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The Magus Era - Chapter 259


Chapter 259 - Blood power

’’Run, run, run, run!!’’

In the woods, Feng Xing was yelling. Along with shrill swishing sound, the arrows with spell symbols of terror magic were continuously shot by him, deep into the river. The terror magic was activated right after the arrows were shot. Streams of freezing magic power spread out towards all directors, which made the over a hundred slaves who had been screaming and attempting to rush across the river pause suddenly, after which they fled away like rats that were being burned by a pot of boiling water.

The group of slaves had been thrown into chaos by the terror magic. Feng Xing didn't stop and shot tens of more arrows from the woods. Every single arrow pierced accurately through the necks of two slaves. Within the blink of an eye, seventy to eighty monkey-like slaves had fallen on the ground while their blood was spurting, a small section of the river had even been dyed red by their blood.

Single handedly, Feng Xing had stopped those slaves that were coming from across the river, earning a short yet precious span of time for those refugees so they could run away. Lang Yi cursed loudly. He realized completely that he was far from being powerful enough to get involved in a fight of such nature, therefore he immediately rushed towards the refugees and pushed them into the woods;he even kicked the asses of some of the slower kids.

The young man who was kneeling on the ground and howling in sadness abruptly raised his head and yelled at Ji Hao with his face covered in tears and eyes filled with anger, ’’Why didn't you save them?! Why did you watch them die?!’’

Lang Yi sniffed speechlessly, threw a heavy slap and put that stupid kid, who didn't even realized the emergency of the situation, then carried him up and rushed into the woods.

Ji Hao had no time to listen to his crap at all, he had to put all of his attention on the two Jia Clan warriors. His wounds quickly healed themselves, however, these two Jia Clan warriors were extremely powerful and skilful. Every single attack was accurately aimed on Ji Hao's vital body parts. An ordinary warrior would have been chopped into pieces by the two of them long ago.

Fortunately, Ji Hao had released all of his spiritual power and was able to clearly perceive every single move they made. Even the slightest move couldn't remain hidden from Ji Hao's eyes. He had also activated the |Gold Crow Pupils|, which allowed him to barely see every move of those two Jia Clan warriors. With both his spiritual power and his eyes, Ji Hao managed to dodge tens of deadly attacks that were launched by both of them.

The long sword swung across the air once again and another beam of light suddenly flashed right beside Ji Hao's neck. Ji Hao bent his waist right on time dodged it. The fine hairs on his neck were even shaved off by that beam of sword light, which showed clearly how sharp and accurate that sword was. Ji Hao could even feel his muscles beginning to twitch in nervousness.

The three metal spiders, which had been standing on the other side of the river, abruptly let a high-pitched scream out. They lifted their heads up and let out hundreds of fist-sized metal balls. Those metal balls darted towards this side of the river bank at an incredibly high speed and along with a great power. The range of attack covered Ji Hao, Man Man, Shaosi and Yu Mu.

Man Man grabbed her pair of hammers and intended to rush up and help Ji Hao, but those metal balls suddenly darted over like a heavy rain, she could only raised both of the hammers to shield herself and Shaosi, who was behind her.

The faintly glowing metal balls clashed against Man Man's hammerheads and suddenly exploded;a small sphere of flame instantly shrouded an area that had a radius of over a zhang. Although the attack range of each metal ball was not too wide, within it, the lethality of the metal ball equalled to a full-strength attack of an elementary level Senior Magus.

Man Man's body stayed perfectly still, only one or two small bombs would not be able to even make her move an inch.

However, right after that tens of bombs swooshed over and although Man Man possessed a terrifyingly great strength, her tender face still became twisted under the continuous explosion of those bombs. She even showed her teeth when she stepped back quickly.

’’Ji Hao! Be careful!!’’ Although she was busy at dealing with those bombs, Man Man still took a moment and glanced at the other side of the river, then yelled out loud.

Earlier, the Yu Clan young man had four Jia Clan warriors staying beside him. One of them raised a wall-like shield and protected him, the other two leapt down, went across the river and were fighting against Ji Hao, and the fourth one had now pulled a human-leg-thick, gigantic bow open, with a huge arrow that could even be used as a spear, and put on that human-thumb-thick string. At the moment, the arrow was quickly absorbing natural power from the air.

