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The Magus Era - Chapter 244


’’Killing is the most useless method.’’

Ku Quan was sitting on the chariot and said slowly with a mysterious smile on his face, while fiddling with a string of thumb-sized, white pearls, combined from seventeen similar-looking white pearls. ’’Everything in this world is formed naturally and has its own usability. Even a solid rock can be made into a table or a chair and serve people or even a pile of dung can be buried into the soil and nourish plants.’’

’’Therefore, with this incomparable supreme magic of ours we can cast the natural or acquired sins away of every single one of our apprentices. We can make them concentrate fully on their cultivation, accumulate their merits and virtues, then bring this great magic to the rest of the world and save more people from their bitter lives. This is what called great achievement and contribution, which will bring you an unimaginably great happiness.’’

Prince Xu hurriedly nodded his head even though he didn't seem to have understood Ku Quan's words clearly. The variety of magic abilities that Ku Quan possessed had deeply shocked him, making him feel that even the majority of those old Maguspriests of the Lie Mountain Family were not as powerful as Ku Quan. Therefore, his admiration for Ku Quan had grown greatly and deeply in his heart.

But, sometimes Ku Quan would say stuff that would make Prince Xu feel truly confused, because he was unable to get the point and meaning behind those words of Ku Quan.

’’This so-called great happiness, what exactly is that?’’ Prince Xu decided not to pretend that he had understood Ku Quan's words anymore, instead, he had thrown the question directly.

’’Well, so-called great happiness, for example, is to have immortal life,’’ said Ku Quan while straightening his waist and slightly flicking his finger. Along with his move, a bigger white pearl that had just had broken the flame spurted out from Man Man's forehead and collaborated with Pu Tong, putting Man Man into delusion, rolled and instantly rose into the air, turned around in the air and darted towards Feng Xing, who was a few miles away.

Corresponding with the seventeen smaller white pearls held in Ku Quan's hands, when the bigger white pearl darted towards Feng Xing, the seventeen smaller white pearls let out a slight thunder-like sound. The short sentence that Ku Quan had said, while intentionally making a calm and blandly careless look, was actually like a series of crazy lightning that struck right onto Prince Xu's head, making him feel as if countless shining stars had blown up in front of his eyes and nearly pushed him down from the chariot.

’’How could that be even possible?! To not die?!!’’ Prince Xu's voice had even changed, his gentle, jade-clanging-like voice now sounded like the screams of a few hens.

’’Ordinary people will die when they are around a hundred years old, Novice Magi will have about a hundred and fifty years of lives. After breaking into the level of Junior Magi their lives will extend up to three hundred years old, when a Magus awakes his Magus Acupoints up and becomes a Senior Magus, he or she can live up to a thousand years old. If they made a connection with a spirit star and absorbed the star power, becoming a Magus King, as powerful and magical beings that have surpassed the limitation of humankind, they can live for up to three thousand years.’’

Taking a deep breath, Prince Xu stared at Ku Quan and said, ’’If, if a Magus activated all of his spirit star's power and absorbed all that power, he or she would become a divine Magus. divine Magus can live for ten thousand years. Beyond divine Magi, even those legendary gods that we have only heard from ancient legends, even the five gods that once ruled the entire heaven, none of them were able to live forever!’’

He then pointed his finger at the North and yelled harshly, ’’Do you know Prince Wuyou? He possesses the Water God's bloodline, which is the noblest one among the entire god-kind, but from the beginning of the world till now, how many times the chair of the Water God hasn't swapped from owner to owner? To not die? Ku Quan, are you lying to me?’’

Ku Quan narrowed his eyes, looked at Prince Xu with a smile and said calmly, ’’My dear prince, you're flurried. In fact, you have already believed my words, otherwise, how could you have become so agitated?’’

Prince Xu opened his mouth and popped up his eyes, but was unable to say anything. He was staring at Ku Quan in shock, only feeling that he was looking right at a devil, who knew clearly what was going on in his mind. Indeed, he had believed his words, at the exact same moment Ku Quan had let out the word 'immortal', he had believed him.

