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The Magus Era - Chapter 248


Chapter 248 - Struck

High in the sky, blown by the fierce gale that was formed from the dense natural power of the Midland world, a black magnificent palace was shaking violently. All of its four high towers that were built on each corner of the palace were broken from out the middle and countless broken bricks were flying around in the air. Half of the broken tower smashed directly in front of the palace, nearly shattering the front gate.

Gong Gong Wuyou was sitting on his black jade cushion, with his luxurious clothes broken into shreds. All of his ten fingers were broken, exposing his crystal-like finger bones. Drops of blood were continuously gushing out on his three-stringed jade music instrument. The sound let out by that instrument now sounded hoarse and cluttering, just like the sound of a dying old man, who had tuberculosis and was coughing;it was extremely unpleasant to hear.

Xiang Liu, the nine-headed serpent, had eight of its heads smashed, only the middle head remained unwounded, and was still madly spurting sticky venom.

Wuzhi Qi, the gigantic ape, its silver shining fur that covered its entire body had now all been burned. This beautiful and huge ape now looked like a hairless rat, unspeakably ugly. Countless Fire Crows were madly circling around the ape and launched attacks onto him, their wings, which were condensed from flame, slapped on its body and left large amounts of blisters and burns.

The other six ministers of the Water God, who had joined-handedly landed attacks onto Zhu Rong, were now all lying down on the ground. With their chest hollowed, limbs broken, ceaselessly vomiting blood, each of them looked quite embarrassing. Especially He Bo, who had a human body and a dragon head;his majestic dragon horns were broken violently, and one of his two long and withy dragon beard was pulled off. The zhang long, golden dragon beard was now wrapped around Zhu Rong's waist, serving as a pretty nice belt.

Inside the dark palace, within a large sphere of black mist that was condensed from water essence power, two gigantic black eyes were faintly sparkling, while a deep yet resonating growl spread out from the mist.

Gong Gong Wuyou was sitting on top of the black palace, while his body was slightly quivering, then abruptly screamed out, ’’Zhu Rong! Today I have finally learned how powerful you are! Good, good, you're indeed more powerful than us, I am willing to give up on this fight. Within the next three years and in this Pu Ban city, I will follow whatever you say. Me, and our Gong Gong family will listen to your command for the next three years!’’

Zhu Rong let out a great laughter. He had been fighting excitedly and had directly taken off his red cloak and bared his tender yet muscular upper body. Zhu Rong threw a solid kick on the eyeball of Xiang Liu's middle head. Along with a thunderous boom, Xiang Liu's eyeball, which was over a zhang in radius, instantly exploded because of the kick of Zhu Rong. Streams of blood gushed out of its eye socket along with a sticky crystalloid. Xiang Liu burst out a series of crazy howls in pain, then fell onto the ground, unable to move any longer, just like the other six companions of his.

Seeing this, Wuzhi Qi, who had lost its beautiful fur, let out a scream while turning around, dragging is large stick and preparing to run away.

’’Where are you going? I still have a big hug for you!’’

Streams of flames spurted out from Zhu Rong's eyes and instantly reached thousands of zhang far, while his body suddenly flashed across the air and moved to right behind Wuzhi Qi. He grabbed Wuzhi Qi's neck with his left hand, while gripping its long tail with the other hand and forcibly pulled it backwards.


Along with a shrill howl of pain, Wuzhi Qi's over a hundred zhang long tail was pulled off by Zhu Rong and blood sprayed out from its wound. Wuzhi Qi dropped its stick, pressed its palms on its butt and madly leapt around in pain, while tears were gushing out of its eye sockets in huge streams.

As an important minister of the Water God, Wuzhi Qi was in charge of all kinds of mysterious creatures in the Northern Wasteland jungle, possessing a high status and holding great power, none of the ordinary men dared to provoke it. However, in this fight against Zhu Rong today, its dense and shining fur was all burned, which still might have been bearable, but even its tail was pulled off by Zhu Rong. If the others knew about this, Wuzhi Qi would be too humiliated to show its face to anyone for at least a hundred years. This was way too humiliating, not only for Wuzhi Qi, but also for the other Water God's ministers. They would feel embarrassed because of this too as well.