Man Man yelled out, and the Jia Clan warriors with the longbow let out a laughter on the other side of the river, then suddenly loosened his fingers. The spear-like arrow let out a thunderous boom while tearing the air apart and darting towards Ji Hao's heart.

The two Jia Clan warriors, who had been fighting against Ji Hao, timely swung their weapons down on both the left and right side of Ji Hao, blocking his way and disabling him from dodging the arrow. At the same time, the two Jia Clan warriors simultaneously twisted their bodies slightly, clearing the way for the arrow to pierce through Ji Hao's heart.

The arrow swooshed in the air and the Yu Clan young man, who stayed at the other side of the river, had a very darkened face fight now and nodded with satisfaction. This time, Ji Hao would certainly die.

’’Shell!’’ At this fatal moment, Ji Hao pointed his finger at the middle of his eyebrows. The turtle shell that was gifted by Gui Ling, and was the turtle shell shelled of by herself when she was young, flew out from Ji Hao's forehead along with a loud, ocean wave-like sound, and immediately transformed into over ten streams of black smoke, which wrapped around Ji Hao.

Followed by a few muffled metal clashing sounds, a smoothly crafted thick armour appeared on Ji Hao's body. That armour looked simple yet solid, covering his entire body. He raised both of his hands in front of his chest, pushed the air with his palms, then turned his palm up towards the air. Instantly, columns of water mist rose from his palms, within which, a sphere of natural water essence power emerged, quickly condensing into a turtle shell-form water shield.

The gigantic arrow darted over and bumped right into the water shield. Along with a sizzling noise, the arrowhead pierced into the water shield, inch by inch, but the water shield grew thicker, inch by inch as well.

The Jia Clan warrior, who had shot this arrow, was a peak level Senior Magus, this arrow shot out by him with all of his power was capable of seriously wounding even the most powerful Senior Magus, if that Senior Magi wasn't cautious enough. Nevertheless, Ji Hao didn't use too much power, he simply activated this turtle shell given by Gui Ling, which easily held this scary arrow off.

The Yu Clan young man, and the other Jia Clan warriors, who had watched this happen, were all stunned, then began cursing in both anger and shame.

The two Jia Clan warriors, who had turned their bodies and cleared the path for the arrow, hurriedly waved their weapons and tried to take the best position once again. But how could Ji Hao let them?

He suddenly roared out while the stone swords abruptly appeared in his hand. He then swung his left arm. The stone sword brought up a faint stream of light and swept sideways across the bodies of the two Jia Clan warriors.

’’Weak barbarians,’’ the two Jia Clan warriors didn't give a damn about Ji Hao's stone sword, puffed out their chest carelessly and stepped forward.

Their armours were top-quality stuff, which were specially crafted by Xu Clan master craftsman of the Blood Moon, the power of a Senior Magus had no way of possibly break in them. As long as they could hold Ji Hao's sword off, their machetes would be able to chop Ji Hao's head off, the very next moment.

Ji Hao waved the stone sword at a lightning speed, and the faint and gentle sword light slightly swept across the waists of the two Jia Clan warriors.

The stone sword was incomparably sharp, even though large amounts of spell symbols had already released a bright dazzling light on those armours, those spell symbols instantly shattered when the sword light touched them. The two top-quality, thick and solid armours were destroyed by the stone sword as easy a hot knife cut butter, and the two powerful elite Jia Clan warriors, were chopped into two. This, only because they had underestimated their enemy.

’’No!! You lowly barbarians! You bloody damn ants! You lowly creatures!! You wild thing!’’ The Yu Clan young man began screaming on the other side of the river.

Suddenly, he opened his erect eye and a sphere of blood-red light started to rapidly rotate inside it.

Ji Hao, Man Man, Yu Mu, Shaosi and Taisi, suddenly felt that their bodies had become ver eavy. Soon after that, their blood began boiling inside their bodies.


The Yu Clan young man slowly pointed his finger at Ji Hao and the other teammates, while the blood-red light in his erect eye formed into a strange spell symbol.

The bodies of Ji Hao and the others quivered suddenly. Immediately after that, they felt their blood started corrupting inside their bodies at a terrifying speed and soon, a horrible foul-smelling scent came out from each of their bodies and spread out in the air.


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