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The Magus Era - Chapter 241


Chapter 241 - Release souls from purgatory

Heavy rain was pouring down, and Yu Mu, Feng Xing, Shaosi, and Man Man were all instantly soaked by the rainwater.

The black soil had fully absorbed the rainwater, becoming incomparably sticky. Every step forward, their knees would sink deeply into the mud, requiring great strength to pull their legs back out. To Senior Magi, this was nothing, however, it indeed slowed them down.

Tens of thousands of vagabond men were madly shouting and rushing towards them from three different directions. Although they were vagabonds, their equipment were quite good. They had a few powerful longbows and a couple of skillful archers, who were shooting stone arrows out from over ten miles away.

Those stone arrows shrilly swished across the air. Yu Mu waved both of his arms, steadily slapping on those flying stone arrows with his chubby and huge palms. Every single stone arrow that approached him, was accurately slapped into ashes.

While slapping those arrows, Yu Mu murmured, ’’Eh, fatso, fatso, poor fatso, you ate so hard to grow your fat, but now you have to use it to block weapons, such a great shame...’’

Before he finished his sentence, a stone arrow abruptly flew towards Shaosi's right shoulder. Yu Mu swiftly turned his body and blocked that arrow with his own shoulder. The stone arrowhead heavily bumped on Yu Mu's body, making his thick and soft shoulder slightly hollow, then the fat around his shoulder slightly shook and bounced that arrow out, darting backwards.

Yu Mu instantly let out a blooming flower-like grin and hazily yelled, ’’Nice! All their arrows are crappy, can't even hurt my fat skin, nice, nice!’’

More arrows swooshed over, but Yu Mu's facial expression now had become much more relieved. If he didn't have enough time to slap all the arrows away, he would directly block those arrows with his waist and arms, which were much more huge than the arms and waists of others. The arrows used by those vagabond archers were of low quality, and couldn't possibly break his skin, they all would bounce back because of his fat.

Feng Xing was still standing far away from them, quickly pulling his longbow open, without making the slightest of sounds. Sharp and lightning fast arrows darted out from his bowstring one after another. The bows of those archers amongst those vagabonds were all abruptly shattered by Feng Xing's arrows, after which, another sharp arrow pierced into the middle of each archer's eyebrows, and came out from the back of their heads. All archers were slaughtered by Feng Xing within the span of a few breaths.

’’A-ma-zing!’’ Yu Mu showed his thumb up to Feng Xing from a long distance,

’’Sure.’’ Feng Xing responded blandly, and calmly accepted Yu Mu's praise.

Staggering and with lot of difficulty, Ji Hao's five teammates rushed towards the piece of jungle, and were about to get into the vast dark jungle.

Taisi, who was being dragged by Shaosi all the way and was embarrassingly running as hard as he could, abruptly raised his head, gnashed his teeth, showed a weird and creepy smile and said, ’’It's been many years since the last time that we were chased so badly by others.’’

Although Taisi's body was almost being carried by Shaosi, swaying like a jack of straw, this didn't cause any difficulties for him to take out his bone cane and wave it. Smoothly letting out a series of a short and spooky spell, Taisi slightly waved his bone cane, after which, hundreds of vagabonds, who had been madly chasing after them, silently fell on the ground, while the white pearl had completely no reaction to it.

In the next moment, the bodies of those vagabondage, who had just fallen down, suddenly exploded, their souls turned into hundreds of translucent and hideous silhouettes, screaming and rising into the sky, stretching their arms and flying towards their fellow.

The white pearl, manipulated by Ku Quan, suddenly let out an eye-piercing white light. The streams of white light shone on the bodies of the evil souls and quickly corroded them, creating clouds of white smoke, just like when acid was poured on human beings. Along with shrill shouts and screams, these evil souls' bodies rapidly shrank and completely dissipated within the blink of an eye.

’’Magic that especially aimed at evil ghosts?’’ murmured Taisi while staring at that white pearl.

’’Not magic, something else,’’ said Shaosi while carrying Taisi and running quickly, in her typical bland tone, ’’It's totally different from all the magics we know about so far, it probably belongs to another system, which has nothing in common with our system. At least one, amongst these people, is capable of dispersing my power of weal and woe.’’