If it hadn't been for such a great lure, why would Ying Yunpeng cherish Ku Quan as if Ku Quan was his blood ancestor? Because he could turn stones into gold? Nonsense. Although gold was valuable, to people like Ying Yunpeng and Prince Xu, tens of, or even hundreds of gold mines were only equal to a strand of hair.

Only immortality could make Ying Yunpeng treat Ku Quan like that.

’’The secrets of this world belongs only to this world, dear Prince, you're still too young and have learned too less,’’ said Ku Quan with a mysteriously faint smile on his face, and in a bland tone. ’’For example, who made this world? Who has bred those non-human kind monsters? Where did those ancient, first three generations of King of the humankind go? Have all previous generations of Fire Gods and Water Gods truly died? Did the five legendary heavenly gods truly disappear?’’

The body of Prince Xu quivered intensely, while he was staring at Ku Quan as if staring at a real monster. His mind was being filled with countless thoughts but he couldn't let a word out.

All these questions that had been brought up by Ku Quan, Prince Xu didn't even feel like these were real questions.

Had this world not always been like this?

Hadn't those non-human kind monsters always been around?

Hadn't the first three generations of Kings of the humankind died long time ago?

Didn't the positions of the Water God and the Fire God alternate naturally?

Didn't the heaven collapse already?

All these questions should be like common sense that was known by everybody, however, once Ku Quan asked these questions, Prince Xu was immediately shocked, and didn't know what to say within quite a while.

’’I see, in this case, it's probably because your status, my dear prince, among your family is not high enough, which stopped you from reaching those real secrets of this world,’’ said Ku Quan while maintaining that mysterious smile, ’’If my dear prince, you would be willing to become one of our apprentices, with your status and talent, you would naturally be invited to meet the two hierarchies. Then, you would certainly understand that this world is not as you think it is.’’

Prince Xu was so overwhelmed that he was even unable to talk, only swayed his body while staring at Ku Quan with a pair of brightly shining eyes.

As for Ku Quan, he slightly grinned, then suddenly took that grin back and deeply yelled, ’’You can indeed run very fast, but so what? People like you have never cultivated your souls, don't know anything about this world neither have you learned how this world will change itself. Even if you were born with great powers that allows you to defeat dragons, you will still corrode into a pile of rotten meat after death. Duo! You're just a little kid, are you trying to challenge fate itself?’’

Tens of miles away, Feng Xing was running with all of his power, fleeing towards Pu Ban City at his highest speed.

The white pearl had been chasing closely behind him, but Feng Xing's speed was too fast, he was almost flying with his feet barely touching the ground. The white pearl darted behind him along with a shrill swishing sound, but gradually the distance between it and the pearl was increasing. Every span of a breath, Feng Xing would run another ten zhang away from the white pearl.

However, along with a deep 'Duo' let out by Ku Quan, the seventeen smaller white pearls simultaneously transformed into white beams of light and darted out within the blink of an eye. In the next moment, the seventeen white pearls reappeared around the bigger white pearl that was chasing Feng Xing. Eight white pearls formed a circle in the air and suddenly merged into one, along with which, a beam of white light swiftly flashed across the air. Within the white light, a hexagonal pagoda, with eighteen floors abruptly showed up in the air. Followed by a thunderous boom, the thirty-six zhang tall pagoda swooshed directly towards Feng Xing's head.

The speed with which Feng Xing was running, instantly slowed down. An invisible power seemed to have stuck his feet and was pulling him backwards. No matter how hard he tried to activate more of his Magus Acupoints power, he could only make two to three zhangs far by every step forwards, but was unable to run as fast as a gust of the wind as he had been running just now.

Raising his head, he looked at the gigantic pagoda shining with a bright white light. Feng Xing could only let out a bitter smile while murmuring, ’’What the hell is this?’’

Small buildings that had multiple floors were common in the Midland world, but pagoda-like buildings, he had never seen in the Midland.


The pagoda fell down from the air, firmly pressing upon Feng Xing's body.

Ku Quan let out a scornful smile and said blandly, ’’Just a little ant.’’


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