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The Magus Era - Chapter 254


Chapter 254 - Encounter

Taisi was lying on the bank of a river with his limbs stretched out, showing the whites of his eyes towards the sky.

Although he had already become a Senior Magus, his body was still as weak as that of an ordinary Novice Magus. Having rushed for only hundreds of miles, Taisi went so out of breath that he nearly puked his internal organs out.

Yu Mu was carefully looking after a bonfire, which had a few mud balls buried under it. Wrapped in those mud balls were freshly hunted wild chickens. This cooking method he had learned from Si Xi. Lately, Yu Mu was quite obsessed in wrapping all kinds of food materials in mud and grilling them with the bonfire.

Shaosi, Man Man, and Feng Xing were sitting in a line on a flagstone, staring at Yu Mu's bonfire. Wiping the drool off from the corner of her mouth, Man Man murmured that all the chicken legs should belong to her. Feng Xing narrowed his eyes, while silently determining that he would certainly seize at least one chicken leg.

Taisi was still lying on the river bank, but none of the others gave him even a glance. Especially Shaosi. She didn't even want to talk a word to this older brother of her, who had made her so embarrassed. It had only been hundreds of miles, even Man Man, that little girl covered it easily.

’’Whoo, whoo, be careful! If you dare to run, I'll just kill you for good!’’

Ji Hao was riding on the back of a pure black muscular tiger, swiftly rushing out of the woods, like a gust of gale. This three zhang long tiger was breathing rapidly, with white saliva spurted out from the corner of its mouth from time to time. Occasionally, it would let out a roar, and every time after that, Ji Hao would immediately throw a heavy punch to its head.

Ji Hao's punches nearly knocked this powerful beast down. Finally, its limbs couldn't support its body anymore and it fell on the ground.

Mr Crow instantly cawed out, spurting out a thin stream of flame, right on the head of the tiger. The tiger howled out, stood up while staggering. With shaky legs it moved towards the river as Ji Hao ordered it to.

’’Drink! Animal, can't at least understand something that I say?’’ yelled Ji Hao while throwing another heavy punch on the tiger's head. The tiger lied nicely down beside the river, soaked half if its head into the river and gulped the ice-cold water in big mouthfuls.

It was the third day after they had joined Huaxu Lie's special army.

The apprentices of the Magus Palace had separated up long time ago, in countless small teams, disappearing in this vast Chi Ban Mountain.

Unlike those ordinary warriors, who knew nothing besides waving their weapons as hard as they could, amongst these apprentices, even the weakest one had mastered a special subject, such as medicine making, magic talismans making, magic formations, or spell using, as well as communicating with mysterious creatures. They could manipulate animals and poisonous creatures, or even control the natural elements like the wind, or lightning and snow. These abilities allowed every single Magus Palace's apprentice to be more powerful and effective in battle, than tens of, or even hundreds of ordinary warriors who were at the same level as them.

Thousands of carefully selected Senior Magus level apprentices were pushed into the Chi Ban Mountain. It seemed like a handful of small stones had been thrown into the ocean, not even worth one more glance, but these kids were actually amazingly destructive.

Not to mention the others, only Ji Hao's six-people team had destroyed tens of pioneering squats of those non-human race monsters within the past three days, and killed over a thousand slaves.

The six of them corresponded perfectly with each other, none of them was especially weaker than the others and needed extra protection. If insisted on picking up the weakness of this team, it would be that Taisi's physical strength and body condition were both too weak, even if he was already a Senior Magus, he still was so weak that it nearly drove the other teammates speechless.

Therefore, Ji Hao used this short break time and went into the deep mountain and captured this strong tiger, which was about to break into the level of Senior Magus.

’’Taisi, Taisi!’’ From a long distance, Ji Hao laughed out and yelled, ’’I got you a riding animal, check it out! Very nice, like a furry big cat!’’

Grabbing the skin of the tiger on its neck, Ji Hao directly pulled the tiger's head up and swayed it towards Taisi.

Taisi, who was still gasping, raised his head, saw the tiger and his eyes instantly began glowing. He hurriedly stood up, happily walked into the river, looked at Ji Hao, laughed and said, ’’Aha, ha, Ji Hao, I knew it! You're the only one who is nice to me!’’

’’Hm?’’ Man Man glared at Taisi while showing her little teeth.

’’Dear brother, what did you mean by that?’’ said Shaosi coldly, while given Taisi a sideway, even colder glance.

Feng Xing didn't say anything, only took out an arrow and silently aimed at Taisi's scrawny ass.

Taisi suddenly quivered, immediately raised both of his arms and yelled, ’’Ah, haha, haha, ha, we-we're all family! Eh, we're, we're blood brothers, an-and sisters! Yo-you're all the best to me, I am so touched! I'm about to cry!’’

Shaosi lowered her head and buried her face in her hands and slightly sighed. Having such a big brother was the most humiliating thing that ever had happened to her.

Ji Hao shook his head and drove the tiger up to Taisi. The tiger's gigantic body leapt into the river and send up large amounts of water waves. Taisi instantly grabbed the tiger's furry face and happily rubbed it and even forgot to wipe the water on his face out.

’’Big kitty nice kitty, you should be a good boy from now on. As long as I have something to eat, I will certainly share it with you...’’ Taisi stared emotionally at the tiger in its eyes, however, the tiger showed its sharp teeth and let out an unfriendly roar to him. After that, the tiger sneezed, spraying a full mouthful of saliva on Taisi's face.

Tarsi's face suddenly turned dark and his eyes turned into pure-black colour, within which, dim scary dark lights began rotating, like a black hole that was about to draw the tiger's soul out. The tiger began moaning in fear, but its limbs seemed to have been disabled from moving. It could only lie in the river, without daring to move anymore.

Taisi sniffed and pointed his fingers on the middle of the tiger's forehead. Along with his move, a great tiger roar came out from the tiger's head and a thumb-sized green light wrapped the hazy tiger silhouette, slowly flowed out from its head, into Taisi's mouth and was swallowed by him.

The tiger's body suddenly went stiff. When it looked at Taisi again, its eyes were filled with fear and despair. Just a moment ago, one could still see the remaining wildness and fierceness in its eyes, but at this moment they had all disappeared and the tiger became as behaving as a home cat.

Ji Hao was relieved, since Taichi had his own way to control this tiger, he would not have to worry about this anymore.

Patting the tiger's head, Ji Hao leaped down from its back, then slapped on Taisi's shoulder and said, ’’From now on, this cat will be your mount. This black big cat it about to break into the Senior Magus level and can run even faster than us in the mountain and the jungle. It will be a great assistant of yours!’’

Taisi happily grinned while nodding his head. He walked around the tiger being satisfied, showing no sign of stopping.

Suddenly, the tiger raised its head and roared towards the woods across the river.

Ji Hao immediately dragged Taisi over and shielded him with his own body.

Feng Xing, who was sat behind them, instantly leapt high, bringing up tens of shreds of afterimages and darted into the jungle behind him into hiding. Yu Mu carelessly sniffed, carried his huge pot up and walked towards Ji Hao. Shaosi murmured and incanted a spell, which brought a few extremely thin beams of white light down from the sky, forming faint white spell symbols on each of her teammates' head.

A trembling voice abruptly came from the woods across the river.

’’Don't attack! We're human, we're human! Not monsters!’’

Out of the shaking branches, hundreds of elderly people, women and kids staggered out.


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