Pausing briefly, Shaosi seriously continued, ’’Although that's not his own power, but since he has indeed dispersed my power, it is still quite impressive.’’

Taisi's facial expression changed slightly, his pair of eyeballs turned directly pure black. A stream of pure black light began rotating slowly in each of his eyes, as if he was going to to suck everything in this world into his pair of deeply dark eyes.

Countless dark spell symbols swiftly flashed across his eyebrows, then dissipated within a moment. Occasionally, these spell symbols would merge into ferocious and terrifying devil-like faces. However, each of these scary faces would shatter soon after they were formed, and every time when that happened, Taisi's body would quiver slightly.

’’Have to be greater,’’ murmured Taisi.

’’Don't push it,’’ said Shaosi in a deep voice.

The five of them quickly moved forward. With only a few more steps they could get into the dark and dense jungle, which had a much more complex landscape. However, a beam of white light suddenly flashed across the air overhead them, within which, a pretty and young girl, who had a pair of pure watery eyes and juicy lips appeared, leapt down onto the ground, and blocked the way.

This little girl was fiddling with a fist-sized leather bag, which was sewed exquisitely and decorated with beautiful flame patterns. This was a powerful space magic tool that the Fire God, Zhu Rong, had asked a master craftsman to make for Man Man especially after she had arrived Pu Ban City. All of Man Man's life-saving magic talismans, magic treasures and tools were put in that little bag by her.

After being hunted and nearly killed by the Blood Tooth in the Southern Wasteland, Man Man was now much more cautious than before, she would never carelessly threw those life-saving treasures that Zhu Rong gave her in the corners of her palace, instead, she had put all of them in her little storage bag and carried that bag with her everywhere.

With Zhu Rong's power and his love for Man Man, if those magic treasures he had given to Man Man was activated at once, the power and effect released by those treasures would definitely be great enough to wipe out a few large-scale Southern Wasteland Clans that was being protected by divine Magi.

However, not long ago, this seemingly pretty and incorrect little girl, who looked so young and naive, that you wouldn't even possibly think of any evilness of her, pretended to be chased by a wild animal, staggered and fell outside of the cave, where Man Man and the other teammates had been hiding. Man Man nicely tried to help her, but she grabbed the little storage bag tied around Man Man's waist, and swiftly pierced three poisonous needles into Man Man's left wrist.

After that, countless vagabonds rushed over like water of a tide. Shaosi carried Taisi, while protecting Man Man with Feng Xiang and Yu Mu, fled right away, had even helplessly abandoned their captives, Meng Ao and the two young men, in the cave.

At this moment, that little girl showed up again, and was calmly fiddling with Man Man's little storage bag. Man Man's eye immediately turned blood-red and yelled out,

’’That's Man Man's little purse!!!’’

’’Well, now it's mine!’’ the little girl proudly looked at Man Man and said, ’’I am Pu Tong, tutored by Ku Quan. My kind tutor said that, although you're born in a Southern Wasteland barbarian clan, you're quite talented, and qualified to join us, as an apprentice of my tutor. After that, you will be able to set yourself free from the boundless bitterness, and enjoy the endless happiness.’’

Crooking her finger, she hung the little storage bag on her finger, and swayed it slightly. Pu Tong proudly continued, ’’My tutor was nice and merciful, that's the only reason you haven't been killed yet. This is your only chance of surviving, do yourself a favour, and just join us.’’

Man Man angrily popped up her pair of eyes like a wounded young beast, spurted streams of flame out from her pupils and yelled hoarsely, ’’Man Man will smash you all with my hammers, then threw your bodies in the wild to feed the most lowly creatures! You bunch of...bastards!’’

Shaosi threw Taisi on the ground, each hand pulled out an alloy forged long spear out of the ground, silently and quickly walked towards Pu Tong.

Pu Tong let out a scornful sniff, threw a sideway glance at Shaosi, then opened her mouth and spat out a sharp flying sword, hacking right towards Shaosi's head.


Edited by SecondRate

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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