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The Magus Era - Chapter 252


Chapter 252 - Chi Ban Mountain

’’Scums, all scums. I need to revenge myself anyway.’’

Di Sha was sitting on the back of a Blood-Smoke Nightmare Beast, with a darkened face, while aimlessly whipping the braces beside him with the small whip he was holding in his hand. The hideous Blood-Smoke Nightmare Beast, which had goat-like horns and sharp teeth, screamed shrilly. Countless small scales of it were wrapped in dense blood-red smoke, hidden under a thick layer of fur and was letting out muffled metal-clashing noises.

Behind Di Sha there were three thousand Yu Clan elite warriors, fifty-thousand Jia Clan warriors, and large groups of slave warriors. This huge troop was moving forward in the dense jungle.

Di Sha only had a thousand elite Yu Clan warriors and thirty thousand Jia Clan warriors under his direct command, but for this war, the new emperor, Dishi Yanluo, had given his final order, making all the influential families of the Blood Moon send their elite family members to join the army.

His army force had abruptly expanded by a few times, therefore, Di Sha was not incomparably confident.

’’Little bastard, you have killed my brother and humiliated my family, I sensing that you're right here. Just wait for me to cut your head down myself!’’

A beam of dim light flashed across the erect eye on the forehead of Di Sha, which turned the surrounding air into a sticky and muddy substance. Tens of Yu Clan commanders, who were standing right behind him, hurriedly lowered their head and didn't dare to look directly at his body.

Tens of dark-brown and dark-skinned slave warriors, who had large speckles on their skin and looked like hairless monkeys, rushed over from the other side of the mountain. They were rushing quickly down a cliff at the mountainside, stirring up clouds of dirt while dashing over.

These slave warriors were not good at fighting. They were only equal to ordinary third or fourth level of Novice Magi. At this moment, their entire bodies were completely covered in blood. The one rushing in the front had the heads of a few children tied around his waist.

’’Lowly creatures!’’ Di Sha and his little group of commanders yelled out simultaneously.

These slave warriors were living a very low life and had shameless methods of fighting. What they liked the most was to bully and slaughter weak and young people. Judging from their appearances, they had probably accidentally rushed into a small village, got aroused by the kids in the village and conveniently killed a few.

’’Enemies! Enemies!’’ The slave warriors who were rushing in the front screamed out at Di Sha, ’’He killed lots of us!’’

Di Sha raised his head and looked at the small hill where those slave warriors had come from. These scouting slave warriors were sent out by him and should have been in a team of a hundred people, but now only over thirty of them made it back. Obviously, the majority of them had been killed.

The sound of armour clashing came out from the troop. Over ten Jia Clan warriors left the troop in a line and walked towards the small hill in big steps.

A few tall and sturdy silhouettes appeared on top of the hill. From the top of the hill they observed Di Sha's troop for a while, loudly punched their own chests and gave angry shouts. But right after that, they turned around and left and didn't stupidly rushed down to risk their lives fighting against those Jia Clan warriors.

Di Sha shook his head in scorn, carelessly pointed his finger at the small hill and said, ’’Send a squat over there and wipe their village out. Be careful, don't kill those who are worthy goods.’’

After all, Di Sha had worked as a slave trader for hundreds of years, therefore, he instinctively kept his old habit of a slave trader. The few Yu Clan commanders were all his close followers, who had worked for him for many years. They nodded silently and quickly gave the order to the warriors.

Five elite warriors of the Yu Clan and fifty Jia Clan warriors, along with three hundred powerful slave warriors and thousands of noisy weak slaves, left the troop and quickly moved towards the small hill.

If someone would look down from up the sky, they would see at least a hundred of troops that were similar to the one being led by Di Sha. These troops looked like a multi-headed evil dragon, extending for miles. Wherever they passed through, they would leave wiped out villages in their wake, burning all the houses and robbing all the food and clothes. This enormous army, formed by hundreds of troops, wriggled towards the south.

In front of them, a gigantic mountain range was silently lying on the ground. This mountain range extended for over a million miles from the west to the east. Except for some ancient trees that were growing on top of a few peaks, not a single grass could be found on this mountain range.

Only smooth and solid cliffs and mountainsides could be seen on this mountain range. There were no soil that could be found between the peaks, only gigantic flagstones. Some flagstones were even ten miles long in square, surrounded by mountains, naturally formed into a perfect battle ground.

What was even more shocking, was whether it was the mountainside or the cliff and flagstones or the sand in the river, all those were dyed blood-red. And because the sun reflected from these surfaces, it emitted a soul-shaking blood-red light.

At the first sight, the eyes would be filled with vivid blood-red colour, which was the reason why this mountain range was called Chi Ban.

[TL note, 'Chi' literally means red in Chinese.]

Before Emperor Shun had taken over the throne of the human race king and the human world was being ruled by the last few generations of emperors, the Chi Ban Mountain range was the natural parting line between the Yu Dynasty and the human race. For many times, the Yu Dynasty army launched attacks from the north, and the human race army held the Chi Ban Mountain as a line of defence, firmly blocking the Yu Dynasty army in the north.

For a very long time, too many warriors had shed their blood on this mountain range, which had made this mountain range even redder.

After the army had set off from Pu Ban City, all the people of the Magi Palace, including Ji Hao, were transferred onto the back of a gigantic Mountain Turtle. This kind of giant-scale animal that could naturally merge with the great earth power, moved faster than the army by over ten times. After ten days, they had arrived at the southern part of the Chi Ban Mountain.

Battling birds were hovering in the sky, while battling beasts were roaring. The barracks that had extended ten thousand miles, had been built on the southern side of the Chi Ban Mountain. The warriors, who had come from over ten thousand different clans, had gathered here, forming a great allied force, preparing for this upcoming bloody war against the non-human race monsters.

Standing on the back of the Mountain Turtle and looking at both sides, under the dim starlight, light spots in front of each barrack had formed a long sparkling line. The bonfires were blazing, while the nice aroma of grilled meat spread out for thousands of miles, which would make people drool by even taking a single breath of it.

A group of warriors were wolfing the grilled meat and pouring delicious wine into their mouths. Their shouts and growls was as great as the roaring tide water and would even bring a great pain to the ears.

Occasionally, the battling beasts, which still were wild, would fight against each other, along with which, a great chaos would be created. The roars of the beasts, which were fighting, and the yells of the humans who were their owners, mixed up together. This expanded quickly into a group fight, involving hundreds of people.

Elder Wuyou and a few others were standing on the back of the turtle, were already showing the whites of their eyes. Kuafu Yan waved his great hammer and cursed in a muffled yet resonant voice, ’’Who is in charge of this site? Why is it in such a mess? How can we fight with an army like this?’’

The turtle didn't stop, but moved directly across the hundreds of miles wide barrack site, carrying Ji Hao and the others into the Chi Ban Mountain.

Moving in the rugged mountain area for a few days, past countless strictly guarded posts, they saw a gigantic blood-red flagstone, with thousands of banners. These banners had different totems painted on them and were floating and fluttering above it. This was the base camp of the allied forces of the human race clans, which was specially constructed for this war.

Resounding horns were rising into the air and tens of large-scale fighting beasts darted out from the site.


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