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The Magus Era - Chapter 249


Chapter 249 - Give a gift

Black smoke was rising into the air. Wuzhi Qi leaned its head out of the smoke, showed its sharp silver-like tusks and golden shining eyes. It swung the freezing huge stick condensed from ice crystals with its long and slim arms, striking the stick on the back of Ji Hao, using all its power.

This ape intended to kill Man Man with this attack in order to punish Zhu Rong for pulling off its tail.

However, Ji Hao had moved way too fast. Wuzhi Qi's ass had been kicked by Zhu Rong quite hard just now. Its power had only recovered for less than one percent, therefore, the speed and power of its attack was a lot slower and weaker than it should have been. The huge stick swooshed right above Man Man's head and solidly smashed on the back of Ji Hao, who had rushed over and tried to save Man Man.

The armour worn by Ji Hao, which was made by Po and repaired by Kuafu Yan, suddenly blew up, shattering completely into pieces. Countess clear light streams spurted out from the armour, forming a gigantic lotus floating above Ji Hao's head, holding Wuzhi Qi's stick off.

A small wisp of purple mist gushed out of the pistil of the lotus, rose into the air then split into a black and white wisps of mist. Two wisps of mist wrapped around each other and quickly rotated in the air, smoothly forming the pattern of Taiji.

Po's simple and honest silhouette walked out from the Taiji pattern, with his left hand held on his back and right hand slowly rising and moving forward in a fist. He threw out a slow yet powerful punch towards the black smoke, in which Wuzhi Qi had been hidden in.

Far away, Gui Ling had been flying over in the form of a beam of light and saw Po's silhouette. She was instantly shocked and murmured, ’’Did big brother value this boy this much? That he had left a trace of his own soul in this armour?! Did he want to take this kid as his apprentice or turn him into our little brother?’’

At the moment that Po's punch swooshed out, the space within ten-thousand miles in radius suddenly fell into chaos. Immeasurable natural power madly gathered over towards the small fist of Po's silhouette. The hazy silhouette of Po quickly became clear and solid, as if Po had appeared in person. This magical punch of Po had also brought up a few thin streams of light.

If someone would take a closer look, they would discover that within these thin streams of light there were stars circling in the sky, the sun shining in the air, there were oceans, and seasons changing in turns. Po's punch seemed to have contained all the secrets of this world, and could even reverse the time and open up a smaller and brand new world, just like Pan Gu had opened this world up back then.

In Ji Hao's spiritual space, the mysterious man suddenly showed up, opened his eyes, and observed this punch through Ji Hao's eyes. Slightly sighing, the mysterious man slowly dissipated in the air, leaving only a faint voice in the vast spiritual space.

’’This punch is quite close.’’

Wuzhi Qi screamed out as well, raised its stick again and hit against Po's punch for ninety-nine times, within a single moment.

Having just being beaten up by Zhu Rong, Wuzhi Qi's power was now definitely at the lowest point, while Po's fist seemed to be containing all the great natural power and to be nearly indestructible as if a smaller yet complete world was contained in his punch. Wuzhi Qi clearly sensed that if it couldn't hold this punch off, it would certainly die!

Screaming hoarsely, Wuzhi Qi even burned the most important three drops of spirit blood in his heart, which allowed its body to suddenly expand for over hundreds of times. The sound made by its huge stick when it had been swung downwards was as thunderous as the explosion of a mountain, shattering the ground. Quite a few mountains were even blown up by the fierce black gusts of wind brought up by Wuzhi Qi's stick.

Loud and resonating alarm bell were ringing around Pu Ban City simultaneously, along with which, a raging growl came out from Emperor Shun's meeting hall.

Po's fist gently bumped against the ape's huge stick and in the following moment, Po's silhouette was shattered immediately, as well as the floating lotus above Ji Hao's head. An incomplete afterimage of that huge stick struck on Ji Hao's body, squeezing a howl out of Ji Hao's throat. Ji Hao felt as if all of his bones were broken inch by inch, and that he had been smashed into the ground for hundreds of zhang deep. He began vomiting blood, and a great pain that was about to kill him came from every corner of his body.