Gong Gong Wuyou's face had even turned green. He had heard that the people of the Zhu Rong family were all violent and fierce, madly belligerent, but in his long and experienced life this was his first time facing the truly enraged Fire God himself. On this moment, he had seriously learned how powerful and terrifying Zhu Rong truly was.

Letting out a few hollow laughters, Gong Gong Wuyou dropped his stringed jade instrument, politely grinned to Zhu Rong and said, ’’This time, it was just...’’

Zhu Rong laughed out loud towards the sky, then shook his body to get rid of the sweat, which actually was non-existent, then pointed his finger at Gong Gong Wuyou, smiled coldly, and interrupted Gong Gong Wuyou's speech, ’’One more useless word and I will kill you. Then I will take my Zhu Rong army directly into the Northern Wasteland, draw that old turtle out from his nest and kick his old turtle ass for good!’’

Gong Gong Wuyou immediately shut his mouth, and didn't dare to let out even the slightest bit of sound.

Laughing out again, Zhu Rong transformed into a streak of fiery light and darted towards the Pu Ban City. While diving down from the air, Zhu Rong didn't stop laughing loudly and outright. ’’Great! Such a great fight! A bunch of stupid useless scums, intending to trouble mine, Zhu Rong's, daughter? Go to hell! It was nice to work out a bit anyway.’’

’’Well, if not because of consideration for Emperor Shun, I would chop you all into pieces and feed to wild dogs.’’

A thousands of miles long fiery streak seemingly burned the entire sky, and darted to millions of miles away in the blink of an eye, and disappeared without leaving even a trace after a few moments.

Gong Gong Wuyou stood up with a darkened face, looked down and seriously pondered for a while, then smilingly shook his head and said, ’’Miscalculated. I had never thought that I and the Lie Mountain family together would have failed to psych this old Zhu Rong out. Well, in fact, although Lie Mountain Xu is a prince, he is only a distant offspring, not a pure blood offspring of Emperor Yan. Next time, if we want to earn our dignity back, we have to find some more reliable allies.’’

From inside the dark palace, a sphere of water essence power drifted out, turned into a heavy rain, and showered on the eight badly wounded Water God's ministers. Along with heavy breaths, the rainwater gradually pushed the fire power out from the bodies of the eight of them, causing also their wounds to start healing at a visible speed.

Gong Gong Wuyou's broken fingers healed themselves quickly as well, his face abruptly twisted and he hurriedly took out a turtle shell from his sleeve, which was as dark as ink. Streams of silver watery mist rose from the turtle shell, forming a few characters in front of him.

’’Prince Kang has stepped into this. Lie Mountain Xu, that useless bastard, and Ying Yunpeng, and that douchebag named Ku Quan! Lowly things! A bunch of trash! It's only been a couple of days, but all of them have either been defeated or caught. Useless! Useless, useless!!’’

Gong Gong Wuyou was so angry that he was unable to maintain his elegant manner anymore. He only gritted his teeth and continuously yelled and cursed towards the sky.

Wuzhi Qi's long shining fur had quickly grown back, however, a huge scar was added on its butt instead of its long tail. It could be expected that its tail would take a long time to grow back. Wuzhi Qi screamed out in both anger and shame, suddenly transformed into a gust of black smoke and darted towards the Pu Ban City as well.

’’Zhu Rong! How dare you humiliate me like this?! I have to kill one of yours! Let you taste the feeling!’’

In Pu Ban City, Man Man and the other four rushed towards Ji Hao.

From a long distance, Man Man happily dashed towards Ji Hao, while yelling, ’’Ji Hao! Those idiots couldn't frame us! Haha! Have you heard that our share of that crystal mine has also been raised?!’’

The air suddenly shocked, a sphere of black smoke twisted and spurted out from the air, from within which, an incredibly heavy and huge stick, condensed from ice crystals, swiftly swooshed towards the head of Man Man. Judging from the speed of the stick, this attack was aimed to smash Man Man completely.

Ji Hao immediately screamed out, while stretching his fiery wings and injecting all of his power into the fiery feathered boots. Along with which, his body suddenly moved, leaving shreds of afterimages behind. He punched Man Man away as quickly as he could, right after which, the black and freezing stick struck on his back along with a great power.

Followed by a loud bang, hundreds of fist-sized cyan lotuses burst out from Ji Hao's tight armour, after which the entire armour suddenly shattered into pieces.


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