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The Magus Era - Chapter 250


Chapter 250 - Deal

Wuzhi Qi attempted to kill Man Man, but ended up badly wounding Ji Hao.

The punishment given by Emperor Shun had failed to calm Zh Rong down from his sky-burning rage. He directly rushed into Gong Gong Wuyou's palace located in Pu Ban City along with great roaring streams of flame. Terrifying waves that could even reach to the sky, were brought up from the few great rivers of Pu Ban city, firmly circling around Gong Gong Wuyou's palace.

Great flames roared down from the air, while countless exploding fire sparks madly bullyed against those waves. Soon, eight volcanos abruptly appeared around Gong Gong Wuyou's palace, spurting out ocean-huge amount of boiling lava, which even covered the palace up.

The ground shook slightly and waves of screams, howls and cries came, capable of even disturbing the heaven. Within the flame, countless fully armoured warriors were fighting against each other with all of their powers.

Sitting in Si Xi's small cabin, Si Dao and his three brothers were continuously bringing news regarding this great fight started by Zhu Rong from all directions. Zhu Rong had really gone mad, even Emperor Shun could do no nothing about this enraged Zhu Rong.

Gong Gong Wuyou desperately sent messages to everyone related to him, requesting help, but not a single one dared to show his or her face. A nearly crazy Zhu Rong was definitely not someone that you would want to provoke, not to mention that Wuzhi Qi's action earlier had indeed been way too shameless. He had attempted to kill Zhu Rong's little girl because he was beaten up by Zhu Rong, this had clearly broken the moral rule.

If all people dealt with their hatred in this way, all young kids would probably be killed by the enemies of their older generations. After all, those young kids who hadn't grown mature yet, couldn't possibly take even a slight punch of those old monsters.

Therefore, no one showed any empathy towards Gong Gong Wuyou. Even Emperor Shun pretended to not know about the actions of Zhu Rong.

As for Gong Gong Wuyou himself, he knew clearly that he had to take the blame for Wuzhi Qi's ridiculous action. Lie Mountain Xu and Ying Yunpeng, who had just ganged up with him, were all punished for the crystal mine event. At this moment, he couldn't find any reason to go against the raging Zhi Rong, and could only hide inside his room and let Zhu Rong do whatever he wanted.

After having smashed madly for half an hour, Zhu Rong directly broke into the palace, grabbed Gong Gong Wuyou out from his room and savagely beat him up. Until Emperor Shun and a group of old ministers finally showed their faces, as peacemakers, this fight had not been ended.

’’Well, this is how it went,’’ said Si Xi while digging out a few mud balls out of the bonfire. He ripped them open and showed the well grilled wild chickens inside, ’’You're not harmed too badly, so Zhu Rong can't go too far. He just kicked a few asses and released his anger.’’

Slightly sighing, Si Xi murmured, ’’Emperor Shun is not easily sitting on the throne of the humankind king. People are now complicated, they are not as simple and honest as in the ancient time. During the first three generation of King of the humankind era, although the humankind was living a rough life, their hearts were tied together all the time. They would gather all their efforts together and work on conquering all difficulties. That was the peak time of our humankind.’’

Man Man didn't want to pay any attention to this kind of serious topics. She chuckled happily, seized a grilled wild chicken from Si Xi's hand, handed it to Shaosi, then grabbed another one and threw it to Ji Hao, after that, she took the third one and began wolfing it down.

Ji Hao shook his head while smiling, looked at Yu Mu, who was drooling at that grilled chicken but was too shy to ask for one, tore his grilled chicken into a few pieces and handed to Yu Mu, Feng Xing, and Taisi.

Si Xi nodded and said with a grin, ’’Ah, we were planning on keeping you in the Magi Palace to learn more useful stuff, but it seems now that as long as Wen Ming and few other old men don't stay in the Magi Place, the Magi Palace will immediately fall into chaos. Kids like you wouldn't be able to even stay there.’’

’’Rather than that, you should just go to the Chi Ban Mountain. You can still learn things over there, while accumulating your military exploitations, which is even better for you.’’

’’Not only you, elder Wulong and few others will go to the Chi Ban Mountain as well. After all, this time the Blood Moon seemed to be preparing to dispatch their entire army force. We would suffer unnecessary losses if we aren't cautious enough. In the Chi Ban Mountain, you can ask any question regarding your cultivation to those few elders anytime, and will be able to put what you have learned directly in practice, this is a good thing.’’