The huge stick was shattered as well. A stream of power that had originated from Po's punch shattered its stick and struck on its chest, making its chest explode, exposing his internal organs that were shining with a cold-like luster and seemed as if they were forged from metals. The ape spat mouthfuls of blood out as well, howled in pain while leaping up into the air and attempting to flee.

Gui Ling sniffed coldly, while her body flashed across the air and approached Wuzhi Qi in no time. She raised her black jade Ruyi high, threw it towards Wuzhi Qi with beams of freezing light.

If Wuzhi Qi dared to attack Ji Hao sneakily and seriously wound him, Gui Ling surely dared to kill him in front of everyone, right in Pu Ban City.

A puff of black smoke abruptly appeared in the air, from within which hundreds of long hands that were wrapped up by the waves of the ocean, suddenly thrust out and slapped against Gui Ling's black jade Ruyi. Gui Ling teasingly smiled, while the black jade Ruyi transformed into a black dragon silhouette. It rose into air while roaring then dived down towards the gigantic hand.

A human-head-sized, blue pearl held in the hand released an incredibly great watery light, transformed into a blue dragon and clashed fiercely against the black dragon. A dragon roar faintly came from the air, while the black jade Ruyi and the blue pearl transformed simultaneously back into their ordinary shapes. Finally they dropped back into Gui Ling's hand and the gigantic hand.

The black smoke rolled in the sky, while the gigantic hand quickly dissipated in the air. As for Wuzhi Qi, it had transformed into a beam of light and escaped already.

The body of Gui Ling quivered slightly, took two steps backwards, sneered coldly towards where the gigantic hand had disappeared to, while streams of power rotated around her body, which even made the air surrounding her to shake slightly.

’’The ape named Wuzhi Qi? You dared to wound our apprentice so badly, this time you had someone to rescue you. The next time I see you, I will certainly tear your monkey head off!’’

Ji Hao let out another few mouthfuls of blood out. Inside his body, his spirit blood was flushing quickly through his broken bones and healing them.

Taking a deep breath, Ji Hao leapt out of the deep pit that Wuzhi Qi had smashed him into, while he heard Gui Qing's words. He couldn't help but felt greatly confused. How did he become Gui Ling's apprentice? Although Po and Gui Ling certainly had huge, shocking and incredible backgrounds and had unbelievably powerful people supporting them, Ji Hao still hadn't prepared well to become an apprentice of their tutor. Why did Gui Ling just defined him as one?

Coughing intensely and letting out a last few mouthful of blood, Ji Hao cupped his hands and saluted Gui Ling.

However, before he said anything, Gui Ling frowned and said harshly, ’’Since I have made a move, I can't stay longer in this Pu Ban City. Ji Hao, I am so tired wasting my word on those idiots, the armour my big brother made for you was destroyed and that inherited magic armour of yours requires too much power to active, it is very inconvenient.’’

While speaking, Gui Ling carelessly waved her hand, drew out a round and fist-sized turtle shell, which then actually fell into Ji Hao's hand.

The black tiny turtle shell was strangely heavy, Ji Hao could only barely hold it with all of his power. He couldn't help but be deeply shocked by this tiny shell that he could barely hold with his physical strength, which was many times greater than that of ordinary Senior Magi. This was quite amazing.

’’This is my own shell that I had shelled off when I was a kid, and had been through the 'ninety-nine deadly tribulation'. I now give it to you as your temporary shield. My tool-making skill is rough, not as good as that of my big brother, but this one is my own naturally grown shell. Although it has been struck by the great natural lighting and fire during the trial, and is a lot weaker than before, it can still be quite usable for you, as long as you don't feel it's too crude.’’

Raising her head and glancing at where Emperor Shun's meeting hall was located, Gui Ling nodded to Ji Hao, pointed at him with her finger, then trod on a gust of the wind that abruptly grew under her feet, quickly merging her body with the wind and disappeared.

Emperor Shun's majestic and resonating voice came from the meeting hall.

’’Wuzhi Qi hasn't withdrawn his ferocity and intended to kill within the Pu Ban City. He shall stay in and cultivate himself for a hundred years, with the door locked in front of everyone. Gong Gong Wuyou, you should restrain your ministers better, do not let such thing happen again.’’


SR: The next chapter is an excellent one. It will give a better understanding of Zhu Rong temper and is a bit funny too.


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