, large group of slave warriors and slaves. He was cursing viciously and it seemed like he still was angry for those hundreds of slaves, which were poisoned to their death by Yu Mu.

’’Kid, the armour on you looks quite nice. It should worth a good price, enough to trade for two thousand slaves.’’ The Yu Clan young man yelled his judgment regarding Ji Hao's gears loudly, ’’As for you, your skull will become part of mine personal collection.’’

Laughing proudly out loud, the young man continued, ’’A barbarian kid possessing the power of an adult warrior, your skull must be beautiful. I will let my craftsman emboss many exquisite patterns on it, and inlay the most precious gemstones in it to worship the greatest, noblest Blood Moon. Your skull will certainly bring up the interests of those beautiful and noble ladies.’’

Ji Hao silently rushed forward, while the Gold Crow flame blazed inside his body, continuously burning those crazily spreading corrupting blood power and tried to purify his body.

This damned Blood Moon curse was so annoying. After only ten minutes, the newly grown spirit blood, transformed from the life force that Taisi had sent into his body, was all corrupted by the dark Blood Moon power. At the moment, Ji Hao felt as if his legs had softened again and he didn't know how much further he could make.

Flicking his finger, Ji Hao drew out a black iron tablet. That was his ID tablet, given by Huaxu Lie, which represented his identification as a soldier of Huaxu Lie's special army. On the other side, this tablet was also a magic tool that could be used to connect his fellow soldiers.

A black light of a squared feet area, was sparkling faintly on the tablet, within which over thirty light spots could be found clearly. Every single white spot represented one soldier of the special army. These people had divided themselves into seven small teams and were distributed in the mountain area, thousand miles around Ji Hao.

Slightly flicking the tablet with his finger, Ji Hao injected a stream of power into it. His power contained a short message, quickly spreading out towards all directions. In the meanwhile, the white light spot that represented Ji Hao, had turned red on the black tablet.

Ji Hao informed all his comrades that he could contact, though the tablet and told them that his team was being chased by an army of non-human race monsters. He also informed them the rough number of enemies to the others.

Once the other teams received Ji Hao's message, they would spread the information out immediately to everyone they could reach. Within the span of at most ten breaths, the main camp of this special army would get the message. After that, once the information provided by Ji Hao was verified, Ji Hao would be awarded with a certain amount of credit points.

Bang, Bang, Bang!

Three balls of flame darted together towards him, along with waves of horribly hot air.

Ji Hao sighed slightly, turned around while a dense thick watery mist spurted out from his armour and condensed into an over ten-zhang wide water shield, protecting Ji Hao behind it, right in front of the three balls of flame. The balls of flame exploded, a great shock wave stuck on Ji Hao's chest like a cannonball, which although was being protected by the water shield, still made him stagger tens of steps back.

From within a dense fiery light, three huge arrows swished over. This time, the arrowheads were shining with a yellow light.

Ji Hao's armour could condense water essence power into a powerful water shield and hold off the explosions of those balls of flames, therefore, the Yu Clan young man had ordered the Jia Clan warrior with the bow to shoot these specially crafted arrows. Each contained a great earth power, and launched a double attack onto Ji Hao. Suppressing the water power with the earth power, was the perfect choice.

Followed by a thunderous boom, the water shield suddenly shook, and the three arrows exploded. Dense streams of earth power struck on Ji Hao's body, forcing him to step back again.

’’Kill him!’’ The Yu Clan young man growled out, while turning his head back and taking a quick glance. The blood-red flag, which had been hundreds of miles away earlier, were now only over ten miles away from him, and he could even clearly see another Yu Clan warrior, who was sitting on his mount and wearing a luxurious armour, rushing in the front of the army.

’’A bunch of bastards, intending to seize mine credit!’’ cursed the Yu Clan young man. He then gnashed his teeth and suddenly opened his erect eye, from which, a blood-red lightning bolt darted out and directly struck against Ji Hao's body.

A sizzling noise instantly came out Ji Hao's skin. Ji Hao felt that his body had slightly gone numb, right after which, countless tiny blood-red electric sparks burst out against his skin. A terrifyingly great shock wave sent him flew backwards. His feet scratched the ground and left a deep and long ditch in front of him. He then heavily thudded against Yu Mu's chubby back, causing both of them to fall on the ground, rolling like a giant watermelon.

’’Hahaha! You're all mine! None of you can run!’’ The Yu Clan young man proudly slapped his mount, abruptly rushed out of the protection of the two Jia Clan warriors, for over a hundred zhang far, then pulled out the sword tied around his waist and intended to chop Ji Hao's head off himself.

Feng Xing, who had patiently been hiding all the time, finally made his move.

A cold dazzling beam of light suddenly flashed across the air, and the armour worn by the Yu Clan's young man immediately let out a bright layer of light. However, in the next moment, a few spell symbols on his helmet, near his forehead abruptly shattered, along with which, a piercing shining golden arrow pierced through his thick and exquisite armour, directly into his erect eye, then deeply into his brain.

Followed by an abrupt boom, the head of the Yu Clan young man exploded, and his tall and slim body was sent up into the air, then thudded back against the ground.


Edited by SecondRate

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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