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The Magus Era - Chapter 246


Chapter 246 - Twisting the situation

Pu Tong and the few other apprentices of Ku Quan ran away in helter-skelter, as their teacher was beaten down by Gui Ling with a single attack, these few apprentices didn't even dare to ask Gui Ling's name, before they hurriedly turned into beams of white light and fled away.

Prince Xu stood on his chariot, having a proud look and staring down at Gui Ling. Although Ku Quan had run away, Prince Xu was still very confident. He thought that Ku Quan had fled away because he was not powerful enough to compete against Gui Ling, but he, Lie Mountain Xu, didn't even need to know how to fight. As long as he gave his name, he could solve any problem in this world.

’’You, woman, you're way too unreasonable, how dare you...’’ Prince Xu said to Gui Ling harshly and seriously.

’’Too much talk.’’

The black jade Ru Yu darted out at a lightning speed from Gui Ling's hand. Although she was hundreds of zhang away from Prince Xu, the black jade Ru Yi immediately slapped on Prince Xu's face along with a cold beam of light, as if her hand could extend unlimitedly. Prince Xu's face was instantly covered in blood, continuously coughing and spitting out shattered teeth while falling on the chariot.

’’How dare you!!’’ Hundreds of fully armed guards, who were standing behind Prince Xu, shouted out together, pulled out their weapons simultaneously and rushed towards Gui Ling.

’’Well, I have always been a dauntless one, didn't you know that till just know?’’ Gui Ling frowned her thick, sharp eyebrows, quite helplessly looked at those armed guards, who had been shouting and yelling, rushing towards her, and continued, ’’My teacher only allows us to spread our spirit, never permitting us to kill people. Whether you're monsters or any kind of evil creatures, I can just simply take you all out, but why are you all pure-blood human? I can't kill you, I can only punch your faces.’’

While speaking, Gui Ling thrust her horsetail whisk and the black jade Ru Yi into her sleeve, then flicked her hand, letting out a bronze longsword, which was embossed with turtle-shell-like, eight-diagram pattern, instantly rose into the air and was gripped by Gui Ling, after which, she fiercely rushed into the group of guards.

Along with a loud sizzling sound, Gui Ling stepped on a special spot, waved the long bronze sword and brought up long streams of sharp and freezing light, which faintly formed an eight-diagram formation pattern in the air.

Hundreds of Prince Xu's guards were locked inside the formation pattern, unable to fly into the air or escape from underground, neither could they move forward or backward. Every single move of theirs would make them fall hard on the ground, and every time they fell onto the ground, their head would feel a great pain. Soon later, beams of sword light struck on their bodies like a heavy rain, without any mercy. Although not a single beam of light had harmed the vital parts of their bodies, long and deep wounds would still appear on their bodies one after another. If someone would take a close look at the wounds, they would find that those wounds were shaped like eight-diagram pattern.

Those eight-diagram-pattern-looking wounds absorbed natural power, turned into a magical and powerful seal, firmly suppressing the powers of these guards. This disabled them from activating even a single stream of their powers, and made their entire bodies powerless and soft. They fell onto the ground one after another, then simultaneously losing consciousness.

’’A bunch of useless things, why did they act so arrogant earlier?’’ Taking her sword back, Gui Ling stepped on Prince Xu's chariot, threw a heavy kick on Prince Xu's head, and said in a despising and disliking tone, ’’When this world was ruled by the first three generations of emperors, the humankind was simple and kind. They had combined their efforts to surmount all kinds of difficulties, and fight against none-humankind monsters.’’

Bending her body, Gui Ling rubbed Prince Xu's silk cloak with her fingers and continued teasingly, ’’Look at you now, wearing luxurious clothes, eating precious food, sitting on this kind of exquisite chariot when you're out, and being surrounded by hundreds of followers. You bully young, weak people, turn black into white...Are you really offsprings of the ancient human beings that I have learned about?’’

