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The Magus Era - Chapter 247


Chapter 247 - Join the army

While staying in jail, Ji Hao had completely no idea that Gui Ling, Emperor Shun, Count Chong and Si Wen Ming, who was in the Chi Ban Mountain far away from the Pu Ban City, and more people, had silently made their moves.

Heavy rain and roaring wind were beating on the straw roof of his hut, with only a thin layer of straw, but not a single drop of rain or a slight gust of wind could get into this small space. Ji Hao was sitting on the ground with his legs crossed, staring at the sky. Through the gaps between the straws, he could even see large drops of rain falling from the sky, however, every single raindrop would be bounced away by an invisible power when they were still half-inch away from the roof.

The jail was releasing a strong sense of the natural law that was called 'Dao' by Ji Hao. Although this was only a slight part of the true natural law, just like a small tip of a huge iceberg, it still was very dense. Ji Hao tried silently to merge his body with this sense of natural law, while his Golden Dan was rotating slightly in his spiritual space, along with which, his soul power was improving bit by bit.

’’Yeah just play your trick.’’ Ying Yunpeng, who was sitting in the hut that was beside the hut of Ji Hao, coldly and scornfully grinned at Ji Hao and said. He didn't know anything about 'Dao', in his eyes, a Senior Magus should only believe their one first and violence, believe that their strength was incomparable, that they could even punch a hole out of the sky and shatter the entire earth, and that was the fundament of everything.

In the eyes of Senior Magi, there was no 'Dao'. Any so-called Dao, which represented the nature of humankind, was less useful than the strength of Senior Magi.

Ying Yunpeng's eyes were shining with a fierce light, while the corners of his mouth were curved upwards from time to time, letting out a proud smile. He knew that Ku Quan was manipulating the whole situation out there. Ying Yunpeng had hundred percent trust on him. Even though he had seen Ji Hao asking Gui Ling to rescue Man Man and his other teammates, with his own eyes, he didn't take Gui Ling seriously.

During all these years, Ku Quan gradually became a magical, totem-like being in Ying Yunpeng's mind. His mysteriousness, his magics, and all the benefits that Ku Quan had promised to Ying Yunpeng, made Ying Yunpeng completely obsessed with him, to the point that he almost blandly trusted him. He firmly believed that even if Gui Ling managed to find Man Man and the other kids, Ku Quan would already have gotten things done.

’’Little bastard, you're about to die.’’ Ying Yunpeng stared at Ji Hao from the sideway, while gnashing his teeth. He silently imagined all kinds of cruel and horrible tortures that he wanted to do to Ji Hao.

The sound of silvery hoofbeat came again. Xie Zhi slowly walked over, slowly touched Ying Yunpeng's cell with its horn and said, ’’Elder Ying Yunpeng from the Ten Sun Country, you can come out now.’’

A faint sense of power suddenly spread out from Ying Yunpeng's hut. Rolled by an invisible stream of power, Ying Yunpeng was easily rolled out of the hut. He was slightly surprised at first, then laughed right out, pointed his finger at Ji Hao and laughed so happily that he couldn't even close his mouth.

It was done, thought Ying Yunpeng. Ji Hao and his fellows were doomed guilty. From now on, Ji Hao and the other kids would become puppets under the control of Ying Yunpeng and Ku Quan, and would be unable to escape from their control for all their lives. With Ku Quan's charm, Prince Xu would certainly become their close friend and having gained such a powerful friend, the Lie Mountain Family of in the Midland, the Ten Sun Country would surely reward Ying Yunpeng. Without a doubt, Ying Yunpeng's power and status would rise to another level.

’’Kid, it's too late for you to be regretting. You will soon know what a huge mistake you have made,’’ said Ying Yunpeng with an evil and hideous grin on his face.

Xie Zhi threw a glance at Ying Yunpeng, as if it was glancing at a real idiot, shook its head, walked up to Ji Hao, touched his hut with its horn as well, opened the cell and rolled Ji Hao out with a gentle stream of power.

’’Little one, you can go as well. We have already found out the complete truth about the Rong Mountain Clan's crystal mine, you will get everything you deserve,’’ said Xie Zhi with a nice and gentle tone to Ji Hao, ’’It is just that someone has asked me to send a word to you, although our hearts are unwilling, the overall situation is most important.’’

Overall situation!

Ji Hao looked at Xie Zhi in shock and asked, ’’With your natural quality, don't you feel nursing a grievance when you speak something like that?’’

