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The Magus Era - Chapter 243


Chapter 243 - Delusions

Pu Tong's flying sword swiftly hacked towards Shaosi, while Shaosi's long spear shrilly swooshed against it.

The long spear of Shaosi was accurately aimed at the flying sword, but she abruptly halted and looked at Pu Tong in shock. Her long spear had failed to hit anything, because the flying sword, which had seemed very sharp and powerful, was not real.

The flying sword that was supposed to be negated by her long spear, roared down from the air and pierced right between her eyebrows with a high-pitched sighing sound while Shaosi was staring at it. She didn't seem to have felt any pain, only her body started to quiver, after which her face that always was cold and bland, suddenly had a smile upon it, showing a trace of gentleness and warmth.

In Shaosi's eyes, the heavy rain and roaring wind around her had suddenly disappeared, and under her feet, were thriving and juicy grass instead of dirty sticky mud. The fierce tramps, who had been chasing her so hard, had disappeared as well. The sky was blue, dotted with pure-white clouds, with a few beautifully green small floating hills drifting across it. A group of white and pretty gigantic birds flew out from one floating hill, happily diving down towards the jungle.

This was a small valley that looked very peaceful and thriving, filled with all kinds of plants, each emitting a nice fragrance. The grassland was thickly dotted with flowering azaleas, the flowers were fiery red, making the grassland look like an ocean of flame and covering quite a few small hills. A few hundreds of cabins in this valley were also wrapped by these fiery red flowers.

A short and scrawny Taisi was riding on a huge yellow dog, rushing past her while proudly waving a wooden stick, yelling and shouting towards a group of hens, pretending to be very brave warrior.

Shaosi had just learned to walk, she staggered and followed behind the huge yellow dog, babbling while waving her pair of tiny and tender hands, trying to make Taisi slow down and wait for her.

Beside the gate of the small yard, was a beautiful and gentle woman, holding a small bamboo basket in her arm while looking at her beloved daughter and son with a smile. The bamboo basket contained newly picked bamboo shoots and mushrooms, and a few strands of wild plants.

A handsome man walked on the small trail in the ocean of flowers while grinning. Around his hand a long rope that was made from withy grass was wrapped, on which two fat and huge fishes were dangling. Grinning with a trace of embarrassment, the man let out three loud laughs from a great distance, then said, ’’Ha, haha,ah, today the rabbits, living on the mountain, were too smart. I tried for the majority of the day but failed to even a shoot even a hair of a rabbit, eh, fortunately, I am a good fisher as well. Although we don't have any rabbits today, we still will be able to have these nice fishes! Right? Oi, Taisi, Shaosi, don't wander far off, come back for these fishes in a while!’’

While chuckling, Shaosi happily turned her head back and waved her hands to her Abba and Amma, then continued staggering behind Taisi and the dog.

The yellow dog happily barfed as well, chasing behind the group of chubby hens, trying to push them into a dead end corner. Following behind the group of hens, Taisi and Shaosi slowly walked away, disappearing in the ocean of flowers.

Not long after that, the peaceful and beautiful small village was suddenly submerged in raging flames, huge amounts of blood nourished those flowers making their colours become even more vivid. Four-eyed Jia Clan monsters were waving their gigantic weapons while laughing hideously, slaughtering residents of the small village one after another, as easily and carelessly as if they were chopping off grass.

The spells incanted by the elders transformed into countless twisted black chains, flying across the sky and wrapping around those Jia Clan monsters. Tens of Jia Clan monsters immediately turned into dry corpses after letting out their last howl, then those dry corpses suddenly collapsed into dust.

However, right after that, a breathtakingly beautiful blood-red moon showed up overhead the village, with a few three-eyed handsome men in luxury cloaks floating in the air, letting out beams of blood-red bright light, killing those elders, who were guarding in front of the ancestral temple and protecting the other clansmen.

Shaosi's face suddenly twisted in pain, then she began vomiting blood.

’’Shaosi!’’ screamed Taisi. He instantly raised his bone cane and started incanting a spell.