Prince Xu was staring at Gui Ling in both anger and shame, wanting to say a few bad words very much, yet didn't dare to.

Gui Ling's words were pretty shocking. Judging from her words, she was alive from the era of the first three generations of emperor, which was countless years ago. Who would dare to provoke someone who had lived such a long life? At present, amongst the entire Pu Ban City, Master Candle Dragon was the only one who had been through that legendary era and was an old bastard bully that no one dared to even argue with.

As a prince of the Lie Mountain Family, Prince Xu still proudly gnashed his teeth, stared at Gui Ling and said, ’’You won, you can say anything you want, just that...’’

Gui Ling coldly sniffed, gave a slap on Prince Xu's face, sealing the last part of his words in his mouth, then turned her head to the East, looked at the sky and said harshly, ’’You have been hiding for quite a while, still not planning to show your face? Do I have to pull you out myself?’’

No one responded, the piece of sky that Gui Ling was staring at, only had a few faint clouds drifting over.

The face of Gui Ling instantly darkened, suddenly opened her mouth and let out a white-red pearl, which brought up an especially fierce beam of light and was about to dart out towards that particular piece of sky. Immediately, a few howls came from the sky, along with which, a couple of silhouettes appeared from out the clouds.

’’Please, take that treasure back, we are not capable of withstanding an attack that was launched with such kind of powerful natural treasure.’’ An over a zhang tall muscular man said while grinning. This man had a pair of cyan-purple wings, which were over two zhang long, and wrapped by fierce wind and dazzling lightning bolts, and was holding a long spear in his hand. He then continued, ’’This sister, your temper is truly not so good.’’

Feng Xing, who had been lying on the ground, with every single piece of bone smashed, and only a pair of eyeballs that could still move freely, said in a weak and ghost-like voice, ’’Look at them, like huge birds. They're father people, from the Eastern Wasteland, close guards of the Wood God. Now, in the Pu Ban City, only Emperor Shun has groups of feathered gods working for him, who were sent over by the Wood God's clansmen.’’

The handsome muscular winged man grinned again and said, ’’Kid, you're quite knowledgeable. I am Qing Lei, defense minister of Emperor Shun. In simple words, I'm the leader of Emperor's personal army. When Ji Hao told Emperor Shun about being framed, we came straight over.’’

Pointing at Man Man, who was lying on the ground with her sweet face filled with a happy smile, Qing Lei smilingly continued, ’’Although the truth hasn't come out yet, we don't dare to let anything happen to the little girl of Zhu Rong. Well, it seems that we don't need to investigate anything anymore, we have already discovered what we should know.’’

Prince Xu's face suddenly turned deadly pale. Qing Lei, that name, anyone who had been to Pu Ban City should have heard about it. Just as he said himself, he was the leader of Emperor Shun's personal army. Emperor Shun was the King of the entire humankind, also known as the great chairman of the alliance of all the human clans. Without a doubt, he had an incredibly great and powerful army, just like his personal properties, slaves and guards.

Qing Lei was the leader of his personal army, one of the most trustworthy ministers of Emperor Shun. Qing Lei showing his face here equaled to Emperor Shun showing here himself.

From a long distance, Kang's strong and manly voice rose into the air, ’’Xu! Iron Yan has told us all the stupid mistakes you have made, what else do you want to say?’’

Another cloud drifted over quickly, with over ten bronze large chariots roaring on it, and thousands of fully armoured warriors standing around Kang, Si Dao, and his three brothers. Behind one chariot was Iron Yan and a group of Rong Mountain Clan's elders, who were tied up firmly with ropes that were made from beast tendons.

Prince Xu's face became even more twisted than before, he stood up while quivering, politely and deeply bowed to Kang and said in a trembling voice, ’’Big brother...’’

Kang walked up to Prince Xu expressionlessly and abruptly gave him a solid slap.

’’Come to Pu Ban City with me and confess everything in front of Emperor Shun. Otherwise, I will call the elders to uncrown you as a prince of the Lie Mountain Family.’’


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