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The Magus Era - Chapter 251


Chapter 251 - The Yu Dynasty

Three days later.

Emperor Shun had organized an offering ceremony on a high stage, worshipping the nature, the gods and the spirits.

Tens of thousands of master Maguspriests had come from different big-scale clans. They were standing around the stage, and were simultaneously incanting a blessing spell. Gusts of fierce wind were ceaselessly blowing from over the west. According to legends the west represented metal as one of the five basic elements of nature. It also represented the white tiger, which was the god of war, mainly in charge of slaughter and war. Milky-white wind blew across Pu Ban City and shreds of long, sharp clouds drifted over, like countless sharp swords that sliced the sky open.

Gigantic and strong beast were beheaded one after another. Their blood gushed out and were lifted up in the air by invisible streams of magic power, transforming into huge spell symbols. Beams of blood-red light spread out, showering onto the bodies of Ji Hao and all the other people, who were standing in front of the stage. Everyone felt a strong, dense and hot stream of power gushing into their bodies, flowing inside their bodies and merging with their own powers.

This was the grand war ceremony of the alliance of humankind clans. A hundred thousand big-scale beasts would be offered to the nature and mysterious powerful creatures living in this world, in exchange for help of the natural power. As price, tens of thousands of master Maguspriest would lose their ability of activating their power for the following year.

After being enhanced by that blood-red spell symbol, Ji Hao's physical strength was doubled, along with the speed of his movements and reactions and his agility. His body had become over five times more solid than it had been before, and his life-force had increased many times over as well. Because of that, the recovery speed of his wounds had increased by many times now.

With the power that had been gifted by the blood-red spell symbol, the probability of survival in battle had increased by at least ten times now for Ji Hao. And the effect of the blood-red spell symbol would last for over a year.

Tens of thousands of master Maguspriests were sitting on the ground, each with a deadly pale face. Their eyes were closed, while they were swallowing liquid medicines that had been prepared well ahead of time.

Emperor Shun was holding the sword, which represented his status as the King of the human race, standing high and looking solemnly down at the army, which was about to head to the Chi Ban Mountain. He didn't say too much, only held the sword in front of his face with both of his hands and bowed deeply in front of the warriors standing in line, who had come from almost all the human clans. After that, the commanders growled out resonantly one after another, along with which, this magnificent army began moving towards the North.

A hundred Winged Dragons were leading the way in front of the army. Every Winged Dragon was carrying a powerful Maguspriest. These master Maguspriests waved their mountain-driving whips that had been passed down from their ancestors while incanting an old and mysterious spell. When their whips, which were shining with bright yellow light, were waved in the air, the ground would start to tremble and thick layers of soil would automatically split up, from out of which, ten miles wide and zhang thick gigantic flagstones would move up from the ground, one after another.

Not long after that, with the continuous upward movement of the huge flagstones from out the ground, a ten miles wide broad road had been paved in front of the army. This road stretched directly to the north, without bending even a single time.

’’Move! Kill all the monsters!!’’ A zhang tall man from the Kuafu Family roared, while holding the banner of the alliance of human clans up with both of his hands. He was the first one to step on the broad straight road that was paved by magic.

The flying dragons that were carrying the master Maguspriests swiftly flew forwards, while those master Maguspriests were ceaselessly waving their whips and extending the road.

Occasionally, there would be gigantic mountains that would block the way, however, along with harsh growls of these master Maguspriests, those mountains would automatically move aside and clear the way, as if they were living creatures.

Along with a buzzing sound, tank-sized, multicoloured spell symbols emerged from the flagstone road.

The yellow spell symbols represented the earth. With dense earth powers released by these spell-symbols, warriors walking on the flagstone road all felt that they had endless powers and great life-force, which would never be exhausted. On this broad road, every single warrior was able to keep moving forward at their highest speed without even taking a break.