Pu Tong gave a teasing smile, rose her flying sword into the air once again, throwing it swiftly in the middle of Taisi's eyebrows. Before Taisi could finish his spell, he had fallen into the delusion just like Shaosi. A warm and peaceful smile appeared on his face, while murmuring, ’’Abba, Amma, it's Taisi and the little girl, we miss you so much, and uncles, and grandpas...’’

Suddenly, the body of Taisi quivered and large mouthfuls of blood spurted out from his mouth as well.

’’You bloody woman!!’’ shouted Yu Mu ragingly, while rushing forward with Man Man carried on his back. At the same time, he grabbed his gigantic, especially crafted pot and threw it directly towards Pu Tong's head, along with a fierce gust of wind.

’’Well, brainless dudes are the easiest to deal with,’’ said Pu Tong while laughing scornfully. Right after that, she opened her mouth and let out the flying sword once more. Similar to the previous two times, the flying swords accurately struck on Yu Mu's forehead. Although Yu Mu swung the pot on time trying to block the sword, the untouchable sword still pierced into his forehead without any difficulty.

Yu Mu paused abruptly and a weird smile appeared on his white and chubby face.

’’Sister! You have to eat more and get fat, then you'll be powerful! Like me, I eat loads!’’

Man Man turned her head around in panic, looking at Shaosi, Taisi and Yu Mu, who had all fallen into delusions, hidden deep inside their hearts, and seemed unable to wake up. Man Man had never seen or even heard about such kind of weird attacking method, which could push enemies into becoming delusional and made them lose control of their own bodies. This was apparently a soul-attack that could take one's life without lifting a finger.

In the Southern Wasteland, fights between clans were always simple and straightforward, life and death would be decided by heavy swords and machetes. Even all those spells and magics were aimed at killing as much enemies as possible in the fastest and fiercest way.

Senior Magi never cultivated their souls or spiritual powers. Their souls were purely dependant on their physical strength, being nourished by their spirit blood and growing stronger along with their bodies. Ordinary Senior Magi could hardly achieve such thing as manipulating their own soul power, therefore, soul-attacks were an unimaginably weird attacking method.

’’What happened to you?!! Are you all bewitched?!’’ Man Man yelled loudly, to the point she even began roaring.

Judging from Taisi, Shaosi and Yu Mu's behaviour, what they were experiencing now was indeed similar to being 'bewitched' as Man Man had learned about on that subject. In the Southern Wasteland, if some children would accidentally offend the mysterious creatures living in the jungle when they were playing in the jungle then those mysterious creatures would invade into their bodies to punish them.

As far as healing those bewitched kids was concerned, there was a particular natural magic system in the Southern Wasteland created by those Maguspriests, but Man Man didn't know how to perform it.

But what Man Man didn't know was that even if she knew how to heal the bewitched ones, she still would be unable to defeat this weird soul-attack that Pu Tong had launched.

’’Their minds were so fragile,’’ said Pu Tong proudly while smiling, ’’So, you can either die for good, or come and join us, become our fellow apprentice.’’

After finishing her speech, Pu Tong opened her mouth and let out the flying sword once again, darting towards Man Man.

When the flying sword was about to pierce into the middle of Man Man's eyebrows, a beam of fiery light suddenly dashed out from Man Man's forehead and shattered the flying sword.

From a great distance away, the white pearl that was being manipulated by Ku Quan, quickly descended from the air and dissipated the fiery light spurted out from Man Man's forehead, after which, Pu Tong let out a raging shout, opened her mouth and let out another flying sword. This time, the sword accurately pierced into Man Man's forehead.

Man Man's body suddenly quivered, and her pair of brightly shining eyes instantly dimmed down, falling into a deep confusion.

Just like Shaosi, Man Man had fallen into a beautiful delusion, surrounded by blooming flowers and soft grass, pretty young girls that were walking fast. Man Man was being held in the arms by an unspeakably beautiful women, who had dark green pupils. The beautiful woman was gently humming a nice and peaceful melody.

’’Amma, why don't you come back and look for Man Man...’’

Man Man showed a faint smile on her young and tender face, seemingly obsessed in her delusion.


SR: It seemed all these kids have suffered in one way or other....


Edited by SecondRate

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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