Xie Zhi stayed silent for a while, then popped up its large sparking, beady eyes, grinned to Ji Hao and said, ’’Of course I do, but those things that you haven't yet witnessed, have already been mentioned to me. Sometimes, although we have to choke our anger back into our hearts, if we try to achieve some particular kind of good results, we have to take the overall situation as the most important thing.’’

Shaking its head, those black shining scales of Xie Zhi suddenly dimmed down. He turned around, slowly walked back into the rain, step by step.

Ying Yunpeng looked at Ji Hao in confusion, then suddenly rushed out, yelled out at Hao Tao, who was following behind Xie Zhi, ’’What the hell? Why did you let this kid go as well?! What about his guilt?!’’

Hao Tao gave a cold and bland look at Ying Yunpeng and said, ’’Ying Yunpeng, do you have any idea what my responsibility is in this Pu Ban City?’’

Before Ying Yunpeng could respond, Hao Tao took out a jade tablet from his sleeve and abruptly threw it on Ying Yunpeng's face. The jade tablet was five inches long, had the width of a palm, and was an inch thick. It was incomparably solid, even letting out a series of muffled bang against Ying Yunpeng's face. Struck by that jade tablet, Ying Yunpeng immediately fell down on the ground, held his own head and began twisting his body.

’’My duty is to punish sinners, spread the spirit of kindness and justice, hunt and kill murderous, these are my responsibilities. If your sin is serious enough, the next time, I will certainly kill you myself!’’ Hao Tao angrily shouted back at Ying Yunpeng, ’’As your punishment, you will be beaten by my jade tablet for thirty times. This is only a symbolic punishment, if I catch you another time, you should pray for yourself.’’

Stamping his feet against the ground in great anger, Hao Hao gave a serious glance at Ji Hao, then said in a deep voice, ’’Kid, do not go back. Don't let this kind of people stain your heart.’’

Sighing, Hao Tao turned around and left quickly.

The curtain of rain in front of Ji Hao was abruptly split. Si Xi walked over, with Si Dao, Si Fu, Si Jian and Si Qiang closely following behind him.

[TL note: The name of Si Dao, Si Fu, Si Jian and Si Qing, literally mean machete, axe, sword and spear, which means the four of them were named as their weapons.]

The five of them walked up to Ying Yunpeng, whose face was now covered in blood, and threw a jade slip, that was thickly embossed with characters, and said, ’’No one will punish you for what you have done. The destroyed ship fleet of the Ten Sun market was destroyed by non-human kind monsters, you won't take too much responsibility for that, I will personally send message to the Ten Sun country elders regarding this.’’

’’As for your son Ying Yun, nephew Ying Su, and the kid Great Gale Ling, they were all killed by assassins sent by those monsters, added with that lost ship fleet, you in rage have sent all Ten Sun country's archers of the Pu Ban City, above the level of Junior Magus, to the Chi Ban Mountain, to join the army in preparation of the war.,.’’ said Si Xi blandly, ’’If you have any questions, ask now. I will only give you one more tip, that Prince Xu has already promised that he will cover half of all the food provisions, supplies and gears that are required for this upcoming Chi Ban Mountain war.’’

Ji Hao laughed out loud and said, ’’In this case, the Prince has already confessed, so fast.’’

Si Xi looked at Ji Hao with a smile and responded while nodding, ’’He had to. We have spent quite an effort on it. Prince Xu possesses a fertile piece of land, especially rich and good for fighting beasts. This time, a bloody great war will happen in the Chi Ban Mountain area, he will indeed make a rewardable contribution by covering half the amount of all the required food, fighting beasts, armours and other supplies.’’

Ji Hao understood clearly that the only reason Prince Xu had promised this, was because someone had grabbed his weakness and forced him to donate his wealth for the war.

Although he didn't know how Si Xi and the others had made Prince Xu promise this, Prince Xu had indeed confessed, which was enough for Ji Hao.

As for the lost ship fleet and deaths of Ying Yunpeng's few boys, those were all blamed on those non-human kind monsters. This was an excuse that Si Xi had made for Ying Yunpeng, and also served as a hidden threat to him.

All the Ten Sun Country's archers in the Pu Ban City, who were at or above the level of Junior Magus, were gathered together and sent to the Chi Ban Mountain to join the army. Ying Yunpeng's heart was probably bleeding because of this.

Si Xi grinned, then said to Ji Hao, ’’Kid, Wen Ming said that they could use more talented people over there. You and those friends of yours should all go to the Chi Ban Mountain and cultivate yourselves in the war.’’

With a word of Si Xi, Ji Hao was sent to join the army as well.


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Translated by XianXiaWorld


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