The green spell symbols represented wood. The power of wood contained a bottomless amount of life force, with which, these warriors wouldn't feel hungry at all. And their bodies wouldn't get harmed in any way by moving over a long time. While walking on this broad road, everyone's body could maintain their optimum condition.

The cyan spell symbols represented wind. The wind was light and fast. With the power of wind, the warriors were able to move faster than before by at least ten times. Ordinary Junior Magi could easily cover thousands of miles within a day. While absorbing the power of the wind on this road, they could now reach a hundred thousand miles far daily.

Ji Hao was sitting on the back of a Horned Dragon-Horse. He couldn't see the front of this army, neither was he able to see the end of it behind him. This great army moving forward on this magical and broad road at its highest speed, while countless spell symbols were sparkling on the ground, allowed the army to move faster and faster.

This was the power of the alliance of the human race clans.

Pu Ban City seemed like a peaceful countryside, but when its power did burst, it could shock everyone.

Since his wounds hadn't yet recovered fully, Ji Hao was sitting leisurely on the back of the Dragon-Horse and took out a thick book that was made from jade slips and opened it carefully.

He hadn't wasted the past three days. With his own efforts and permissions of a few Magi Palace's elders, especially Si Xi, Ji Hao had gained the qualification of entering the precious storage room with ancient scriptures. He had found a few books regarding non-human race monsters from it, and duplicated them with a special kind of magic.

These few books had extremely rich content, which were quite shocking and terrifying.

Ji Hao even had to make a quite terrifying vow, declaring that he would never leak this information to ordinary people, in order to gain access to these, officially banned, books before he was truly qualified.

He was going to join a great war against non-human race monsters in the Chi Ban Mountain. Judging from the conversations between Si Xi and the other ministers, Ji Hao had learned that this war would be quite terrifying. Under these circumstances it would be quite irresponsible of him towards his teammates if he hadn't learned as much as possible about their enemies.

Strange shining characters slowly emerged from the book, which could only be seen by Ji Hao.

First of, those non-human race monsters were not indigenous residents of this world, but the book didn't explain where they exactly did come from. Clearly, that was a bigger secret than the information that Ji Hao was permitted to know. Even though Ji Hao had got a special permission of the elders, he was still not qualified to reach those highly secretive information.

Those non-human race monsters were strictly hierarchical, from up to down, they were divided into the three-eyed Yu Clan, who possessed all kinds of magical powers, just like Maguspriests amongst the human race, the four-eyed Jia clan, who had incomparably powerful bodies and great fighting skills and were the most horrible enemies of the human race, the five-eyed Xiu Clan, who were especially wise. Although the Xiu Clan knew nearly nothing about fighting, they possessed highly advanced technologies regarding magic formations, spell symbols, magic puppet making, tool making and medicine making, which surpassed the human race by far.

Even many of the magic formations and spell-symbol creation, medicine concocting, and puppet making technologies that were mastered by the human race, were actually sneakily learned from the the Xiu Clan at first.

The three-eyed Yu Clan people possessed incredibly high status, therefore, with the name of their clan, they had started a dynasty, named the Yu Dynasty, which had a great influence in the Midland world and a very long history. Before the human race had been gathered together by the first three Kings of the human race, during a undefined long time, the human race was actually the slave of the Yu Dynasty.

With other words, the alliance of the human clans could actually be seen as the 'traitors' of the Yu Dynasty.

The alliance of the human clans was founded, based on powerful large-scale clans. The elders from these clans would together select the Emperor, to lead and to guide the entire human race. Nominally, the King of the human race was the most powerful leader of the entire human race.

Different with them, the Yu Dynasty was divided into twelve branches according to their different inherited power, which were the three 'suns' and the nine 'moons'. Each branch had an Emperor in power, who joined-handedly ruled the great Yu Dynasty.

This time, the throne of the emperor in power of the Blood Moon had changed its owner. The new emperor, Dishi Yanluo, intended to dye his throne red, with the blood of the human race.


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