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The Magus Era - Chapter 256


Chapter 256 - Pursuers

Yu Mu took a few burning-red mud balls out from under the bonfire, broke them open by slapping them and exposed the oily and sizzling, grilled chicken wrapped within them. A group of kids dashed over and surrounded Yu Mu. Yu Mu tore those chicken into pieces and handed a big piece of chicken to each kid, instantly bringing up a series of happy laughs.

Shaosi quietly looked at these kids. She saw a few weak and scrawny kids standing behind those kids, who were surrounding Yu Mu, not getting any chicken, causing them to start weeping again. She silently walked up to those kids, took out a few solid dry cakes from the leather storage bag tied around her waist and handed them over to those kids.

Those cakes were standard army provisions, thick and solid, containing enough amount of salt and large pieces of dry meat. Although those were cold cakes, the nice aroma of smoked meat instantly spread out. The few kids happily took over those cakes and began wolfing them down.

After having taken only a few bites, all of these kids hurriedly turned around and handed their chicken and cakes to their parents and elder relatives.

Lang Li looked at the few warriors, who were standing among his clansmen and said, ’’Yes they are Cyan Wolf Clan clansmen. They helped these clansmen fleeing out. If they hadn't been there, those elderly men, kids, and women would have been kill by those bloody monsters long time ago.’’

Sighing slightly, Lang Li said bitterly, ’’But they have suffered quite a heavy loss. They numbered around a hundred when I met them, but now, only over ten of them have survived. Those monsters, bloody hell!’’

Abruptly, Lang Yi gave Ji Hao a sensitive look and asked, ’’Why? Is there something wrong with them?’’

’’Not a big problem, probably I am thinking too much.’’ Ji Hao shook his head and said blandly.

Giving another pondering glance at those few warriors, Ji Hao directly pointed his finger at them and yelled, ’’Later, walk along the valley, don't go randomly around! Otherwise, don't blame me for not having warned you when you get killed!’’

The few warriors politely saluted to Ji Hao once again and sat back on the ground.

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes, looked closely at Lang Yi's steel axe, which he was carrying on his back. It was an ordinary big steel axe. Twelve spell symbols that could make the axe more solid and sharper, were embossed on the handle, three of these spell symbols had quite great effects against evil creatures such as ghosts.

These spell symbols apparently had not formed when the axe was forged, instead, they were carved on it after Lang Yi had gotten the axe, by a Maguspriest of his clan. Therefore, the streams of power couldn't smoothly flow in between those spell symbols and the axe itself, seemed to be blocked by something in a certain degree, which caused the power of these set of spell symbols, containing twelve spell symbols, to only release less than seventy percent of its capability.

Lang Yi was obviously the most powerful one among all these people and was an elementary level Senior Magus, but his weapon was only a simple axe that had spell symbols added onto it.

However, the few warriors, who were noticed by Ji Hao, were only peak level junior warriors, but their weapons were all of relatively much higher quality than the axe of Lang Yi. They were badly injured as well, but when looked closer, all the wounds were not in vital body parts.

Although their bones were all exposed in these wounds and had strong poison lingering on their wounds, which was very hard to deal with, making their wounds unable to automatically cure, but all these wounds were located in relatively safer areas of their bodies.

’’Interesting,’’ said Ji Hao while taking out a few big pieces of cold grilled meat and handing them to Lang Yi and said in a low voice, ’’When you arrive at the post, everyone of your clan will be identified. At that time, let those old men take a close look and see if these few guys really are their Cyan Wolf Clan warriors.’’

Lang Yi's pupils suddenly shrunk into the size of a needlepoint. He remained silent for a while, then took over the meat and walked towards his fellow warriors.

Ji Hao saw that he shared the meat with the other warriors, then a few elderly men got some meat as well. The remaining meat was not too much, he gave it straight away to the few oldest kids, who could already fight.

As for those women, who were also starving, no one was paying any attention to them.

The rule of survival was indeed cruel, but under these conditions they had to guarantee the physical strength of those warriors at first, and could only give up on those women.

A young man, who was one or two years older than Ji Hao walked over, first took a surprised glance at Shaosi and Man Man's pretty faces, then carefully asked Ji Hao, ’’Are you sent by the human Emperor? Where is the army of our human race? Why don't they rush out of the Chi Ban Mountain and kill those monsters in the north?’’

Ji Hao frowned and gave a measuring look to this young man, then slightly shook his head, turned around his body and looked at the other side of the river.

The young man's face turned red, he gasped and stared at Ji Hao, then yelled out, ’’Oi! I'm talking to you! Why don't they rush out and kill those monsters?! You cowards!’’

Man Man darted over from the sideway in big steps, bumped into this young man, sending him flying away. She angrily waved her hammers while yelling, ’’Oi! Who you called cowards?! We have killed more of those monsters than you have ever seen!’’

Man Man struck her hammers hard on the ground, smashing a gigantic rock, which then was burned into a puff of smoke by the flame of the hammers.

The thunderous boom made by Man Man stirred the crowd again. Lang Yi looked at Man Man and the young man for a while, then shook his head, harshly yet deeply yelled at his fellow warriors, forbidding them to make any move.

The young man stared at Man Man in shock, gritted his teeth and continued after quite a while, ’’They're all dead. Abba, Amma, uncles living next doors, all dead. Why don't you rush out, why don't you kill those monsters?!’’

Man Man swung her hammers up, intending to teach this kid a lesson.

Ji Hao grabbed Man Man's arm, then said to this kid in a cold voice, ’’You have no qualification to say so, neither have you any qualification to ask why. Want revenge? Grab a weapon and go fight against them in battle, don't mess around here.’’

The kid leapt up from the ground, stared at Ji Hao in rage and screamed, ’’If I had your powers, I would have gone fighting against them myself! You're so powerful, but you're just hiding beside a river and grilling meat! You!’’

The branches in the woods across the river suddenly shook, and a silvery hoofbeat came from the woods. Soon, a cyan-blue cheetah, carrying a Yu Clan warrior, wearing exquisite and luxurious armour, rushed out of the wood.

Following right behind him were tens of fully armoured, meters tall Jia Clan warriors, carrying their heavy and gigantic weapons, rushing out as well.

Behind these Jia Clan warriors were tens of dark-skinned slave warriors, and over two hundred slaves, whose skins were covered in flecks, looked like hairless monkeys, yelling and leaping around.

Along with slight metal-clashing noise, three gigantic metal spiders slowly walked out of the woods.

Once these metal spiders walked out, they suddenly opened their jaws and let out hundreds of feet long, golden arrows, swishing towards those refugees on the other side of the river, along with beams of cold lights.


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