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The Magus Era - Chapter 258


Chapter 258 - Close combat


The young man kneeled on the ground, his whole body was covered in blood. He raised his head and let out a sad and angry roar filled with despair.

Ji Hao activated his power, let out a growl that sounded like the roar of a dragon and rose directly into the air. Followed by huge amounts of afterimages, he rushed right into the five twitching Jia Clan warriors. His long black dagger was spurting raging and glowing flame flakes, a thin line of spell symbols sparkled on the dagger's edge, letting out a dazzlingly blood-red light, which would make people quiver only by seeing it.

Ji Hao launched the [Sky Opening] with all his power. The long dagger brought up an arc in the air, while his arm bones let out a slightly creaking noise. In the meanwhile, he felt a great pain coming from his muscle and meridians, as if his body was about to be torn apart. When he had launched the [Sky Opening] for the very first time back in the Southern Wasteland, all the bones of Ji Hao had been shattered into pieces. Now that he had already become a Senior Magus, although his body still couldn't hold off the counterforce of the [Sky Opening] completely, the situation had become much, much better than then.

It seemed like a random swing of the dagger, but suddenly, the body of one Jia Clan warrior was split up along with a horrible bone-cracking noise. Ji Hao directly darted through the broken body of this Jia Clan warrior. Blood sprayed out like a small and gentle rain, while this Jia Clan warrior was sent up flying into the air, in pieces. His broken armour then banged against the ground, making even the ground shake.


Ji Hao roared like a beast. Taisi's spell was indeed terrifying, the few Jia Clan warriors were nearly drained out of life force and their lives had been shortened by a large amount, while their ears and eyes became numb. This was the best opportunity for Ji Hao to kill these few enemies;if he failed to take it, bad changes could happen anytime.


The few Jia Clan's warriors, whose life force were rapidly draining, both bodies and souls were quickly withering, let out great, thunderous growls as well. They couldn't believe that two of their fellows were killed by a bunch of kids in a row, those were two elite Senior Magus level warriors after all.

Ever since the Blood Moon army had set off, they had never encountered any difficulties all the way. These warriors, who had never been through such a great frustration, now suddenly burst their power out and their withering bodies quickly recovered. Along with their growls, fresh blood formed inside their bodies and their souls began blazing ragingly. It seemed that a magnificently great stream of power was sprouting inside each of their bodies and was about to gush out.

Their swords and machetes were raised high altogether, blocking Ji Hao's path from all directions while hacking towards Ji Hao's vital body parts with their full strength.

Ji Hao gritted his teeth, slightly turned his body and let a machete pierce into his right chest, which then came out from his back. A sword pierced into his left rib, nearly scratching his spine before coming out from his back. Ji Hao then took a deep breath, manipulated his muscles to block the two wounds. Except streams of blood that were brought out by those weapons, not a single drop of blood was shed from his wounds.

In the meanwhile, Ji Hao swiftly swung his black dagger forward, firmly blocking the long spear that was swishing towards his throat. Before Ji Hao made the next move, the Jia Clan warrior with the spear had rushed over, into the path of Ji Hao's long black dagger, as if he didn't care about his own life at all. The Jia Clan warrior let Ji Hao's dagger pierce into this chest, so that he could suddenly coil his muscular and powerful arms around Ji Hao's arm and twist it at full strength.

With a proud and evil grin this Jia Clan warriors, who had his arm coiled around Ji Hao's arm said, ’’Barbarians, lowly creatures, you will never be able to fight against the offsprings of our great Blood Moon. You're meant to be our slaves, generations and generations, men work for us like cattle and horses, women give us pleasure.’’

’’Pleasure, my ass!’’

The blood vessels under the skin of Ji Hao's forehead popped out, one after another. His arm was now coiled around by two huge arms that were as thick as his waist, and along with a series of loud bone cracking noises, the bones of Ji Hao's right arm were instantly twisted into pieces. With the heart-piercing pain, he cursed out.

A stream of light abruptly darted out from the middle of his eyebrows. The stone sword, darted out from Ji Hao's spiritual space without releasing even a single wisp of a sense of power. The stone sword brought up a seemingly soft light stream, curled around the four Jia Clan's warrior, then suddenly shrunk. The natural formed holy weapon seemed to be simple and humble, but yet, it was irresistible. Under the sword light of the stone sword, the bodies of the four Jia Clan warriors were as vulnerable as pieces of cake. Without even the slightest sound, the four bodies were torn into pieces and spread out on the ground.

