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The Magus Era - Chapter 26



The air was clean and fresh.

Ji Hao was walking behind Ji Hu. He was looking at his surroundings.

Trees were towering, coiled by thick, dragon-like vines. Moss grew on rocks with all kinds of insects crawling over them and there were also mushrooms which were huge and colourful. The Gold Black Mountain had always been full of vitality.

This was the first time that Ji Hao observed this mountain from such a close range, aside from the time when he was two years old where he sneaked up to the mountain with Mr. Crow for the very first time.

They waded across two brooks, tread a path through a few trees and bushes and then finally arrived at a flowering meadow.

The meadow was hundreds of feet round. Wildflowers were blooming in the high grass. Under the sunshine, this meadow looked like an emerald.

Once they arrived at this meadow, Ji Hu and the other two young men tightened their bodies subconsciously and showed a trace of murderous glint in their eyes.

’’Such a beautiful place.’’ Ji Hao stopped and murmured. ’’The Feng Shui1 here must be pretty good... if one could be buried here... He'd be happy in his next life.’’

’’Feng Shui?’’ Ji Hu asked curiously. He started to sweat on his forehead. ’’What Feng Shui? There isn't even a brook in here!’’

’’Haha.’’ Ji Hao laughed out loud and looked at Ji Hu: ’’Don't you know about Feng Shui? Well...forget it then... It's too complicated to explain it to you;even more complicated than trying to explain the fact that you wanna kill me!’’

Ji Hu was looking at Ji Hao smilingly. His expression suddenly changed when he heard what Ji Hao said. Ji Feng and Ji Shui, who were tightly following Ji Hu pulled out their knife and axe simultaneously and chopped towards Ji Hao's back.

Both of their knife and axe were huge and heavy, forged by themselves with black iron and, to add to that, both Ji Feng and Ji Shui were sixth level Novice Magi. They waved their weapons forcefully, causing two sharp gusts of winds that cut off all the flowers and grasses in the surrounding ten feet,

At the same time, Ji Hu let out a growl and jerked out his spear which pierced towards Ji Hao's heart.

All three of them attacked Ji Hao at almost the same time. Ji Hu already showed a victorious smile on his face. In his eyes, Ji Hao was already a deadman. Half a month ago, Ji Hao was only a third level Novice Magus. And though he has learned some Magic Spells from those elders, he could never survive this.

However, he never thought about how things have changed over the last half a month. While they were attacking Ji Hao, Ji Hao suddenly rose high into the air, he floated in the air and heavily kicked backward with both of his legs.

Ji Feng and Ji Shui didn't see this coming;Ji Hao's feet heavily slammed onto their chests and sent them flying backwards. Ji Feng and Ji Shui then fell hard on the ground like smashed fruits. They were vomiting blood and couldn't even stand back up.

Ji Hao then stood still in the air with his head forward to glare at Ji Hu. He grabbed Ji Hu's spear, which was stabbing toward him with all of Ji Hu's strength;Ji Hao grabbed that spear and twisted his palm. The spear then broke into three parts right in front of Ji Hu's face.

’’Hao! Listen to me!’’ Ji Hu yelled tremblingly and staggered backward.

’’Why?’’ Ji Hao then flew up to Ji Hu at lighting speed and threw a punch to Ji Hu's face.

’’My Amma told me, If someone tried to kill me, then I have to kill him! This is the rule of the Southern Wasteland!’’ Ji Hao's punch hit Ji Hu's head along with a flame. Ji Hu's body paused;then licks of flame spurted out from the pores of his skin. In the blink of an eye, Ji Hu was scorched and fell on the ground.

’’Kill him! You two!’’ Ji Xue's voice came from the woods. Along with the voice, Jiang Xue rushed out of the woods. She was wearing the same leather armour as the last time while holding a bola in her hands.

’’You douchebags!The three of you couldn't kill a kid! Kill him!’’

Ji Feng and Ji Shui saw that Ji Hu was killed by a single punch of Ji Hao;they struggled back up, glared at Ji Hao and screamed: ’’Ji Hao! You killed our brother Hu! God! You killed Hu! You killed our brother! You... You killed one of our own people! You've committed a capital offense!’’

Ji Hao took a lazy glance at Jiang Xue, who was rushing toward him ragingly. Then he turned around and darted toward Ji Feng and Ji Shui.

’’What did Jiang Xue gave you for killing me? How dare you help an outsider hurt your own brother? You're right, it's a capital offense. But I was only defending myself. That should be you... who committed a capital offense!’’

Ji Hao sensed a great power that released from the red net inside his body;soon, a golden flame spurted out from his back. All of the plants near him rapidly withered.

Ji Feng and Ji Shui stared at the blazing flame with shock. The flame showed that Ji Hao had already broken through to the eleventh level and triggered his bloodline power;they couldn't believe their own eyes. Only half a month ago, Ji Hao was still way weaker than themselves.

Ji Feng and Ji Shui were in a daze for a short while;then they screamed out and threw their weapons away and fled backward in a flurry.

’’Ji Feng! Ji Shui! Come and fight me like real men! What are you doing? Are you trying to humiliate our ancestors?’’ Ji Hao growled. He locked his hands together, cast a spell then waved his arms forward. Spears of flame darted out from his palms and struck on Ji Feng and Ji Shui's backs.

Ji Feng and Ji Shui were sent flying by the flame. They let out a howl and fell hard on the ground;half of their bodies were burned.

Ji Hao then sensed a sharp wind coming behind him. He turned around and saw Jiang Xue with four Bi Fang Clan warriors waving their weapons and rushing towards him. Their weapons were shining with a fiery light, looking like four fiery dragons.

Along with the sound of sharp winds, the air around those warriors burst into flame. Ji Hao saw four figures of Bi Fang birds in that flame. Obviously, these warriors were all elite Senior Magi of the Bi Fang Clan.

Ji Hao quickly drew back.

Facing the four Bi Fang Clan's elite Senior Magi, he sensed that the air pressure was increasing rapidly, which even made him felt it hard to breathe.

However, their powers were far weaker than the light palm-hit of Ji Shu at the worship ceremony.

Nevertheless, Ji Hao still couldn't risk taking this attack. After all, he was just a Novice Magus. He gazed at those warriors, drew back as quickly as he could, and tried to gather his bloodline power as much as possible in the meanwhile.

Jiang Xue followed those warriors and yelled viciously: ’’Kill him! Kill him! This damn bastard! You killed Ji Hu... I... I haven't married him yet... You killed my fiance! You ruined my reputation!’’

’’Haha!’’ Ji Hao laughed out. People in the South Wasteland were traditional and superstitious;indeed, the fiance being killed before the wedding ceremony could completely ruin a girl's reputation.

While Ji Hao was laughing, he heard Jiang Xue's ear-piercing scream.

A wisp of black shadow flashed through the air. The bola in Jiang Xue's hands suddenly exploded into pieces. A few faint yellow spell symbols were just about to emerge from the surface of her leather armour. The armour then been torn up by the black shadow.

Jiang Xue was sent flying sideways, coughing blood.


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