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The Magus Era - Chapter 257


Chapter 257 - Little frustration


Ji Hao shouted out loudly and pointed his finger at the river bank in front of those refugees. A fierce gust of wind rose directly up from the ground, rolling tens of thousands of stones up and darted towards those flying arrows.

The metal arrows clashed against the stones, creating fiery sparks. Those stones were instantly shattered against arrows, but the arrows deviated out of their routes, flying over the river sideway.

Only over a hundred arrows flew straight across the river without being bumped by those stones brought up by Ji Hao, directly piercing the crowd of refugees.

However, Ji Hao now had no time to look after those refugees. Six heavily armoured Jia Clan warriors, carrying gigantic weapons, easily leapt across the river and walked up to him in only a few steps. With three longswords, two huge machetes and one spear, they coordinated perfectly and accurately locked onto all the vital parts of Ji Hao's body.

Suddenly, a stream of fiery light darted out from the long black dagger, which Ji Hao was holding in his hand. Along with a magical arc in the air, the fiery light beam accurately tore out a thin crack in the indestructible formation that had been formed by the three long swords. At the time the edge of the dagger sliced hard across the place where the chest armour and waist armour connected of a Jia Clan warrior connected.

Fire sparks darted out from the dagger's edge and hundreds of spell symbols lit up on the joint of the armour, along with an ear-piercing clashing sound, Ji Hao tore the Jia Clan warrior's armours apart with his dagger, and pierced the dagger into his body, making his blood gush out.

The other few Jia Clan warriors exclaimed as they weren't even able to believe what they were seeing.

Surrounded by six of them altogether, Ji Hao actually got the chance to fight back, and facing their entirely sealed heavy armours that black long dagger of his, which looked not too sharp at all, had actually broken an armour and directly wounded a Jia Clan warrior's body.

Shocked by Ji Hao's move, those swords and machetes, which were hacking towards Ji Hao, and the long spread which had been swishing towards him, paused briefly. Ji Hao took a deep breath, stretched his fiery wings and swiftly stepped back along with shreds of afterimages. At the same time, Mr Crow let out a long caw, while its claws suddenly expanded to zhang huge, directly piercing into a Jia Clan warrior's facial mask.

Those translucent, top-quality, red jade-like claws, were wrapped in bright flames, and were emitting large amounts of fire speckles against the facial mask. Spell symbols shattered under Mr Crow's claws one after another, and the half inch thick mask let out a shrill breaking noise, while been torn apart slowly.

Mr Crow's claws sank deep into the Jia Clan warrior's eye sockets, smashing the four huge eyeballs of his.

That Jia Clan warrior howled out in anger, while stepping back in big steps. Another Jia Clan warrior with a machete rushed over, shielding him behind and letting him retreat. After he only took two steps back, streams of neurons and flesh began squirming in his eye sockets;within Mr Crow's fiery light, the four eyeballs started growing back quickly.

However, the flame of the Golden Crow that was left in his eye sockets was still blazing, the newly grown eyeballs were instantly burned, and the flame spread to wider parts of his face, burning large pieces of skins and flesh, emitting a horrible scent. The body of the Jia Clan warrior shook intensely in pain. Before his eyeballs had grown back, he rushed back towards Ji Hao long with a dense puff of smoke wrapped around his face.

The pair of magic fiery snakes, lying on Ji Hao's shoulders, let out slight hissing sounds, then spurted out slight beams of fiery lights, continuously burning the facial masks of the other few Jia Clan warriors. Those earth core magical flame spurted out by these snake were sticky and had an amazingly great heat, along with an incredibly strong scent of burning. Although these two snakes were still too young and too tiny and were not capable of breaking through the thick metal facial masks, they were more than able to block the eyesight of those Jia Clan warriors and slow them down with their amazing blazing flames and rolling smoke.

Man Man rush over from the side. She remained completely silent and gritted her teeth hard. Aiming at one Jia Clan warrior, she raised her pair of gigantic hammers high and smashed down with all of her power. Followed by two loud booms, that Jia Clan warrior's back armour was instantly shattered by the raging flame spurted out by Man Man's hammers. Large amounts of metal fragments flew out and the Jia Clan warrior's back was broke into pieces. He fell onto the ground with a weirdly twisted posture.

Man Man badly wounded one Jia Clan warrior with only one attack, but she had only broke his spine and slightly wounded his internal organ, which was not enough to kill him.

Two other Jia Clan warriors raised their machete and sword simultaneously and swiftly hacked down towards Man Man's vital body parts. Without a second thought, they were all aimed accurately at Man Man's heart and neck, intending to cut her head off and smash her heart as well.

Man Man calmly raised her hammers, which were nearly as big as her entire body. After the pair of hammers were put straight on the ground, they became two huge and extra solid shields, completely shielding Man Man. The sword and machete hacked on the hammers altogether, letting out loud and high-pitched clashing noises that would make people's ear pain. But Man Man was completely unharmed, while easily taking a few steps backwards.

Yu Mu took this opportunity and hurriedly swung his arms. A stream of black liquid darted out, directly into the broken armour that had been shattered by Man Man, and gushed into the wounds on the Jia Clan warrior's back. The horrible poison spread out inside his body in no time, along with which, his back began corroding at a visible rate. Not long after that, the muscles on the back of the Jia Clan warrior had completely disappeared, and his bronze, translucent bones and squirming internal organs were exposed.

Black poisonous smoke instantly gushed into his internal organs. This Jia Clan warrior howled out in pain, while struggling he lifted up his facial mask, took out a bottle of detoxifying medicine and poured it into his mouth. However, once he had taken the bottle out, an arrow swished over from afar, directly puncturing his wrist and deep into his mouth.

Right after that, the arrowhead exploded inside his mouth and a raging sphere of flame spurted out from all the openings of his body. That was explosion flame arrow, made by master Magi tutors of the Magi Palace, and was amazingly destructive. The facial muscles of this Jia Clan warrior was even blown away and only the bronze translucent neck bones remained.

Being injured so badly, this Jia Clan warriors still had his strangely strong life force left. He screamed hoarsely, while struggling on the ground. With some difficulty he pulled the arrow that was stuck in his throat out.

Shaosi appeared abruptly behind him, just like an elf. She raised her spear and accurately knocked hard on his neck bone, breaking it right away. A huge head was sent flying up in the air and fell on the ground, hundreds of zhang away, along with a series of clangs.

The howl instantly stopped. Finally, this Jia Clan warrior, who was wounded seriously in a row, had run out of the last slight wisp of his life force. He lied on the ground, twitching his headless body and losing his importance.

All these may seem to have cost a long span of time, but in fact, all these had all happened within the blink of an eye. Ji Hao and his team killed a Jia Clan warrior with their perfect cooperation, and when they made their moves, Taisi, who was still standing behind them, had already begun incanting a mysterious spell, creating streams of black mist, which wrapped the remaining five Jia Clan warriors up.

Painful moaning continuously came out of the mist. The five Jia Clan warriors slowed suddenly down, and their skins began withering rapidly and their faces turned old as well. Their life force was quickly being drained, while a human-head-sized life-force ball was quickly growing in front of Taisi.

Not too far away, shrill screams came out from the crowd of refugees. Even tough Lang Li and his tens of companions had tried their best to block those arrows, tens of arrows still managed to pierce into the crowd, easily killing over a hundred refugees.

Those arrows were shot out with incomparably great power that those poor refugees, who were shot by those arrows, even ended up exploding immediately. Blood and body parts spread all over the ground.

The young man, who had been yelling at Ji Hao before, watched his clansmen being shattered into pieces by these arrows. He painfully kneeled on the ground and began screaming desperately.


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