Gasping for air, Ji Hao let the stone sword fly back to his forehead. He patted the storage bag tied around his waist, along with his move, three flying daggers and two flying swords darted out at a lightning speed, transformed into five cold beams of light and flashed across the river, directly towards the Yu Clan young man, whose eyes popped out in shock.

’’Die!’’ Yelled Ji Hao.

He had injected all of his Golden Dan power into those flying swords and daggers. With great power those daggers and swords dived straight down for the air with three zhang long beams of light tailing them. They were like five white rainbows pouring down from the sky, and instantly approached the head of the Yu Clan young man.

’’Damn it!’’ Four Jia Clan warriors, who were guarding beside the Yu Clan young man, moved simultaneously.

A Jia Clan warrior raised a wall-like huge shield in his hand. The zhang wide, two zhang tall and three feet, six-inch thick shield firmly shielded the Yu Clan young man behind it. Ji Hao's flying daggers and swords hacked on the shield, burst out large amounts of fire sparks, but failed to leave even a slight mark on the shield.

Two Jia Clan warriors holding machetes suddenly opened their eight eyes, while their skin suddenly changed colour. Their skin colour darkened rapidly, from a weird cyan-grey to a bronze-like, dark purple. In the meanwhile, their bodies began expanding, from over four meter tall to five meters tall. Moreover, countless spell symbols emerged from their dark purple skins, and wisps of visible, dark-purple smoke continuously spurted out from their heads.

They stepped across the river and rushed towards Ji Hao along with thunderous footsteps. Judging from the sense of power that was being released by them and their movements, it was not hard to tell that they were three or even four times more powerful than the first batch of Jia Clan warriors, who had launched the attack first.

Can't fight them head on, thought Ji Hao. He gasped deeply, gnashed his teeth and pulled out the sword and machete that were still stuck in his body, out. Blood was boiling inside his body. Along with swooshing blood flowing sounds, his wounds healed themselves within the span of one breath, without leaving even a scar.

He raised his right arm with some force and along white another series of bone creaking noises, his bones, muscles and meridians of his right arm recovered fully as well. Slightly twisting his arm, his joints let out waves of creaking noise. He raised his hand and caught the black dagger, which automatically darted back to him. After which, he growled out again and walked towards the two Jia Clan warriors, who were approaching quickly, in big steps. At the same time, he yell out at Lang Yi, ’’What the hell are you doing by standing there?! Take those people and go! Go, go, go!!’’

Lang Yi immediately let out a shout, yelled at his fellows, telling them to bring those kids, elderly people and women away. As for himself, with loyalty, he lifted up his axe and rushed over, leapt high into the air and hacked down towards the head of one Jia Clan warriors.

’’You weak chicken-like barbarians,’’ said the Jia Clan warrior while conveniently swinging his machete sideways. A beam of bright light that was emitted by a line of spell symbols on his weapon, suddenly flashed across the edge of the machete. At the following moment, Lang Yi's axe was sliced into two by the gigantic yet extremely sharp machete, right after which, the machete swept across his waist and cut him into two as well.

Lang Yi let out a hoarse scream while his body thudded against the ground in two and began twitching madly.

Ji Hao growled out while he darted up to Lang Yi, swiftly waved his long black dagger and tried to block the two Jia Clan warriors from moving forward as much as he could. At the same time, his foot-tip moved as fast as the thunder, kicking the towa parts of Lang Yu's bodies flying through the air backwards.

Yu Mu cursed out while leaping into the air and catching Lang Yi's body parts. He then immediately joined them together, after which, he hurriedly took out a bottle of life-saving ointment, which was especially concocted by the master Magi tutors of the Magi Palace, and spread a thick layer of it on Lang Yi's wound.

Large clouds of blood-red smoke rose from around Lang Yi's broken waist, while he let out waves of howls in pain. But after only the span of two breaths, he leapt back up from the ground as if he had never been cut into two.

At this moment, Ji Hao's black dagger unexpectedly missed its target, while silently, the long machete held by Jia Clan warrior left two deep wounds on his body, which even reached his internal organs.


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Translated by XianXIaWorld


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