Ji Hao nodded and said seriously, ’’You're right, Si, we wanted to stay in the Magi Palace and concentrate on learning some good stuff. Take as much as tasks we could and accumulate some experience, besides trade cultivating resources with our credits, we only wanted to make ourselves stronger and more powerful. Doing so would allow us to contribute more to our humankind.’’

’’However, looking at what happened this time, we never wanted to cause any trouble but trouble came looking for us. Rong Mountain Clan elder Iron Yan forgot about moral sense once he saw the crystal mine, which is still reasonable. Elders from small clans can be shortsighted sometimes, and probably not be able to make decisions upon the long term effects, I can understand why he did those things to us.’’

’’But, that Ying Yunpeng, hehe, and Prince Xu, hm.’’ Ji Hao sneered and continued honestly, ’’People like that are holding high status amongst our humankind.’’

Si Xi waved his hand, stared at Ji Hao right in the eye, then slowly glanced at Man Man and the few other kids, then said, ’’You have got one thing wrong. They're not holding high status amongst the entire humankind, they're only powerful amongst their own clans or family. The humankind is not what you think it is.’’

’’Amongst our humankind, some people indeed value wealth more than moral sense and would betray anyone for their own benefits. These people are jealous, used to turn black into white. If our humankind is a tree, these people are the disgusting insects that are trying to eat us from the roots. However, more people are brave and fearless, willing to risk their own lives for the future of the entire humankind.’’

Si Xi then patted hard on Ji Hao's shoulder and said generously, ’’Never, ever be disappointed in our humankind, Ji Hao, and the five of you, never give up on your own kind, otherwise, in this cruel world, you might...’’

Si Xi pointed at the sky outside, grinned and continued, ’’You will encounter the darkness, occasionally dark clouds will block your eyesight, but eventually, you will see...’’

’’You will see me as a warm flame, lighting up the entire sky and bringing light and warmth to countless creatures.’’ A clear and manly voice abruptly came out from the outside and interrupted Si Xi's words. Beautiful yet majestic Zhu Rong, wearing his symbolic red cloak, carried a huge cucurbit containing wine, walked into the cabin with big steps.

Once he walked into the room, Zhu Rong threw a heavy slap on Ji Hao's head and said, ’’Kid, not bad, you have saved Man Man one more time. I like you more and more. But, you're still not powerful enough to be my son-in-law. Well, until you have become an invincible one amongst divine Magi, you're not qualified to be with my daughter.’’

Ji Hao let out a few hollow and shaky laughs. He didn't dared to respond regarding this topic.

To be the son-in-law of the Fire God, Zhu Rong, this was truly a legendary topic for Ji Hao.

And to be the husband of Man Man? Ji Hao glanced at the pair of gigantic hammers, leaning beside Man Man and couldn't help but quiver intensely. Deep inside his heart, he had only seen Man Man as his little sister. Son-in-law? Zhu Rong, aren't you being too fast? How old is Man Man? thought Ji Hao.

Zhu Rong sat straight down beside Ji Hao. Man Man instantly raised her tiny and oily hand, grabbed a chicken leg and thrust it into Zhu Rong's mouth. Zhu Rong laughed aloud and swallowed the entire chicken leg along with the bones, then began talking.

’’I blackmailed the old water monster for you. Well, not to mention the others, Ji Hao, in the biggest market in Pu Ban City, you now own ten shops. The Fine Jade Snow Palace, newly built beside the biggest lake of the Pu Ban City, the divine Light Lake, by that idiot Gong Gong Wuyou, along with eight thousand maids and slaves working in it, now all belong to you.’’

Zhu Rong then waved his hand, stopped Ji Hao from talking, then continued, ’’In three days, you few kinds will head to the Chi Ban Mountain, along with reinforcement send by the Magi Palace.’’

’’Man Man, you too.’’ Glancing at Man Man seriously, Zhu Rong continued, ’’Don't humiliate our Zhu Rong family.’’

Ji Hao, Yu Mu, Feng Xing, and Shaosi immediately straightened their bodies and their face became especially serious. Only Man Man and Taisi were still focused on chewing their chicken, as if nothing important had happened at all.


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Translated by XianXiaWorld


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